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  1. Maus equipment and field mods?

    Don't know if it's just small sample size but I'm winning a weirdly large number of games despite playing like a legitimate yellow.

    1. Panzergraf


      Hardening, Turbo (mobility slot) and rammer (bounty) is what I use on mine. I don't even think I have an alternate setup.
      Field mods are pretty simple;
      II - Reduced terrain resistance
      IV - Improved accuracy
      V - nothing
      VII - Padding Removal (more speed!)
      VIII - Auxiliary Safety System

      Effective top speed of 27 on hard and medium ground, 25.5 on soft ground. Not too bad.

    2. Balthazars


      Only just started grinding field mods on it. I have previously played about 190 games before all of that stuff for around 56% win rate and 2.2k DPG running Hardening in the slot, Rammer and Optics (a bit strange yes, but it seems to work - I just didn't think the limited boost from a non-slot Turbo was really that beneficial). Given it can get a mobility slot from field mods, I would definitely set up second equipment option with Hardening, Turbo and Rammer as @Panzergraf is running and take the field mods that improve mobility.

    3. Jul_Le


      I did HT-15 with Maus about an year ago, I used Hardening, turbo, rammer as well. Field mods didn't exist back then. Turbo gives 20% boost to top speed (non-slot) so it's definitely noticeable.

      I've also played Maus with optics, but that was back when I used optics on everything...

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