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  1. Would you recommend swapping the fire extinguisher or the med kit for food on RU meds?
  2. Two around 10k damage replays. In hindsight I didn't really play that well I just got reasonably lucky with the enemies.
  3. 113: 19TVP T50/51: 14AMX 50B: 25 Batchat 25t: 24 Maus: 10: E-100: 31: E-50M: 25Leo 1: 21STB-1: 23Centurion AX: 19FV215b: 24T57 Heavy: 12 The accuracy nerfs have made this into a worse 50BT110E4: 17T110E3: 17M48 Patton: 29 Phenomenal gun handling, great dpm and the ability to use vents/food instead of optics for 480 view range.T110E5: 22.Object 263: 19T-62A: 23Object 430: 20Object 140: 20IS-7: 15 IS-4: 18
  4. The Leopard scout was super easy get 3 marks on. You get rather high amounts of spotting dmg each game combined with the excellent burst make this one good for moe farming.
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