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  1. THis is my 2nd top gun ever, With the E2 Pre-nerf Being the other. And i dont know wether to be proud of this Particular exploit Because this is my 2nd top gun ever. Or Sad Because It was Me clubbing seals.... Ill let you Judge. I am seriously Torn between Pride and Guilt. Also I went into this to actualy Go up the German TD line. Not to kill newbies. Want to make that clear.
  2. Unfortunatly All i play with is either with my clan or solo. none of my freinds are PC gamers. and well I dont have any freinds i made on here that still play.. i used to have a couple. but they quit a while ago.
  3. I have always had a drive to be a respectable Player at this game. And I Didnt realize how poorly i have been doing until getting bashed into the ground (while it did make me look into how i play more, i would still say it was over the top and unnecessary.) And since then, I have been doing better. (look at my last 60 days all my stats are getting higher.) though i'm not there yet. I'm still working on it But before this revelation. I had joined a clan by being respectful and nice to the 2nd in command. and they are very very nice. Bu on the whole. most of them are not much better than
  4. Sonoskay

    E2 vs E8

    I sware to god they used to. Have very similar stats, in movementthat's why I picked the E2 over the E8 two years ago or so..: maybe not idk. It's been so long since I kept up with patch info... Well I'm dumb. Moving on...
  5. Sonoskay

    E2 vs E8

    I love my E2. But the E8 is more flexable for a win... I can't beleve I have to say this but the E2 and E8 move the same. The turn speed. The acceleration and overall movement is the same , ( or it used to be , when they nerfed the E2's second turret it really hurt it and they have nerfed it's movement a bit.. ) the E8s top speed is much better, but how the move is the same. Between the two If the e2 is top tank, e2 is better. It's a bully tank. Like the KV-2 , but since that doesn't happen very often , e8 is a more sensible choice . If you only want one, go E8
  6. I don't feel like the remodled maps actually hurt TDs and mess as much as you imply , but then again I I've always been bad with TDs , personally I think WG bloves their game and are doing what they can to help it ,success is a big part of a buisness but games are also an art. They may make it easier for heavy tanks to cope, and maybe easier for new players. But they wouldn't make it so easy to the point of ruin.. I think they take a lot of pride in their mechanics as a whole... Anyway I will withdraw myself from here it's going into stuff that is beyond my ability to judge
  7. It happened last year too. no Clue if the user base recovered or not though...
  8. Ok , let me try again. I am looking at this from a game philosophy and design point of veiw. I am not arguing that these changes are good for the game or bad for the game. And I will not claim I know the mechanics as well as I should. But . *abuse* of a mechanic should never make you a good player. It should never make the game easy for anyone. And if abuse of a mechanic is leading the meta. It's bad. This has nothing to do with my skill as a player or what I do or don't know about the mechanics of a single game. This is basic game theory. Further when one of your own playe
  9. Look, I'm just a bad pubbie that people like to s*** on but.... If the success of a Unicum is knowing how to abuse spotting mechanics (ie a prosedure of actions leading to success, without a reasonable way to counter) and not reading and understanding the flow of battle, and knowing how to adabt and change then 1, it isn't a skill and is a broken mechanic that needs a work around or rework, and 2 and you are not a good player. I'm not a person who complains about the mechanics or even most tanks. But the way you described how unicums go about playing is gross.
  10. 1, I have m46 Patton , and will soon have m1o3, for my first teir 10 what would be ideal between the fatton and the T110E5. 2, this seems to be a big deal on the regular WoT forum, is the super Pershing a worth while premium? 3 By observation Does anyone else find that sending pings on the mini map is a more effective way to get people to respond to situation than be telling them or commanding them? ( I am not the person to tell anyone what to do but pointing out the obvious on the minimap seems to get a responds)
  11. Yes, We were not ready to mindlessly throw money at a Sub-par game... We aren't yet that big of sheep yet.... Don't tell Total Biscuit. He might kill everyone at EA.
  12. Is it actualy Possible to Ballnce a good WR and WN8 without loosing sight of the fun factor of the game?

    1. Kitten


      Yes, find a good tank that you do well in :3

    2. Nekommando


      Yes, find IRL friends and platoon with them.While you're at it make a drinking game out of pubbie insults/tears/etc

    3. Sonoskay


      That sounds awesome. But none of my freinds care about WoT too much. Sounds awesome though.

  13. My first love was the m4 with the m1a1 ( this was before the HE shell rework who knows how long ago)... As at the time HE shells were less effective than they are now. So the m1a1 was a valid option and wether you went derp or not was a matter of preference..plus it had a really good RoF compaired to other tanks of the teir... ( I got fairly good at killing KVs) then that led me to my true love, the jumbo Sherman oh such a wonderful tank... I loved eating t-34-85 alive with my rapid fire m1a2 and it's. great frontal armor. And at that time the jumbo and the easy 8 made money that rivale
  14. Not being any good is my biggest flaw . Seriously. I know there are things I can do to help the team win but don't know what it is, and when I try my hardest and know it was the wrong thing and then I get mad at myself and do even worse. Loosing a cool head seems to be the Bane of every tanker .
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