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  1. I know it would be a bit more work, but would it be worth adding primary timezones for these clans that are doing CW? Someone who isn't available until later is more likely to fit in better in somewhere like BULLS who seems to always be on Western time zones versus someone like PBKAC who seems to always be in the Eastern timezones.
  2. I'd just jump on the wotmanager TS and talk with them when they get on. This doesn't seem like something it would take too long to fix.
  3. Agrred with others. Realistically, who is playing for 8 hours straight and checks the signature to see if it's updated after 2 hours of the 8 hour session? Isn't it just more common that someone's checking the forums a couple of times a day, but isn't playing while doing that... and speaking as someone with a job... really only plays at night anyway. I know not everyone only plays at night, but what percentage plays multiple sessions all through the day?
  4. I R bad @ Posts, don't know how... WotLabs will teach me!
  5. I'm surprised nobody has got a "It's a trap!" shirt. Maybe something like a bunch of dead tanks in the middle of a valley/gully and a nice slow/squishy tank rolling up to it.
  6. One of the big things you'll see with more reading here from the purple players is that they never go into a match thinking that they're just complete screwed. Always have the attitude that you can win the game and you'll see that you'll be doing better. There's always an overmatch somewhere that you can exploit.
  7. I would also say that you can't look at a specific time and say that because the specials are better in one place than the other, one server always does better offers. There is a bit of a grass is always greener on the other side phenomenon. There are time that the NA players also look at the EU specials and say, "Why don't we get good specials like that?" Also, keep in mind that specials will not always help you but may be good for other people. I'm at a point where I don't need to pick up any tanks below tier 8 so I see specials where the only tanks are on special are below tier 8, I could care less and the special is worthless to me, but others see it as an opportunity to pick up tanks they need for the same price they'd sell them back for later. Specials that boost credits may be better than those that boost XP for you, but not for everyone.
  8. My thoughts are that I'd not buy another premium at this point if I were you. If you're having problems penning with the E25, stop running gold, only bring maybe 5 or so rounds and learn the weak spots and how to maneuver even in maps like Himmelsdorf. It may not be overly forgiving due to the low hp pool but odds are you'll be getting multiple shots off at a tank allowing you to learn weak spots faster and it's got preferred match making already so you can apply what you learn about tier 8 weakspots to the higher tiered tanks without getting punished by tier 9's. It's also nice and fast which seems to be playstyle that you're preferring vs the slower heavies. Having to use too much gold doesn't seem like a reason to abandon a tank like the E25 to me, it just seems like it's a reason to learn to use it better, which is why wotlabs is here
  9. Actually the lower tier arty hold a good number of crew at least. I also think that also is generally under the assumption that your garage slots will end up getting used later when you get more tanks purchased... the slot is just being held by a lower tier arty until you need the crew... but maybe that's just me. See, arty does have a good use in game. Also, one thing not mentioned in the article for the really cheap people, you can save gold for demounting equipment by purchasing extra equipment when it's on 50% sale and just sell the mounted equipment with your tank = break even on credits without spending the gold to demount. If it ends up you need the credits before the equipment, sell off the equipment you've purchased while on sale for 50% off and you're still breaking even on silver. Of course this relies on you having extra silver around, but I too was raised frugally. The other (very minor) point to this is that WG, in their infinite knowledge, has determined that people have too many credits banked so have stopped the mission credit specials... spend/store your credits in this way and you don't have credits banked for WG to tell you that you have too much money.
  10. I've seen a lot of advice about being more effective by keeping your gun in the game/keeping it hot, etc which I completely understand. I would say that one of the things keeping me from improving is finding the different methods for keeping your gun in the game that actually work for me. I'm clearly not where I need to be so have been trying to keep my gun constantly firing more but could use some advice on how. What are your preferred methods for keeping your gun in the fight while being able to flex to appropriate positions for example? And maybe it's that I'm taking this advice a bit too literally. Most options I tend to see are: push/brawl flank disappear then resume shooting Maybe it's a problem of not pushing or flanking right as well. Is there advice on "flank small" or "push minimally" that some of the better players can maybe attribute to how to do these things better or other options to consider to keep your gun in the game while responding to the situation in the game.
  11. Just trying to learn here too... and I get what you're saying when you want them to not play like pubs, but what if, let's say you were not in G/Otter and had a team that played a lot more like pubs naturally. Are there ways you recommend to help them play even better than their stats? I'm still new at calling and trying to get my feet wet so sometimes don't just get to pick the best of the best players in the game to platoon (sorry if any RDD guys read this, but right now we clearly aren't). Practice always helps but as a caller I want to try to help them play above their level in battle as there's only so much of Rule #1 you can apply. Thanks again for your posting and helping callers improve too!
  12. Well, it looks like this is going to be a great way to spend my workdays free time now that I'm done with a huge 3 year project... I look forward to being able to take time to improve my stats and I hope I'm not judged too harshly because I had to get all the tanks unlocked before my OCD would allow me to spend time on skill (and previous steps taken don't seem to have helped greatly).
  13. Also probably top 5 stupid/funny things IOC did was this whole thread about how Relic's days are numbers is just golden and hadn't been mentioned yet. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/343728-relic-losing-allies-and-land/page__hl__%2Brelic+%2Bdays+%2Bare+%2Bnumbers__fromsearch__1 Note: it was well before the Otter wardec on Relic
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