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  1. The central conceit of Max Brooks' zombie works is that they're a "realistic" take on zombies. Which is why holes get poked in the "realism" on display.
  2. I never said it was a good plan, but it's all you've got when you're trying to defend north base (and lets face it you'll probably lose in city whilst you defend and be flanked by people coming out of the 0 line).
  3. If the south team wins the field the north team basically needs to retreat to the back side of the cap and hull down. Use the fact that half of them will get stuck in the cap because shiny white circle and hope you can kill the brave ones fast enough to get around the indestructible house and reset them.
  4. To have the whole of Tamriel though you'd have to rely massively on procedural generation, so you could make it prettier than Arena but you'd be hard pressed to have more meaningful content.
  5. Neverwinter Nights 2, Fallout New Vegas, South Park: Stick of Truth, Dungeon Siege 3, Alpha Protocol. They basically make interesting games with interesting bugs. They've usually made RPGs up to now (Dungeon Siege 3 is a console action RPG though), so we'll see how they do with a multiplayer vehicle combat game.
  6. Scouts aren't about early damage. They're about mid to late damage. Spotting in the early game is your gateway to having isolated targets to finish off and open holes to get at juicy artillery tears in the mid to late.
  7. I think it's probably worth being a topic of its own. I've had any number of games where I've returned to base, probably too early, and the momentum of the flank I was on has collapsed even if it should theoretically still have had an advantage without me. Pearl River seems particularly prone to this kind of event.
  8. I have no such scruples, fortunately, so I am still willing to trundle around building infinitely twinked haflings or whatever. (Seriously, halfling slingers were the most OP unit in MoM if you were playing Life/Warlord, you could get them up to something like +5 to hit*, and there were 8 of them in a stack, so on average one stack of slingers would twice as many hits per attack as any other unit could even make. Especially if you gave them Adamantium weapons adn dropped a Lionheart on them.) * MoM combat was based on a D10 roll, units rolled 1D10 per attack it had per model
  9. I think Heroes 3 was my favourite of the HoMM games. They always had a bit of an issue in campaign of the AI being a blatantly cheating shit (sure, all 4x AI is cheating because otherwise it would be too terrible for words, usually the "difficulty" level of a 4x is actually how much cheating the AI gets), but HoMM took it to new levels of bullshit. Good for multi/custom games though.
  10. This is actually a remake of an old Russian one man indie game called Eador: Genesis. Which you can get for the price of a pint off GoG. I've tried it but it's too much of a case of "throw infinite cruft onto a formula, hope it makes it better", and I'm not sure it did. I like Warlock but it's combat heavy and that means it can take a long ass time to do anything. If you want to kill a Gold Dragon*, for instance, prepare for an epic hunt because every time you get it to low health it'll fuck off to get its health back, and you're probably only chipping 20% off a turn, and it can fly
  11. Anyone want a sweepstake for how long before it goes free to play? My guess is that it'll last nine months after an initial spike because of the nerd bait IP. (because of no nerd bait IP I give Wildstar 6 months).
  12. A guide to how to do upgrades and what each one does might be useful for a total noob point of view, but I still don't reccommend saying "play these tanks nubs!", keep it general and let people find their own way.
  13. Addendum: Your tank doesn't have to be stationary for GLD to be working. The three sources of gun dispersion from gun movement, hull movement, and hull traverse are tracked seperately, so in a brawl if you stop turning your hull for a moment your gun will aim in until it is only taking the dispersion from forward/backward movement and turret movement, and your GLD will be effective in reducing that aimtime, even if you don't come to full aim.
  14. That's a Vertical Stabiliser. It reduces the amount of bloom from any source by 20%. Gun Laying Drive reduces aimtime, the time it takes for your aim circle to shrink by a factor of three. (So if you were doing someting that caused your dispersion to be, say 9, which some tanks can reach and even exceed moving at full speed, it would take 3x your listed aimtime to come to full aim) (In that case a vertical stabiliser would reduce your dispersion to 7.2, meaning it would take 2.4x your aimtime to come to full aim. A GLD would have caused your aimtime to be 10% faster and bring you to
  15. The hotfix was to revert the FoV change in 8.11 If you had some other UI mods it might conceivably fuck with them causing your minimap issue. TBH your first two issues sound like time to trash and rebuild your mods folder. The last one is because you left the tinfoil coating off your engine.
