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  1. All I want to do is look at my mark % but I cant even do that.

  2. I just got shot for 750 by a teammate because he thought that doing team damage to a unicum would bring him good luck. Like what the fuck.

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    2. ThomChen114
    3. HemanathanRX7


      dafuq, that's next level stupidity.

    4. MacusFlash


      Replay pls. Curses are no problem for me. I just want to see pure retardness.

  3. skorp 3rd mark http://imgur.com/DM2ClFq  and the 4k DPG skorp session http://imgur.com/q6CIHkZ




      Holy shit that average damage

    2. DramaticWarlord


      Just goes to show how balanced the Skorp is

  4. I like the WZ-111 so far. 

    bandicam 2017-01-22 11-48-20-686.jpg

    1. GazT4R


      Looks like I should buy back.

  5. Fuck the automatic team damage ban system. 

    1. MAJEST1C


      Did you at least tk arty for me? 

  6. Time to start the 907 3 mark grind :^)

  7. Thought this was pretty interesting. My stats from two years ago today, to what they are now. http://imgur.com/NsPWhMN

    1. Luna


      I see no difference between the two. 

    2. Medjed


      still a shitter

    3. Cardinal_LZ


      2 years ago Dramatic: 'I just finished E50M grind, cant platoon with you right now, need a rest.'

      Disappeared forever.

  8. It took me 29 games of nearly 4.9k DPG to 3 mark the STB. And this is a 100% session? wtf
  9. Does anyone have an EU account that I can play? I'm super uni on NA but I want to play EU a little as well.

    1. Shitlord
    2. FreddBoy


      I'm on a long hiatus for a while, let me know if you want to use my account.

  10. 10k PR bois

    1. Fulcrous


      I will be following you soon :sunbro:

    2. Va1heru


      11k in a few months I think :^^^^) 

  11. Well, I'm finally super unicum. Rip me

    1. zapyoug


      Play overwatch with me instead fgt ♥

  12. This is the most autistic topic I have ever seen.
  13. Well shit. 

    bandicam 2016-08-22 18-14-04-391.jpg

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    2. DramaticWarlord
    3. DramaticWarlord


      @Daezara it was the E 100. I didnt realize it doesnt say anywhere in the screenshot :doge:

    4. Daezara


      Nice one! I still struggle to get the second mark on mine because either my team, artillery, rng, myself beeing a shitter or some combination of the before mentioned fucks me over... :feelsbad:

  14. One of the hardest 3 marks I've ever attempted. http://imgur.com/a/wvSkG

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    2. DramaticWarlord


      The reason for me why I found both of those tanks to be easier was just because I was able to snap with them. STB gun just trolls me a ton

    3. TheMarine0341


      ....is that a 2k base EXP STB-1 game????????

    4. DramaticWarlord


      @TheMarine0341 yes, it was around 11k combined

  15. zapy is the master of shit tanks
  16. I ran vents/rammer/vstab. I also ran small med, small rep kit, and cola. I ran like 2 HE and the rest APCR because tier 9s are spooky. I then played 61 games and 3 marked it and got the 2nd highest DPG on NA.
  17. I would say I like the TVP so far. 

    bandicam 2016-07-30 20-45-10-668.jpg

    1. TheMarine0341


      looks about right. Im shit, averaging 3.2k as a complete shitter

  18. I must be doing something right. People keep saying I'm hacking :doge:

  19. Lakeville itself is tough, because the valley sucks so much. I usually stick with the lemming train and clear that flank off as soon as I can. Once that flank is cleared you are free to turn around and deal with the empty flank.
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