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  1. I'm pretty sure HDMI 2.0 only supports up to 120hz, you'd need Display Port to get 144. Also frame rate and refresh rate are independent.
  2. You should also do this Find worldoftanks.exe in c:\games\worldoftanks (or wherever you installed it to) right click and go into properties. Under compatability, make sure "disable fullscreen optimization" is checked. You should see a boost in fps and reduction of input lag.
  3. I had a wot razer deathadder for over 3 years before the left click died. I ended up fixing it at some point and it still works, though I don't use it anymore.
  4. Nope Tbh I have no clue what clans are around these days, I've been playing csgo for the past year or more. I should probably unsub from these email notifications here...
  5. Lol people were bitching about the charioteer on the wot /vg thread yesterday too. Shitzal got it spot on; a combination of poor traits which make an otherwise appealing TD bad. If WG were to fix anything it should the aim time and turret dispersion, that would allow people to get accurate shots off faster in overwatch positions while preventing it from being used to agressively peek and snapshot tanks. WG does this to keep interest in the game; the constant cycle of nerfs and buffs (which in other games would serve its actual purpose of game balance) keeps people around who are like "oh they keep changing stuff so this game is still active and not dead and is becoming even better now let me spend 50 bucks on gold" and people who are like "this game is becoming stale for me b/c I can't do [blahblahblah] anymore in [my favourite tanks], but oh look they're buffing [tank I like] so maybe I'll stick around b/c it might be awesome and I'll buy more gold for crew training etc."
  6. I've had the G502 for around a couple of weeks now, some of the things I like are it's shape/size (though I don't know how large my hands are in comparison to other people), accurate sensor (liftoff distance is pretty low, which is good but I would rather have the option to configure it manually), fast click response, and unlockable scroll wheel. I don't particularly care about the rgb or having a hold to toggle dpi button since I almost never change my dpi out of 400 for anything, and honestly who cares about lighting. Mouse feet aren't too special either, but I was disappointed that the mouse didn't come with any extras. Some of the things I don't like are the weight, which feels too heavy even with all the weights removed and has resulted in a number of annoying quirks; for example I will occasionally left click by accident when quickly lifting/moving the mouse and setting it back down due to the sensitive mouse buttons combined with the weight, something you don't want to happen when you're trying to quietly clear angles in a clutch situation. Another thing I don't like is the mouse cord which feels very stiff, so much that it makes it hard to do slight aim adjustments in certain situations. I'm not sure if there's any solutions to this problem, but I heard that a mouse bungee might help. All in all a decent mouse, when my WoT razer deathadder died about a month back I originally went and got a corsair sabre rgb. That was a mistake, and after 2 weeks of trying to make it work I gave up and exchanged it for the G502. Corsair makes decent hardware but the config tool for the mouse was awful, I'm not sure if it was that or the firmware but half the settings never worked (hovercraft-tier liftoff height ayy), it had a 16ms click lag, and the mouse would revert to default config if you closed the utility. Also the shape was weird af, it felt like I was trying to fondle a fat chick's lumpy tit or something. That was true 5 years ago, but according to plenty of logitech wireless mouse users there aren't any noticeable issues now days. >LEM tier pre-aiming CRISP CLEAN LOCK BOIS
  7. So then the difference must be due to spotting damage. I'm surprised though, I never knew that was ever removed.
  8. Technically you got the same ammount of xp as your friend, but because TDs (and cancer) have an xp reduction multiplier by default, you ended up with slightly lower xp. Actually did we ever know what the exact percentage was? If not this example will let us calculate it perfectly.
  9. I was referring to me... but hey, you could be silver at heart for all I know
  10. My problem would be getting an NTSC LD player, that or I'd have to go with the weird thin-sounding japanese masters, including having to track down those copies as well. Something that would be equally difficult since Rush wasn't exactly big in Japan, they did two shows in tokyo back in 84 on their Grace Under Pressure tour, but they never went back, so I doubt more than a few thousand copies exist of either one.
  11. Do you have an actual laserdisc player or is it just for collection purposes? I've been interested in getting one ever since I found laserdisk editions of both Exit... Stage Left and A Show of Hands (live Rush albums) on a collector website. Both have certain parts uploaded to youtube, but I kinda want my own copy.
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