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  1. You don't need to be afraid of taking arty into PvP. Just click hard and win all the time.
  2. I'm p. sure it's increased to 5.5%. It does actually show the effect of base bonuses in the results screen somewhere.
  3. Arty in AW is everything that it isn't in WoT. It's accurate, will consistently hit where you aim it and can generally expect to get some damage out of every shot unless the thing you shoot at is clever and moves (they usually aren't and don't) or it was a highly speculative shot leading a moving target (because shells are still quite slow). It fires reasonably often as well, the tier 4s shoot about every 11-15 seconds. It's not a super damage monster, even on penetrating hits (which are rare except on LAVs and other arty) you're only doing about normal tank
  4. If armour mattered more, aiming would matter more. Ergo the solution is actually to redesign gold ammo to not be gold ammo, so autoaim produced consistently poor results outside of the few situations it is good for (fast passes in lights and fast meds where evasion is a premium and accuracy a bonus).
  5. There are a few quick wins, eliminating draws by changing to WoWS' kill points system will be one. Also steal AW's arty implementation and incoming warning.
  6. I am not sure that the presence or otherwise of bundles would have made a blind bit of difference to World of Warplanes, the game sank because it was shit at something that someone else was doing a bit of a better job at. Also, people who think that Wargaming monetise aggressively need to play almost any other free to play game. They're one of the most hands off monetisers out there, most other free to play games will at the very least pop up and spam you with what's on special offer right now on login, and will probably have a significantly shorter lifespan before the restrictions of fre
  7. I've found that it does OK with AP when you have nice flat shell trajectory and the enemy obligingly drives side on (which to be fair they all do), but at longer ranges where you're dropping shells HE is more profitable. Contrasted with the Phoenix and Omaha which could get reliable AP damage at any range.
  8. I think part of the draw issue will be remedied by the upcoming carrier balance changes. A lot of the times I've been in draws it's been when one side's carriers manages a hard shutout of the other's, and then the carriers can just lurk unmolested in some hard to reach corner where there's no time to get at them, even if they've spent all their air wings. One thing that might prevent another bunch of draws is sudden death capping. ie. if there's a cap in progress the game won't end until either all cappers are sunk or driven off or it completes.
  9. The Kuma has widdly little 140mm guns, which for its tier is p. bad. It gets super poor penetration against anything except basically a Tenryu.
  10. I'm still at a stock STA-1, which is not making me happy. Really does need at least the first gun upgrade.
  11. That would certainly be interesting. Me, I think they should work like the Heavy Gunner from Chromehounds. You just get a range indicator. No assists, just a number that says how far your shell will go. Man mode.
  12. Y'know, I don't think it would be such a doom and gloom situation. A functional team weighting system which attempts to balance vehicle and skill weights (and they can't drop the first part because can you even imagine the QQ about very visible vehicle imbalance) wouldn't be able to produce the sort of granular results which would be necessary to stack teams against very good players. At best you could split the playerbase into quintiles, maybe quartiles, and attempt to balance the teams so that they contain even numbers of players in each quintile and have vehicle balance.
  13. Angle of the upper plate has changed. Will be something like 121mm @ 61 degrees.
  14. 'Tis if no other bugger plays the tank.
  15. If you inadvertently find yourself in close combat with other medium or light tanks, remember that Centurion weighs 52 tons and accelerates quite fast, which makes ramming a viable weapon. If you can smack into someone's side whilst they're trying to circle you you can detrack them and give yourself time to ensure damage with your next shot.
  16. Because skills tend to be transferrable down tank lines, the learning process is shorter each time.
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7kJRGPgvRQ The national anthem of Finland?
  18. GRRM will die of a cheeseburger overdose and no-one will ever find out. Years later someone will hire Kevin J Anderson to finish the series and write prequels which everyone will hate.
  19. Even on easy sometimes the end boss will be like "Nope, you don't win today". Even if you had minimal trouble getting to it. Either you didn't bring the right guns, or you couldn't get enough advantage aboard to take its crew down, or both.
  20. I doubt you actually noticed the difference, you were just waiting longer between shots. Remember, with a rammer fitted you can wait for the circle to close for longer ranged fire. Without a rammer you can't spam shots as fast in dogfights.
  21. Only if your arty has a wide arc or a turret. It's always applied to arty, but quite a lot of arty has very narrow gun arc, so the benefit is minimal.
  22. It's effective only during gun traverse. That means you want to think about how wide your gun arc is when choosing whether to take it. On a TD with a wide gun arc it's more useful than one with a narrow gun arc because you're more likely to be in a position where you only traverse the gun. I'd clarify this a little. There are two components of gun dispersion from the hull, movement and traverse, and they are applied seperately. If you are moving in a straight line you take only the dispersion from movement, if you are stationary traversing you take only the penalty from travers
  23. Do you mean to tell me that this gentleman is not the straightest man in all music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhY9GOhFwN4
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