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  1. Answered your message on the forums, but if you want I will put that in the GM hotline channel on Discord, 1 day game ban is the starting point for griefing/pushing into enemy fire. Some of the new mods are a bit suspect as they are not experienced but hopefully they will get there. Let either Cent, myself or neokai know if there is any issue. Moderators don't have access to WG internal systems, we can only suggest to the GMs what needs to be fixed but keep posting in the forums about bugs. Conan is the best person to bug either on the forums or on Facebook. Hopeys alt has been banned from the forums for spamming reports.
  2. That was most likely due to being a CC but I agree that both applying a sanction and making it public was not called for.
  3. This is the forum rule that applies: Additionally, excessively long forum signatures are not permitted. Signatures may not exceed two lines. If these limitations are exceeded, then the disruptive elements will be removed without explanation and the offending account may receive sanctions. Users are allowed to use images in your signatures, but their size must not exceed 468px×120px (length x width). The signatures can contain animation, but it should not be annoying. In my view if you can fit them on one line it is ok.
  4. You should be able to fit them side by side, give it a shot
  5. Time to start a Patreon account perhaps.
  6. That seems reasonable to restrict by IP so they can manage the load, can you ask Azure for a NATd address so it doesn't have to change?
  7. Middle position on Fisherman's Bay farming heavies moving into town. 3.8K damage, 1.8K spotting
  8. https://ritastatusreport.live/2018/03/03/dont-ask-questions-moderator-abuse-in-world-of-tanks-consoles-forums/#comment-58998
  9. There are two trainees and it's like they jump at shadows.
  10. On the CT server so probably not relevant, but felt good after a shitty day.
  11. Getting to Improved Equipment, 1 bond at a time
  12. I only act on JOCs reports when they make sense, just as I would for any player. Unfortunately for Germi JOCs reports make more sense than all of his posts.
  13. Has anyone got an idea of what drugs Germidor is smoking? They are certainly mind-altering stuff.
  14. The update is the list has now been created and shards have started to be credited but will be trickle fed to not exceed server loads. Some players have already reported receiving them.
  15. http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/77886-holiday-ops-xmas-gift-boxes-decorations/ Compensation of 1160 shards per box purchased, and all players get 5 free in game decoration boxes for the inconvenience.
  16. Thanks, I saw your link in Gen chat last night when I got back and gave him a 3D ban
  17. Agreed, but that included the protagonist, which is why the sperg on general chat. Completely predictable I have to say. Unfortunately most of the backwards views are almost exclusively in general chat, they are too afraid of the forums. I take it all the multiple posts of this on the forums was your mobile phone going nuts? I cleaned it up for you.
  18. Well, y'all didn't stop referring to an individual after being warned. On the other hand, an even better outcome was achieved.