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  1. I can't believe WG would ruin tier 6 TD balance by introducing the WZ114. How is my Dicker Max going to compete now

  2. Maus equipment and field mods?

    Don't know if it's just small sample size but I'm winning a weirdly large number of games despite playing like a legitimate yellow.

    1. Panzergraf


      Hardening, Turbo (mobility slot) and rammer (bounty) is what I use on mine. I don't even think I have an alternate setup.
      Field mods are pretty simple;
      II - Reduced terrain resistance
      IV - Improved accuracy
      V - nothing
      VII - Padding Removal (more speed!)
      VIII - Auxiliary Safety System

      Effective top speed of 27 on hard and medium ground, 25.5 on soft ground. Not too bad.

    2. Balthazars


      Only just started grinding field mods on it. I have previously played about 190 games before all of that stuff for around 56% win rate and 2.2k DPG running Hardening in the slot, Rammer and Optics (a bit strange yes, but it seems to work - I just didn't think the limited boost from a non-slot Turbo was really that beneficial). Given it can get a mobility slot from field mods, I would definitely set up second equipment option with Hardening, Turbo and Rammer as @Panzergraf is running and take the field mods that improve mobility.

    3. Jul_Le


      I did HT-15 with Maus about an year ago, I used Hardening, turbo, rammer as well. Field mods didn't exist back then. Turbo gives 20% boost to top speed (non-slot) so it's definitely noticeable.

      I've also played Maus with optics, but that was back when I used optics on everything...

  3. wot makes me question the 'I' in AI

  4. The worst thing about shitters isn't that they don't do any damage, it's that they block better players from retreating or taking key positions. This is probably the main reason how someone can get below 45% long term WR (which indicates that you're actually worse than useless, i.e. the team would be better off with just 14 tanks instead).

    1. simba90


       And just wait until the new platooning system pairs the shitters together so that we get three on our teams instead of 1

    2. echo9835


      We already have 3-5 on any given team. I don't think the new platooning system will make it all that much worse. 

    3. ProxyCentauri


      I can only support echo on that. I have turned xvm on again-many years since last time.
      I literally got shocked(EU-server)
      There is no doubt that at tiers 5-8 you will face several bots both on own and enemy team every game.
      I mean bots, not extremely bad players. 2 IS3's in toon with 0.1 dmg dealt and 3k games each.
      Cryptic nicks, as a general rule very short, nothing that says smth of personality etc.
      This game, man. Why did I pick it up again

  5. Invisible TDs are awful for this game. Just watched a rhm and S1 behind a bush or two advance towards each other and they weren't spotted until proxy range. Combine that with all the base camping spots WG likes to install to appease shitters and you have a recipe for "Who can suicide the most tanks first to get within 50m with 10 128mm guns"

    1. crapcannon


      Try playing the Skorpion. This TD has the camo rating of an aircraft hangar.

  6. kinda wish anonymizer didn't give names like nggrlvr and dasreich_8888

  7. Is this an unconventional opinion..? Nerfing gold rounds is the wrong way to go if you're not going to add in weakspots and reverse some of the armor buffs that have taken place in the past couple years. And if and when it's done, the decrease in damage should scale with the increase in penetration and perhaps shell velocity, that way tanks that only see like a 20mm increase in penetration with their prem shells don't get dicked over.
  8. Yeah the Tiger II should be very good now, it's usually crewed by complete muppets though so it feels about the same to play against or with.
  9. Honestly I wonder if food and/or 10% gas+turbocharger+grousers+improved rotation mechanism would actually be viable on the Renegade. Instead of a fast heavy you are now a giant undertiered medium. Given though that tier 8 mediums are currently pretty weak I think this detracts from the usefulness of this setup somewhat since bullying irrelevant tanks even harder isn't necessarily the way to win games. Still would be fun for the memes, like imagine just booking it up the Mines central hill at 50 kph and utterly destroying the shitter FV4202 or whatever that decided to contest you for it.
  10. Do we know yet if Vertical Stabilizer was nerfed or not? Edit: nvm it's not apparently also nice job screwing up the bounty equipment WG
  11. Ha, look at this, apparently we help people improve so much that even the bot wants to join us now. ngl tho thinking back to it this a bit extra i mean all we really ended up being were a bunch of 4chan-lite shitposters with various mixes of ghey, edge, furfeg, and crippling depression
  12. Vents does not directly lower dispersion multipliers to my knowledge, tanks.gg displays this incorrectly. It does technically decrease multipliers indirectly since it enhances the effectiveness of smooth ride and snapshot, although the actual effect is pretty negligible.
  13. >Pure tier 8 game in Renegade on Paris

    >Single handedly kill 3 enemy tanks from full health at beginning of match 

    >Put 2 high damage rolls in enemy Renegade

    >Put 2 high damage rolls into enemy T28 Proto

    >Put a high damage roll into enemy Skorpion who bullshit snipes me

    >Team loses 11-15

    The state of the human race truly is questionable at times.

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    2. Assassin7


      I solod the C2 corner on serene coast in my STB before, against 3 tanks, and killed one of them basically before he could get into position, and had it cleared in under 2 mins.


      We still lost

    3. M4A3E8sherman


      @Assassin7 Yeah if you basically manage to put your team 3 up for free and they still lose there wasn't much hope

      I can't imagine what would have (not) achieved by themselves

    4. Assassin7


      we would of lost the C2 corner as well as the peninsula lol, our team sorta just drove through the middle, avoided getting farmed purely because of me clearing the corner so quickly and pinning everyone that tried to peek out to take a shot at a teammate, and then sorta twiddled their thumbs while the enemy rolled peninsula and capped out. I couldn't be all over the map at once and physically didn't have enough DPM, in the STB lmao.  :-/ still did like 6k damage

  14. The skill level of the player base has somehow managed to drop precipitously over the past few years. Seems it's uncommon to find even a single other person in a match whose winrate breaks above 54%.
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