  16. Before they buffed it, probably the case. But I played it as a straight up aggro machine with 2k WN7/3k WN8 and 61% winrate. If you can avoid even one shot from a same tier heavy, especially an IS or IS-2, you can eat the rest of their shots and still walk out with half health. If you make yourself a hard target when there's an easy target next to you, you can probably get three in before they're even able to shoot you once, and that means you can frequently kill a same tier heavy taking only one shot in return.
  17. Not really. You want to try avoiding their hits, but you can two-for-one trade them in most instances due to having a sub 6s reload and you have enough HP to do some serious bullying. You want to be making the most of your DPM in front line fights. As soon as Johnny IS fires (try and have a pubby to hand to absorb that shot, they'll frequently sit in more exposed positions and be attractive targets) he's opened himself up for two shots from you, and you're probably ready to punish him with another one when he peeks again. And when he's taken three shots before he's fired twice, Johnn
  18. For an IS-4 (or indeed any RU heavy above tier I would probably go Rammer/Vstab/GLD They tend to have large dispersion penalties and slow aimtime, as well as reasonably high top speed for a heavy tank (the faster you're going the more your total dispersion penalty is), and even when brawling you're likely to have to aim for specific parts of tanks, and you want to spend as little time doing so as possible.
  19. I would reccommend a guide for newbies at the game be focused on in-match behaviour and not at all on garage management (beyond a bit at the end about which tank equipment is good and which is a trap *cough co2 fuel tanks"). What I would suggest is discussing the four tier 1 maps in detail, particularly how they play at low tiers, and use that discussion to cover the basics of spotting, aiming, not being spotted, terrain cover, and minimap awareness, and completely drop the whole "buy your upgrades in this order dammit!", let people choose their own path through the tech trees, talk abo
  20. I think the problem a team with a preponderance of mice would encounter is that even if WG buffed it quite a lot they can't really make it not slow. And whilst it's slow taking a lot of mice would basically be a message that "we are giving up the ability to dictate the course of battle". A cluster of mice would be difficult to deal with it but on most maps you wouldn't need to deal with it until all the other tanks on the team were dead.
  21. FRAGS*(350.0 - TIER*20.0) +DAMAGE*(0.2 + 1.5 / TIER) +(DAMAGE_ASSISTED_RADIO/2)*(0.2 + 1.5 / TIER) (where available, e.g. Battle Report) +(DAMAGE_ASSISTED_TRACK/2)*(0.2 + 1.5 / TIER) (where available, e.g. Battle Report) +200.0*SPOT +15.0*CAP +15.0*DEF I don't know how well it correlates with winning, but from the statisical analyses done on some of its terms (cap points don't correlate well, spots are limited in value, damage by detrack doesn't predict wins nearly as strongly as damage by radio) I don't imagine it's better than WN as it stands.
  22. Yeah, that's not the same as saying it's really good though. 7 is ok, but it's way more openly weird than the rest of Macross (even before you get to Dynamite, which is the unholy spawn of Star Trek 4 and Moby Dick) and the pacing is shot (you can skip to about episode 17 and miss almost nothing of significance). It's an OK series when it gets going, but it's not on the level of the original, Plus, or Frontier.
  23. You can't fit the upgraded turret without the tracks, and you can't have the autoloader without the upgraded turret. The upgraded turret is nearly 7 tons heavier, it's like strapping an ELC AMX to the roof rack. Except that would actually be cool. The radios are the same as the ones from all the JP tanks before it, so you should already have them anyway. Also, although the second engine only has an extra 50 horsepower it weighs half a ton less, and this tank needs all the HP/ton it can get.
  24. From your recent stats, your spot rate is very low. That indicates to me that you are too passive early game, not getting out and seizing the strong points on the map that allow you to subsequently make damage. (Were you doing that you would just naturally encounter enemies to get spots). So, early damage, early map control.
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