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  1. Oh btw - I am not new here, in fact was here at the early stages, just returning after a long absence. But thanks for the welcome!
  2. Hello ... thought I would need to reintroduce myself... I am THE Duck and I like walks on the beach (mainly after my tank has exploded), silent dinners (with napalm in the air)/... Good to see Crow, Joc and venerable Fire70 today..... oh well enough for introductions lol
  3. I know this thread had all but died... however... I was contemplating this morning that the basis of this thread is actually the polar opposite. WG thinks that English speaking / typing players are inferior so have induced a "fault' with the portal that forces asian script languages instead of selected English... I guess we need to start to PHail harder.
  4. Hmm been a while since I returned here.... seems that FG likes derailing this thread also! lols Well my mission continues.... began YOLO runs last week due to the 12% win rate at the hands of the PHail hard TARDS THat couldnt play. Sigh purple seems sooo far away
  5. Why on earth would we go there!!!! oh dear .... WoWPHail
  6. Duckzor

    Dealing with the Pain

    Well he knows my computer is busted - so I just said i raged at the computer blue screening and losing the progress in my 'work'......
  7. Duckzor

    Dealing with the Pain

    I will kill him.... Yes the SEAtards got to me - was 14% after something like 20 odd games.... was at work and threw my mouse in disgust... problem was I forgot that my office has brick walls... hence the mouse had to be replaced.... Mind you explaining to the boss why my mouse had broken into a dozen pieces was interesting!..
  8. Duckzor

    Dealing with the Pain

    They arent that bad Feet - they make good targets.... its just impossible when they are on your team though.... many accidents ensue with Blue on Blue Maori tanks...
  9. Normally he delivers more than that too..... However its nothing a visit to your local cant fix with a little immunisation!
  10. We all know they won't treat it seriously, and I believe the automated Bot system is either working as well as MM, or is (more likely) just lip service. After all, even the Bot accounts can be providing income to WG....
  11. Maybe one dayz i will be worthiez!!
  12. Ahm DERRRRR look at my sigs it tells you Feet!!! lol But yeah going ok - although some nights dont work like 4 games last night with one win... but my 60D stats have caught up very close to yours atm... so over the last 2 months have jumped up steadily.
  13. LoL Tinny - it wasn't a death threat - just a TKing clan threat.... but in actuality, and much to my surprise the Leadership of PINOY have responded adequately and well above the standard I had expected. So Kudos to them as a clan, as opposed to MarleyFugashitprick who is just an imbecile!
  14. LOL I suspect this must have been after the game we were in together.... so how many scrubs did you kill??
  15. Gee Div - gotta stop poasting your family portraits!