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Status Updates posted by Mort

  1. how 2 play mines: https://streamable.com/cahm

    1. neziho


      I wonder how many people are going to attempt this and fail miserably at it.

    2. Masterpupil2


      Considering Mort and I have been practicing this boost for a couple days total now- probably many.

  2. Holy crap. 9.15 has boosted my FPS from around 60-80 up to about a constant 110-120.

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    2. It's_Matra


      Me too! I've gone from 60ish to 100+

    3. Assassin7


      Ohh, maybe ill get a boost as well.

      Too bad I cant turn my graphics up any more


      Actually, wait, it will boost my laptops FPS as well and I CAN boost those graphics :D

    4. BlackAdder


      Still locked to 60FPS/60Hz :awyeah:

  3. Time for my debut stream I guess... If I can get like half a dozen viewers, I'll give away a KV-220. https://www.twitch.tv/mortimilian

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    2. Masterpupil2
    3. Wanderjar


      10 of us right now plus the 2 people hes platooning with. Masterpupil and taylorswift

    4. snowdude21325


      Can confirm the give aways are rigged

  4. I should start streaming...

    1. Visn0r


      hype if u do :disco:

    2. Flaksmith


      You should do a facecam with that retarded pepper hat.

  5. tfw you can finally kill yourself because you have nowhere to go but down in life.


    In other news, it is sadly true: I am not really a cat.

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    2. Mort
    3. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You
    4. Patient0


      After 5-2ing Noble, Mort walked slowly up to Jerm, leaned in, and whispered into his ear ever so softly, "It's pepper time."

  6. Decided to play some rampage mode shit to see what it was all about https://streamable.com/my6a


    cancer... cancer never changes.


    Still though, I was pumped af when that hail Mary landed.

  7. WoT is still garbage and I'm still not playing it, but I do miss it if only for the fact that I was good enough that I could look down on everyone else who attempted to play it.

    1. X3N4


      say whut? l2p brah

  8. I used to be inactive. I still am, but I used to be too.

    1. westybig


      but will you be in the future?

    2. Mort


      @westybig Doubt it. I have no ambition to play WoT besides playing it professionally, and since my season is over, I'm pretty much done with WoT for now. I mostly just made this status update so people know I'm not dead.

  9. I shouldn't be as proud of myself as I am, but whatever: http://i.imgur.com/OpDG3Sj.png

    Actually getting played in gold league and not doing badly is quite satisfying.

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    2. Ollie Tabooger
    3. monjardin
    4. Mort


      @monjardin @Pompous o7 guys

      Now just wait until tomorrow when I average 10 points per battle against HWC. kek

  10. I think I'm basically done playing pubs for good. This game is garbage and I can't believe I wasted my life playing 20k battles.

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    2. Chryses
    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      think of the KV5 think of her before you decide why leave her to be lonely the rest of her life just because you are selfish.

    4. Kitten


      now sell account for over a grand and go spend the money on another game ^^

  11. tfw you get 3.5k damage and 8 kills in your SP and you don't get ace tanker for some reason

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    2. RutgerS


      I think you only fell a few xp short

    3. X3N4


      stop sniping, start tanking. Play like a pussy and you get xp like a pussy

    4. Zinn


      Probably didn't spot most of your own damage, hence shit exp.

  12. the 5k recent is real

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    2. Mort


      > 1v1 me son.

      you forget. We did 1v1. I won like 5 out of 6 or something. ;)

    3. KruggWulf


      You won the heavies (Most of which are weird at 1v1ing) and I won the mediums somehow. Like dat stb fite doh

      Git e-100/is7 n fite me bich

    4. X3N4


      took you long enough lawl

  13. Turning chat off now. All o7s directed at me in-game will not be reciprocated.

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    2. Mort


      Sorry, there can be no other way. If I want to be in the gold league, I have to act respectfully. If I leave chat on, I will continue to tell pubbies to kill themselves.

    3. Cunicularius


      lol, gl in gold league Mort!~<3 ^w^

    4. no_name_cro
  14. my recent wn8 is kinda getting out of hand. I would stop statpadding, but the E-50 and KV-5 are really really fun.

    1. waga100


      it seems like all the fun tanks end up being padder tanks

    2. Mort


      That's because most fun tanks are the types of tanks that the average pubbie is terrible in.

  15. I finished my KV-5 challenge:

    1. Cunicularius


      343 chalunge wen kappa

  16. superuni overall wn8, finally

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    2. Quantumkiwi


      Now you are an actual purple poaster. Time to quit.

    3. Pompous


      Grats man.

    4. mereelskirata


      WN8 padding nerd

  17. Goldfish crackers are the greatest thing since sliced bread

    1. Visn0r


      but the feeling when you slice a fresh still warm bread... damn I need to bake some this evening

    2. Spartan96


      :3 can confirm.

  18. I feel compelled to make love to my KV-5

  19. Good music is good.

    1. CarbonatedPork


      You need Wilco in your life:

  20. A rare look into the WoTLabs server room: http://i.imgur.com/nHpC2LR.jpg

    1. Luna


      can i upcote a status?

  21. Everything below tier 10 is trash.

    1. ZXrage
    2. Melol


      t1 is bestest tier though

    3. Flametz


      Bruh do you even IS-6.

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