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  1. All of this is super depressing I am really upset about the shafting of zero skill crewmen, nearly all of my meaningful crews are made up from those. Shame on me, but I did specifically spend money on tanks that were sold with zero skill crews bundled - maybe if I am not alone in that, it might be sufficient leverage for the community to have the zero-skills counted somehow? one last thought: for those willing to burn some (quite some, actually) gold, it might make sense to split up and move the old-style crews into two-person tanks before the change: The shift from old to 2.0
  2. From what I can tell, its basically an E8 that gets a weaker engine (410 vs 520 horses, 176 vs 234 health) and weaker depression (-10 vs -12 deg) in exchange for marginally more top speed (yay 51 vs 48 km/h), less fire chance (15% vs 20%) and being Russian. I dont see the practical point tbh, as long as a Rudy is there. Its more a novelty thing, really. Plus there is a commander with free "zeroth" 6th sense.
  3. I was in the same situation with the same question, and also got the same response. VK 100.01 P worked for HT 12.3 to me, and does in fact seem like the best bet, being the best combination of good armor vs. not too high (or low) tier. That said, its not automatic - you do need certain stars to align to rack up that much bounced damage. In my experience one way to do it is to "dangle your balls" in front of multitudes of enemies at a safe distance. They will then proceed to unload on you (why not, they think), but likely wont pen. Places like that are big open spaces where teams can see
  4. Modules have a certain amount of HP, and they only "get yellow" once a certain amount of that HP is depleted (half, I suppose?) I beileve its possible that the splash of your HE did damage the module, but not enough to "make it yellow" - you would thus get the "ding" of a crit, but not the yellow status? Sorta similar to how it was (maybe still is) possible to fail the missions where you need to survive a match with no damaged modules, even if nothing on your tank was yellow - as there could have been internal modules in "pre-yellow", but sub-100% state?
  5. You are still better of than this schmuck, who is now past 3*75 with only a single tier 8 (a Lorr) to show for it let my fallacy be a warning, I guess i do have more gold and silver than I will ever need, though, so at least there is that
  6. I had no Chinese tanks at all until now. After two tries (2*75) with no Type 59, I thought screw it, and bought the Chinese tier 8 prem TD, put the four Christmas girls in it. Also equipped it with the red-gold-swirly Chinese Christmas camo, it looks ridiculously awesome I also learned that as I now have all the other possible tier 8 draws (Skorp, T26E5, Lorr), I am now "eligible" for a Type 59 pull So now Im conflicted - I have no girls left to crew it, but it still is the legendary Type 59 Is it really that special?
  7. Okay, that is super interesting. I already had the Skorpion and the unskinned T26E5 from earlier, and yesterday I pulled a Lorraine. So, if the above hypothesis is correct, whatever Tier 8 prem I might pull after this point could only turn out as a Type 59 - interesting. Im tempted to say "surely I will get lucky now and pull a Type, after this damn dry spell" and see what hapens - but sadly (?) my wiser side is saying "thats not how independent events work" and "the universe doesn't care if you were unlucky before"
  8. I was weak, and bought two 75 packs. Each batch was roughly 30-35k gold, 4-5M silver, ~1mo premium and repeated tier IV prems (Sentinel, T28 F30, Pz B2) No Type 59 or any other tier VIII, except for a single Lorraine Even as I am definitely salty over not getting a Type, I am satisfied with the value for money. Maybe not like omg-deal-of-the-century, but still rather nice. Plus its nice to have the Christmas tree insta-maxed and get the four girls etc. (as I wont be playing nearly enough through the holidays to do it via grind). Also, a 75 pack yields more than enough decorati
  9. It seems to make sense to me - being tier 8, its more likely to meet opponents that have no hope of penning it + also easier to research. And you will need Mauschen/Maus for the Obj 260 set, I suppose Case in point: my HT 12.3 was only possible due to some Su-152 slinging copious amounts of 152mm Heat - and you are far more likely to run into stuff like that at tier 8 than 9, imo. In the meantime I have also done HT 15.3 with hodors on El Halluf in a top tier Pz VII - 6k damage, 7k blocked - the rush near the end of the battle when I saw from he numbers that it might finally be within r
  10. Ever since I started playing again a couple of months ago, I just turned off "chat with allies" altogether. Various pings and notifications (attack/def/reloading etc.) work just fine, I just cant type sh*t, nor can see if others type sh*t. No post-battle convos either. Been enjoying the peace and silence ever since - and if I absolutely need to talk for some reason, I just switch it back on momentarily mid-battle (like when I got flipped on my side and had to beg someone to come help me)
  11. I recall seeing bike bits in the "basket" on the tank's ass, covered by a tarp? Edit: yep, the basket bike is there. But you are right, Balance and CommonSense unhitched the other bike from the turret side, and rode off into the sunset of reason
  12. Stiglic

    JT Hype train

    Just do what you feel like doing people will tell you the Ferdi is crap, and it kinda is - it advertises as the "armored brother" to the more mobility-oriented JPII, but at the same time the armor is questionable (superstructure pennable easy-ish, UFP shoulder weakpoints), while still being a lot clumsier than a JPII. It does have, however, a nice slab of hitpoints and a comfortable gun arc (depression and sides). I was in your position also, had the Ferdi researched for ages - but never actually bought it, and went JT instead. The JT actually does provide what the Ferdi only tries:
  13. Hey there, I have been playing on-and-off for a couple years now (since 2012 actually, I remember shooting a T29 in a tier 4 TD on Province), usually in couple month bursts split by lengthy hiatuses, some like a year or so even. I started bad as anyone, then a couple "cycles" ago I awakened to teal, and now Im stuck. Actually, my WN8 is steadily decreasing now. I suppose this is mainly because my overall WN8 was inflated by random padding crap like prenerf M44 games etc., and now its moving to its real value (i.e. the WN8 I actually perform on) - but I also feel that I have hit a wall a
  14. LT: this will change tomorrow (?) to require only "Spot and cause damage to 1 SPG. Destroy 1 SPG" - will be easier MT: will change to "Cause 2500 damage to tank destroyers" (hodors change to win + damage 7 enemies) - will arguably be easier HT: I also struggled a lot to get there. Answer was VK 100.01 P, as much as I dreaded freexping it, it gave me this mission in 29 battles SPG: Its possible if you are lucky enough to repeatedly stun high level ppl engaged in brawling your team - for example at/near the encounter cap on Murovanka. Focus on where the action is, not on juicy lon
  15. Well, this afternoon I took you guys' advice and freexp'd myself a VK 100.01 The below image is battle nr. 29 this evening, incidentally the same one where I unlocked the 128mm Thanks everyone for the advice, you apparently couldn't have been more right Edit: special thanks to Mr. Random Su-152, who was kind enough to repeatedly sling 152mm HEAT at my scraping side
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