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  1. The worst thing about shitters isn't that they don't do any damage, it's that they block better players from retreating or taking key positions. This is probably the main reason how someone can get below 45% long term WR (which indicates that you're actually worse than useless, i.e. the team would be better off with just 14 tanks instead).

    1. simba90


       And just wait until the new platooning system pairs the shitters together so that we get three on our teams instead of 1

    2. echo9835


      We already have 3-5 on any given team. I don't think the new platooning system will make it all that much worse. 

    3. ProxyCentauri


      I can only support echo on that. I have turned xvm on again-many years since last time.
      I literally got shocked(EU-server)
      There is no doubt that at tiers 5-8 you will face several bots both on own and enemy team every game.
      I mean bots, not extremely bad players. 2 IS3's in toon with 0.1 dmg dealt and 3k games each.
      Cryptic nicks, as a general rule very short, nothing that says smth of personality etc.
      This game, man. Why did I pick it up again

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