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  1. I play from Australia on NA. I regularly (approx) get 230ms on West, 280ms on east. Any advice for high ping gaming specifically? The crucial thing I've found so far, is using a server crosshair mod. One that shows the client one (as a circle) and a little blue one for where the server reports where I'm aiming. This has helped with the 'poke out and shoot the wall' issue. But I do find things like trying to aim at drivewheels (unless they're stationary) pretty tough. As well as close quarters brawling, where you need to aim at weakspots. When I was in the UK playing on EU at 30ms, it d
  2. I've played in EU on the EU server (30ms), EU on the NA server (100-150ms) and now Southern Hemisphere on NA (250-300ms). With less than 50ms ping, I don't think the server reticle is needed. It's pretty much the same client/server... but anything 100ms or over, I definitely see a huge difference. I just install the basic blue server crosshair from Aslain's. Looks and works a treat. Biggest gotcha is when rounding a building corner... you've got to wait that extra bit longer for the server crosshair to hop off the building and onto the tank you want to shoot. I find the shot goes wherever
  3. Your stats look pretty similar to mine in that tank. And I think you can't tell anything from 4-5 games. A high damage losing streak of 5 games is nothing. Overall is what matters. But, replays of those five games would help other players suggest what you might have done differently. Having awesome damage in a game is okay, but if there's something you could have done by flexing, rather than whoring damage, then a loss kind of sucks. I'm still working on that part of my game, so I'm not saying I'm particularly good at reading a game and being where I need to be. But that is the essence of
  4. Am enjoying being in Buneh if you're considering Buneh as a clan, I'd recommend it! Active clanwars, some great platooning/strongholds, and plenty of opportunity to grow as a player. And the guys are all pretty decent fun to play with too. Get in touch!
  5. You're thinking face-hugging.... (rubbing up against another tank)
  6. Had a fun platoon with Joov and another platoonmate today. 40 battles, 70% WR and (for me) 2k3 WN8, which could have been a lot better if I could cut out some of my crappy games....
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