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  1. I think this is out of date as it is not using the 650 format. It is still very fluid as there is no final yet as to the format. (to the best of my knowledge which is not that much)
  2. I am beginning to feel as wn8 is becoming more padded and not a true indicator of elite skill. To that measure it is my opinion that the measures should be more difficult to achieve. Just my two cents
  3. Is there information available on what is in this wn9? I would like to read.
  4. Right now there are approximately 8 top clans fighting for control of 4 main gold pots. With only 4 moderate gold pots in close proximity to those main gold pots it could take some time for the map to go stagnate... But we can only hope. I miss the days when every night was a meaningful CW battle to show up to.
  5. Too early to tell. But from the looks of how WG has arranged the gold pots with auctions I think this has the possibility to create a more dynamic map.
  6. CW 2. something something is rolling and Chai is actually participating...
  7. Just never thought to put it in.. But likely if you are a top tier player which is what we are looking for, then you will have a good w/r. That's why I said the Tier X performance will weigh heavily. It's about what kind of impact you will have in tournaments and clan wars. Not about having pretty purple stats in a tier 6.
  8. With the campaign over and clan wars and clan league just around the corner, Chai is looking to add more top players to our group. We finished 6th in the last campaign for fame points with the second best efficiency and second best win rate on the NA server. We also finished 3rd in last seasons clan league. We look to boost our numbers and maintain our success. What we are looking for: 3k or above recent wn8. Tier X performance weighs heavily on this. Active in clan wars and strongholds is a must. Ability to read the mini map and play your own tank under high pressure situations such as tournaments and clan wars. There is no language requirement. Must be able to communicate during clan wars battles and strongholds..... Any language... Even American sign language is accepted..... TS3 We are not a troll clan so respectful sportsmanship is a must. Interested players can PM me or Yagami_xD in game or on the forums.
  9. ROXY is recruiting. You should stop by the ts sometime. ts.cgchai.com Good luck!
  10. Chai is recruiting. Good luck! :)
  11. http://imgur.com/oUROEJY That moment when you beat otter in stronks and they accuse you of being sock puppeted by chai....
  12. In all seriousness, ROXY started when a group of guys (Angel_Eyes, Bolcke, Asyranok, Praedator and a few others) Wanted to just have a casual clan. Some how ROXY contacted HoHo about the idea of being part of CHAI. Later on once I was named chief care taker and master sock puppet I spoke to Carbon and asked him for help to recruit. He created our first recruiting thread and made a bold prediction (I think we had 45 members at the time) That we would get Obj907s. We weren't even a CW Clan then. But with CHAI and BULBA's help with calling, training and cleaning up our messes we are a solid clan that is very active and have not destroyed the CHAI community yet.... And as for Carbon's prediction; We delivered 38 Obj907s. Our goal was 30 at the start of the campaign. ( We even beat -G- twice and BULBA once.)
  13. If you meant no offense you would have let an officer know first before shopping yourself out. Good luck anyway.
  14. Looks like our stay in Mexico is done... Cabbawa wants his gold pot back and we have to get out of his apartment... RIP 10k gold income.
  15. ROXY is still recruiting. More selective than before so those who do not meet all requirements need not apply.
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