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  1. One thing that I haven't been able to figure out since coming back from my hiatus: Who is this murazer guy? Is he the new SerB? What happened to SerB? What makes this maruzer guy so controversial? Cant seem to figure it out from reading as people just seem salty overall.

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    2. simba90


      54 minutes ago, WaterWar said:

      ..at some point.

      <As they shuts the doors for the last time> "Maybe that wasn't the best course of action"

    3. Assassin7


      hes basically just buffing armour non stop. he probably wont stop until the only way you can pen an equal tier tank is by firing gold at it. And then he'll nerf gold rounds because "everyone is firing far too many gold rounds and making armour irrelevant" 

      I swear hes literally balancing the game for the lowest common denominator, read: 45%ers

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      its not making the 45%ers any better

  2. Hello all. I is back with tanking and activity on this forum. What did I miss here on WotLabs the last year or so? :3

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    2. WaterWar


      Sad to hear, but not surprising really. I suppose there just isn't that many new things to talk about anymore - as most things have been covered already.

      Well, I'll still pop in and hang out once in a while. Too many fond memories of this forum to let it go completely :3

    3. Archaic_One


      O hai fellow rock licking tanker person, welcome to the funeral

    4. nemlengyel


      welcome back man! I still have fond memories of BRAH :D

  3. Hah, I just realised that PointyHairedJedi is subscribed to my YouTube-Channel.. Nice :P 

  4. Grinding credits with CDC and FCM while listening to French music. @Marynsar would be proud :P

    1. Marynsar


      Indeed I am. You, sir, are making me think about getting back into WOT

    2. WaterWar


      If you do, @Marynsar, then poke me so we can play again!

    3. Marynsar


      Will do, for sure. I think I'd hate playing solo.

  5. lulwut. I just noticed I now have colour-coordinated signature. Go dark purple everything! \o/

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    2. kolni


      #WWIsActuallyAReroll KappaPride

    3. WaterWar


      I've been called a reroll faggot enough times to make myself question my own account ;)

    4. Nope


      Well, I heard we're tryhards that focus every game on our epic performance and can easily be surpassed by F15-members kappa :potato:


      But then again, I can clearly remember a CGC-platoon, a lot of Danish swearing after being clutched by arta/clipped/YOLOd, plenty of YOLO and funsies. :D  We have fun yo! :D

  6. Huh. Just noticed I've hit the 4k recent mark in WN8. Now I just need that overall winrate to be higher by another 0.11 percentage points and all of my colours will match! :3

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    2. Siimcy


      Nois job :3

    3. BPX


      4k overall next m8

    4. PrivateBert


      I can make your winrate drop if you are interested :gaytroll:

  7. I forgot how excruciating it is to solo WoT. I dont understand how people can endure that for more than a few games. So much unreliability in the teams it is unbelieveable.

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    2. Gashtag


      "Player vs Environment"

    3. kolni


      I solo like literally 95% of my games, seometimes frustrating, sometimes not :P 

    4. prolix


      Have a huge variety of tanks and tiers to choose from. 

      Also, a brick wall next to you for head-banging would be handy. 

  8. I am streaming now for those who want to watch me fail at E50 :3


  9. I've begun to start streaming for funsies. Feel free to take a look whenever I am online :3


  10. Anyone feeling generous and want to gift me the BT-SV package that is on the EU server gift store this weekend?? It is only 99€ :3

  11. New profile picture. No more anime confusion. Just pure lava this time ;)

  12. I feel so cool now. I have my own Q&A-thread now :3

    1. X3N4


      Already thinking of bizarre questions

    2. WaterWar
    3. FreddBoy


      Bizarre eh? Hue.

