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  1. wotlabs's favourite pubtard has returned!


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    2. Wewum



      From what I can tell, this is what happened.

      Mister Rodgers was in a Foch and charged forward and did 3k damage an died, and when his team won, he claimed that he was the reason that the team won. Crayons happened to be on the team, and received a PM from him. Why did Mister Rodgers PM Crayons in such a demeaning tone? Why would you go on WotLabs just to name and shame this guy. Even weirder, how did this guy have a WotLabs account so he could respond?

    3. Zinn


      Name and Shame is easy, he was a complete shitlord and behaved completely irrationally. Doing 3k damage in a TD that craps out 2250 per clip is not an amazing achievement (4x750 = 3000, he did 4 shots of damage in an autoloader) and throwing away your tier 10 tank is always beyond stupid. He then took credit for everyone else carrying his dead self and PM'ed Crayons, accusing him of rerolling because no one can be decent on their first account. Afterwards, he not only reported Crayons for something he can't be reported for but also used it to threaten his potential future career (severely overestimating how much future employers ask about being reported in video games) :doge:

      The reason he went here is because he was bootyblasted. How does someone dare make fun of an esteemed person such as him! He then claimed to be an expert on law before then claiming to be a journalist who'd write horrific things about Wotlabs and finally threatened to sue Never and shut the site down. All while claiming Wotlabs was bullying him and being mean, despite him posting terrible insults and took pride in even worse behavior when screenshots were posted of him being guilty of the same things he wanted Wotlabs shut down for.

      In the middle of all of this, he also displayed incredible feats of ignorance, like believing that because a Google Ad randomly shows a Universal logo it then means that Universal directly sponsors the site or that Wotlabs is a WarGaming site because you have to link your account to prove you're who you say you are :surprisefish:

    4. Wewum




      He's probably trolling.

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