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  1. Yeah, mostly biggy, PAC, and somesome of snoops older stuff
  2. I've played 80 battles In it, avg Dmg of 1k. I like it, but it plays like a 12t, meaning you can't do the fun stuff you can do in a M41/lttb. I would say its a little below the t7 light standard and could use some buffs
  3. Probs a LT, cause then you cab have sixth sense right off the bat
  4. Thanks man! I'm having a ball with the missions atm! also dat youtube. Subbed.
  5. Luchs 30mm starts enemies cooking pretty damn well
  6. Can you set zambinis on fire? Then you have light and 1/less zombie
  7. 1. Find cover 2. peek out at an angle 3. burst 4. win. srsly tho, the burst damage of the cruiser can be applied over a shorter period, meaning that if you have cover (which on most maps you should) you will win 90% of the time
  8. pls stahp ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. It is 100% normal and is how it's supposed to work
  10. Get a new computer. It's hard to do well playing at 15-20 fps
  11. I was playing my Leo PTA the other day when a couple of 2200+ WN8 players told me that the Leo 1 was shit and not worth grinding to. therefore my question to you is Should I: a. finish the grind and buy the Leo 1 b. finish the grind but not buy the Leo 1 c. Pick up the 13 90 and grind to the BatChat d. pick up the T49 and grind to the T57 e. start a completely new line (Russian mediums?) any advice/criticism is openly welcome
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