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  1. It fights north south not east west.
  2. You'd think that would be the case, but I bet you couldn't sort it any finer than making sure each team has even numbers from each quintile of the WR spectrum as much as possible. And the top quintile reaches down pretty far. There just aren't enough purple players for MM to account for them, even if skill based MM came in. By colours, you'd end up with basically each team having even reds, even oranges, even yellows, and even green, and anyone above green would be in the same bracket as green. But people would still QQ about it because all their greens are in the top tanks an
  3. The session summary in vbaddict flattens out the winrate component, it uses the expected winrate of your tanks rather than your actual winrate for the session. The recent performance on wotlabs and noobmeter use a slightly different definition of recent, so they're including a different range of games. Though even then there are some differences. I think wotlabs gives me about 6-7 more WN8 than noobmeter for my overall.
  4. Yes, but it's sluggish and fat and can't make best use of the autoloader. It's got good damage potential if the stars are right, but it's just not fun to drive. Second worst camo of the tier 7 meds as well. Only the Panther has worse.
  5. I'm not dismissing the entire decade. Just pointing out the characteristics of schlock from that decade. And there's always schlock. I grew up on '80s schlock anime, which was all about over the top hyperviolence, tits, and gore (and was supported in its endeavours by the dubbing company who, if the show wasn't going to get a high enough age rating, would just stuff the script with extra fucks to inflate it). I just don't pretend the schlock I grew up with is actually any good. There's still some good '80s anime, but the '80s anime that got translated back then and in the early '90s gener
  6. 60% smells about right to me. I checked someone I know whose wr is about dead on 50% and it put him at about 375,000 by winrate. There are about a million active accounts on EU, so saying that 60% of them are under 50% WR is totally not out of the ballpark. (Bearing in mind that a scrubby blunicum 55.8% like me is top 2% by WR in the hall of fame) Always remember the World of Tanks mantra: "Think about how dumb the average person is, then realise half of 'em are dumber than that!"
  7. Watch less late 90s/early 00s schlock. The 90s' attemts to be Edgy were embarrassing.
  8. And by and large it does. Especially since the sigma changes, even with theoretically "inaccurate" guns like on the KV-1S I was achieving near 80% hitrates. RNG is not a frequent problem when it comes to hitting targets, you remember the troll misses because they stand out, but if you miss fully aimed shots on a regular basis you're too far away and you should have had a more realistic expectation of where the shell was likely to go. If you take a long range low margin shot then you need to expect it to miss as often as it hits, that needs to have been part of the plan when you took the
  9. Right, but you're ignoring all the times you rolled high, ammo racked someone from near full health hit that 600m snap shot you fired because why not, etc. RNG exists but its effects even out over time. Sometimes you bounce or tracks eat a shot, but if you're in a position where that's the difference between winning and losing a match, the problem wasn't the RNG on that shot it was the sequence of events which put you in a position where you had to make that shot.
  10. I'm not sure as the lesson is "spot more" as much as it is "be active and aggressive", because by being an active aggressive player who stays alive throughout games you will get assist damage anyway as a natural function of being in an aggressive position where you extend the view range of the natural campers on your team, who will get some damage from your spots anyway because you can't steal it all yourself, guns only shoot so often. Going outright for spotting might get you some big spots games, but playing aggressively and staying alive will also increase your average assist damage.
  11. Too hard for thickies to understand. You have to remember when you're suggesting fiddly systems that the average World of Tanks player has just about figured out that they shouldn't lick their computer just because it says Windows, and by the time they hit about tier 5 have maybe realised that if you click the mouse button it goes bang. In reality, RNG decides very little in World of Tanks, it's there, but you account for it in your plans. In fact, the ability to account for possible random outcomes in forward planning is a skill in itself, and wanting the random element removed
  12. So the T-54 has had its armour layout changed on the test server to go along with the new model. And it looks like the turret is no longer the king of trolls. In fact, the turret cheeks are now p. vulnerable, only about 190 over a significant part of the turret front. Sure, the thread title is hyperbole, but the T-54 can now expect to take a significant amount more damage if it tries hull down shenanigans.
  13. APFSDS probably wouldn't have much of a pressure wave either, again it's a surface area issue as much as it is a speed issue. Even an actual pressure wave from a high speed object (a sonic boom from an aircraft) won't actually really damage a human body. The most intense sonic boom ever recorded was 7 kPa. Lethal blast overpressure is about a hundred times that, and would anyway inflict crush injuries not tear bits off. (ps. significant crush injury would be highly disabling to a zombie because it would be unable to exert mechanical force to move itself with all its bones in bits)
  14. There's no appreciable pressure wave from a bullet, they don't have enough surface area to produce it. .50 BMG removing limbs would happen if it hit that limb.
  15. Yeah, but it can't do anything with them now, because it's on the floor in bits waiting for your cleanup crew to burn the leftovers.
  16. Putting up some replays would be a good step, having someone look at what you've done and say what they would have done instead and why is quite useful.
  17. Yeah, here's the thing. Weapons which are in common military use would not leave much of a body intact. Even as low as .50 BMG would leave large numbers of zombies functionally incapacitated by destroying limbs, spines, etc. And that's without considering weapons like Bushmaster, an incredibly common weapon firing 25mm HEI. Really, we've spent thousands of years working on the problem of how to kill things exactly like us, frequently in very large numbers at once, we're disturbingly good at it now.
  18. You know, both of the best zombie fictions I've seen have had a zombie non-apocalypse which is solved pretty trivially because zombies are actually crap. That would be Shaun of the Dead and the Newsflesh trilogy (which is set 20 years after the zombie apocalypse didn't happen because zombies are rubbish, and despite having zombies in it, even a zombie bear, the zombies aren't the story). In all of the really good zombie fictions the zombies themselves aren't really the problem, it's always other people that are the real threat in a zombie movie. The problem with WWZ really is trying t
  19. I'm sure there are enough EU blunicums who got the ego in the mail before their overall stats arrived. But how to make them dance for us on forums?
  20. This is fine, bads can yolo at purples and blues and greens can farm their suicidal overaggression in complete safety.
  21. Object 140 I'd probably put gunnery + off road instead of designated + preventative. Preventative Maintenance on a tank with only 12% chance of fire is a waste of a slot. BIA Camo 6th, Snap, Off Road, Safe Sitch, Designated, repair, repair Recon, repair, Smooth/Controlled Impact, Fire
  22. When the T69 was new you used to see a lot of HEAT69, then the HEAT nerf happened, nowadays it's less popular and you might even be shot at by a T69 and not hear that distinctive hiss. Though I still expect any T69 to be slinging HEATs though, just like a T-54.
  23. Actually if a tank's shit that just means its requirements for Ace Tankerer are low, because everyone sucks in it. I have also started chasing shiny little Ms. Will be redoing all the tanks that don't have them at some point. Yes, even the French ones.
  24. Given that modern arty uses precision guided shells that's entirely possible. (If they've got any sense they'll start their tech trees basically exactly where WoT stops)
  25. I think the thing to do if you determine early that you can't win your normal strong point on a map is to figure out how to stop it affecting you and your team too negatively. For instance we had a game last night on Himmelsdorf where the enemy team had a massive medium advantage, so what we didn't do was go to the hill (literally no-one on our team went there). Tucked in on the near side of the hill so we couldn't be shot from it, let them meet no resistance on the hill then as some of them came down whilst the others stayed to snipe we chomped them in smaller numbers. A game where w
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