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  1. RIP LAVA. Although for the last few months I've barely been able to play, I still appreciate what all of you did to make the clan the success it was, sad that it had to end but I wish you all the best wherever you all go. Fenks games LAVA.
  2. Much sad I don't have Internets for this but you can put me down for a UK spot any of the ones we do after tomorrow
  3. well that should be no problem because apparently you can play with a broken hand In other news I moved house yesterday so no tonks for me until Virgin send me my Internets on Wednesday.
  4. That's my birthday sexii. I can't miss either momentous occasion so change it please
  5. Also I would like a cancer ribbon to go with my arty bait tag because I'm currently on the last 100 miles of my Scotland trip and the caravans are the cancer of the roads
  6. Soooo looks like I won't be playing for a while. My right hand is effectively paralysed from too much wanking nerve damage I have from a car accident a few years ago that's been getting worse lately. I'm supposed to be having an operation to fix it but as it's the NHS that's doing it I may well be waiting until after I've died of old age; for now I can only really move my fingertips which is no good for WOT. Also Matra good luck with the wedding, congrats.
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