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  1. The worst thing about shitters isn't that they don't do any damage, it's that they block better players from retreating or taking key positions. This is probably the main reason how someone can get below 45% long term WR (which indicates that you're actually worse than useless, i.e. the team would be better off with just 14 tanks instead).

    1. simba90


       And just wait until the new platooning system pairs the shitters together so that we get three on our teams instead of 1

    2. echo9835


      We already have 3-5 on any given team. I don't think the new platooning system will make it all that much worse. 

  2. Invisible TDs are awful for this game. Just watched a rhm and S1 behind a bush or two advance towards each other and they weren't spotted until proxy range. Combine that with all the base camping spots WG likes to install to appease shitters and you have a recipe for "Who can suicide the most tanks first to get within 50m with 10 128mm guns"

    1. crapcannon


      Try playing the Skorpion. This TD has the camo rating of an aircraft hangar.

  3. kinda wish anonymizer didn't give names like nggrlvr and dasreich_8888

  4. >Pure tier 8 game in Renegade on Paris

    >Single handedly kill 3 enemy tanks from full health at beginning of match 

    >Put 2 high damage rolls in enemy Renegade

    >Put 2 high damage rolls into enemy T28 Proto

    >Put a high damage roll into enemy Skorpion who bullshit snipes me

    >Team loses 11-15

    The state of the human race truly is questionable at times.

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    2. Assassin7


      I solod the C2 corner on serene coast in my STB before, against 3 tanks, and killed one of them basically before he could get into position, and had it cleared in under 2 mins.


      We still lost

    3. M4A3E8sherman


      @Assassin7 Yeah if you basically manage to put your team 3 up for free and they still lose there wasn't much hope

      I can't imagine what would have (not) achieved by themselves

    4. Assassin7


      we would of lost the C2 corner as well as the peninsula lol, our team sorta just drove through the middle, avoided getting farmed purely because of me clearing the corner so quickly and pinning everyone that tried to peek out to take a shot at a teammate, and then sorta twiddled their thumbs while the enemy rolled peninsula and capped out. I couldn't be all over the map at once and physically didn't have enough DPM, in the STB lmao.  :-/ still did like 6k damage

  5. even in berlin gamemode arty sucks ass

  6. wtf should I buy with frontline tokens

    1. echo9835


      Engineering is good for playing the objective. Get it on everything you can. After that smoke screens and spotter planes for objectives, Inspire for 15% crew skills try harding, and arty and planes for people who hate fun. 

  7. Don't really care much for studzianki as a map but dat witcher music tho

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    2. Diriz0n


      There are worse maps



    3. Wanderjar


      did you watch the gingertail cover of the studzianki theme on YT? that was pretty awesome

    4. M4A3E8sherman


      On 1/15/2020 at 3:26 AM, Wanderjar said:

      did you watch the gingertail cover of the studzianki theme on YT? that was pretty awesome


      overlord theme is also pretty gud imo, even if a bit cliched

  8. Renegade stats at 100 solo games: 66% WR, 2043 DPG (kinda low, I know), 0.57 armor ratio

    I would definitely buy this tank if you're getting a good discount on it.

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    2. hazzgar


      Damn. I'm envious. Can't make this tank work. Getting better because I stopped relying on armur but still 1.6k only 

    3. lavawing


      @hazzgar what's your setup on it?

      I run bond vents, bond rammer, standard vstab, food, 40 APCR and 2 HE.

      Unlike a lot of the other heavies at this tier I actually feel it makes a difference to tryhard in it as this tank relies so much on its gun. Getting snaps consistently every game nets you at least an extra shot in DPG.

    4. hazzgar


      I don't run pure prem. It's a money maker. Remember I'm a filthy account migrating xvm camo using asshole so I often need to make credits. 

      With pure ACPR I'm sure I'd pull over 2000 dpg, probably way over. But then I'd still want to use the Lowe which while I know is a different tank but if we talk pure gun I think about that tank

  9. what is type 59 like now lmao

    1. Action


      it feels a little more comfortable to play but still gets shaftet by 3-5-7... played 10 matches (pretty small sample sice i know) and was top once and all t8 once... the core problem remains...super P is also a little more fun now.. havent played 343 or is6 yet.. and probably wont till theese russian glue sniffers fix MM

    2. rojo180


      Not sure how a Type 59 gets shafted by 3/5/7 because in that MM its top tier as 1 of 3 tier 8s. or there are only 3 tier 9s

    3. Action


      90% of matches you are in a tier 9 match (5-10 or 3-5-7) the rest xou are in full t8 or top tier. ie. you still get shaftet by MM because 90% of the time you have to fight t9s


  10. New M60 aint bad I guess but oh god the teams today ;_;

    1. mati_14


      New T95E6 is dank af try it if you can


  11. Gameplay was kind of cruddy but I killed our favorite purple anime nazi so I guess it was worth


    His first kill was someone on his own team.

    1. KruggWulf


      :rage: He got ooooowned. He's been coming into my stream as of late, last time months ago he was trying to click in and stream snipe me, this time he just came in and talked about exposingwot shitters trying to dox him and instead dox'd some random mahou guy who doesn't even play anymore, posted that guy's facebook, phone number, etc etc, and said "all australians are fucking retarded assholes who fuck anime pillows" lmao. They then refused to take it down when offered proof it wasn't him. Rip the mahou (ex mahou) guy.