  13. World of Tanks: Provider of ridiculous moments since the dawn of time. :D:D:D:D

  14. Finally! I have 3 MOE on my beloved BatChat. Much happiness is to be had now. :3

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    2. Marynsar


      you really need to post a "how to batchat" video. :)

    3. WaterWar


      I already have several BatChat videos on my YT-channel. But I am working on a BatChat-guide that I will finish at some point. Hopefully :P

    4. Marynsar


      I know, I've already seen them all, while working at being good@bat

  15. To buy or not to buy the Berlin Tank Bundle... that is the question.

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    2. gan


      Just bought the Rudy. So I dont need a dedicated crew for when someone want to play t6.

    3. Kilpanic


      I passed on the Fury and have regretted it ever since. And it's not even a good tank.

    4. TheEmptyLord


      Fury is worse than the tech tree tank tho.

      These aren't.

  16. Back at my desktop PC. Time to play some tanks again :3

    1. Tigernos


      Welcome back, I've been watching your youtube stuff, be nice to know some new content is coming

    2. WaterWar


      I am working on two guides for the forums and I will try and find some stuff to upload to Youtube. I just dont want to upload for the sake of uploading :)

  17. What is up with the new wotlabs icon? Are we mirroring Universal Pictures? :P

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    2. WaterWar


      It would appear I have something funny to read when I cook my dinner :P

    3. Zinn


      You'll love it, WW: It was a long and glorious ride into a land of unicorns, rainbows and double asses.

    4. PrivateBert


      My inner ass cheeks are still hurting from laughing.

  18. Shoutout to EpicFale for gifting me the AMX 13 57 :3

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    2. WaterWar


      Already spamming gold in it like it was a 13 90

    3. Constie


      K, you beat me.

    4. Marynsar
  19. I feel like writing a guide for the Lab during one of my boring university lectures. I just dont know what to write about. Review of a tank? Explanation of a mechanic? Any suggestions?

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    2. sundanceHelix



      Seriously, though... autoloader gameplay, maybe?

    3. FreddBoy


      How HE works, it's application, the AoE all shells have, and how much it has changed since the game began.

    4. WaterWar


      I could do a platoon-play 'talk'. Good suggestions - thank you all ;)

  20. Since I really love lights, I would loooove for someone to gift me the 13 57.. I promise I will make stronk review of it if I am gifted it. Pretty please with a big kiss :-*

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    2. Medjed


      I thought Nurks quit tanks

    3. Nope


      I thought I quit moderating, but still a mod because no one wants to delete me. And I thought I would quit WOT but still did SH today :P

    4. Medjed


      One does not simply quit WoT

  21. How the fuck can people like the M26 patton so much? 0.4 accuracy is abysmal when your pen is only 206 mm. Whenever I drive M26 I want to drive Cent 7/1 or Type 61 instead.

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    2. KraftLawrence


      You need the M48 to actually have accuracy at range while keeping insane bloom/depression

    3. Shifty_101st


      Spam the shit out of APCR, and STOP FUCKING SNIPING. Get to mid range at least brah, the patton is amazing in that area.

    4. WaterWar


      I wouldn't call 300 metres a sniping engagement. ;)

      And I would prefer to not play tanks that rely on gold spam, as that is just way too expensive to be fun.

  22. Wtf is this shit. I still cant win for the life of me. Really annoying when I just want to relax with tanks D:

    1. RutgerS


      There is no relaxing with tanks!

    2. KraftLawrence


      solopubbing is literally cancer, idk how any1 can find that relaxing

    3. Nope


      Play wiffh meeeeee!

  23. huehuehue. 0/5 wins this morning. I think I will just stop banging my head against the wall that is mid-day pubbies and do something productive instead. :P

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    2. deathmachine16


      ^ 11/13 last night

    3. Visn0r


      I bet the whole anniversary x5 period is going to be supa gud for quality of teams

    4. Gashtag


      see, more people need to think like this

  24. New avatar again. Dont know if I like this over my previous :P

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    2. Agamemneon
    3. TouchFluffyTail
    4. WaterWar


      Yea.. Didn't like it after some consideration. Back to my 'old' one :P

  25. Anyone on test server that wants to T1 race with me? Fucking hilarious with a Test T1 Cunningham :D

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