    2. M4A3E8sherman


      I really can't tell which of the 2 is worse. It's a pity they don't spend more time on each other, maybe they could achieve a mutual kill :doge:

      Anyways gasai is in fact a massive asshat beyond just what you see on the forums, in a nutshell he's extremely abusive to the people who try to be friends with him, likely a psychopath or some shit

      funny watching him run around uselessly in his stupid little e25 while he died :trump:

    3. KruggWulf


      Oh I know what he's like, that's why he gets so triggered whenever I come into a thread he's posting in :doge:


  12. Unless I'm missing something here the M4A1 Revalorise is extremely overrated, frankly the T34 seems better for winning games. The only upsides is that it farms damage better when your enemies are braindead and it's fun enough so that you'll actually play it but otherwise the thing performs like the M46's retarded out of shape cousin that gets beaten up by the bigger kids at school

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Yeah, the tank that the Ravioli's play style closest resembles is that of the Skorpion G. It's pretty stand-offish but you have to have a good idea/feeling of how the battle is going and either move up as your team does or drop back at the first sign of your flank being overrun. It's a very fragile tank, everything will pen you so you really have to be on your toes when you play it. It's definitely not a tank for every one.

    3. M4A3E8sherman


      Okay it seems to be working alright now, just bad luck/tilt I guess

      Haven't actually changed the way I play the tank, which is (as might be inferred from the previous comparison) basically a much more passive M46 at tier 8

    4. M4A3E8sherman


      and its shit again

      I'm really starting to think this tank only works well if your enemies are retarded

  13. How the fuck do you trade stuff, when I right click on the tank it says I can't purchase or trade in

    1. DirtyACE7


      Go to Armory, select Store tab, select Vehicle Trade-In option.

    2. M4A3E8sherman


      Oh I see, you still have to buy it with gold


    3. DirtyACE7


      Yes, you have to pay the difference between the value of your trade-in tank and the one you want to get. It's not a 1:1 trade.

  14. Apparently the 183 is known as the child thrower in Germany because after it fucks someone it takes 9 months to load and you don't like what's coming out of it

    1. Errants


      That's hilarious...

    2. nabucodonsor


      Can i have 99 more upvotes for you?

  15. Santa's helpers have snapped.



    1. mereelskirata


      I bet if the person playing as the terrorist was Black/Hispanic/AnyoneWho'sNotWhite everyone would be bitching about "racism"

  16. I'm not sure if everyone realizes this, but you don't need a platoonmate better than you to increase your winrate, just one that's better than the average pubbie (since you're always replacing a random pubbie with this guy instead).

    1. RichardNixon


      Technically they need to be better than the average platooned player, which is a somewhat higher bar.

  17. M46 has a blisteringly fast repair speed, at 50% or so you can already get your tracks back up before you reload. I'm guessing it only takes 3-4 seconds at 100%.

    1. SIRJ4MES


      Patton is life, Patton is love!

    2. Assassin7


      With 100% repairs my T-54s track repair is like 3 seconds.

      Its like 5 seconds on my tier 10 RU meds (well, most of them actually)

  18. Bought the M48 with rental credits, Pattons are so gud. If only they'd buff M60 :C.

  19. American meds getting buffed lawl, guess there are too many shitters playing them. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/05/22/minsk-insider-info/

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    2. Kitten


      I'd imagine a 105 with decent pen and 4 round clip? It would be an interesting but different take on the auto loaders at the tier, give it lower alpha or something. 

    3. leggasiini


      Maybe something like this:

      105mm: basic natomed gun; 390 alpha and APCR as standard with 270 pen. 4 shells in clip, 2.3 sec intra. Few sec slower clip reload than 50 B. HEAT as gold.

      120mm: comparable to 50b 120mm, but 5 shells in clip and 2.7 intra. APCR as gold. Around 40 sec reload on clip.

      Giving two somewhat similar yet same time different guns would be cool. You either would pick a 105mm with smaller and faster clip or 120mm with little bigger but slower clip. 105mm would have better gun handling but in return 120mm better raw accuracy. Dunno, just a thought, and not EXACTLY stats like these, i wouldnt expect myself to be good at balance department :P 


    4. Kitten


      I'd want to see a 3 round clip with 2.2s interclip with the 105mm, and say 18s reload. apcr/heat rounds. Ideally would have less damage but that probably wouldn't happen. Dunno how to balance the 120, 5 rounds is too bullshit if it has good accuracy, maybe 3 rounds of say 450 alpha? Possibly 4 but a reload of 35-40 seconds. AP/apcr rounds

  20. Honestly I think the M46 is better for winning games than the E75. More flexible and kills stuff faster.

    1. hallo1994


      Why are you comparing the best med vs the best ht?

    2. GehakteMolen


      E50 is now shaking hes head...

    3. M4A3E8sherman


      Just giving my opinion on their relative effectiveness. I mean, hey, the elimination thread is comparing everything.

       It's possible I'm simply a bad heavy driver.

  21. I dreamed that I 3 marked my M46, then I woke up.

    Wonder what Shia Laboeuf would have to say about that. :doit:

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I too am guilty of having WoT dreams :( 

  22. Am I the only one who thinks Christoph Waltz looks a bit like The Chieftain in your avatar?

  23. Already seen someone tip over in my first 9.14 game. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing.

    1. Serene_Potato


      It will become so common that people get used to it, like most things...

    2. TohtoriP


      Finally you can´t drive like a moron and get away with it. I saw many tanks on their sides yesterday, even one amx30 did a full roll and ended right side up and continued on. I like the new physics so far.

  24. Jesus H Christ what is with all the skycancer lately. Always rely on arty to ruin a promising game.

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