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  1. Pretty sure I mauled your team to death the both times you brought your Dunkerque into ranked and carried our team the one time you brought the Graf Spee and ended up on my team.
  2. Anyone got Tips on running BBs between R5-R1? The meta seems to change quite a bit jumping from R6 to R5 and I've found that whatever worked in R6, doing the same in R5+ and I'll be taking way more damage and dishing out far less in return.
  3. I have doubts to the accuracy of the Warships Today numbers on PvE games since I doubt, even proportionally, that PvE only players care enough about their stats to check them (or are even aware of them in the first place). Thus I expect them to be under-represented in publically available databases which then under represent the number of actual PVE games are played. Publically available stat pages are likely to skewed toward PvP players since these players have incentive to check their stats and be registered. This is why I think WG's internal numbers are showing a different situation than wh
  4. While I agree that WoWS needs clan content and CV re-work very badly, I think you are underestimating the size of the Co-op only population. I suspect that their internal data is probably showing a much bigger PVE only population than what most people think it is and that this is a previously completely untapped source of revenue with growth potential for the WG brand. If that was not the case, they wouldn't have shovel so much resources into it at the expense of PVP content. At the end of the day WG is a business and they'll do what they think will get them more money.
  5. @Rodrigopine I wish, I could really use some reliability good DDs on my team in ranked. You don't need a belfast or a scharnhorst for a carry, but they were much easier to play and carry given how OP they were. Plenty of people don't deserve to get to Rank 1 either if you look up ship comrade leaderboards so that point is mute. I never said nor implied that NM, AZ, Bayerns and Fusos are uncompetitive. I was replying to @33nfidel question on whether Mutsu is something that's worth spending money on for ranked and my reply was that if you have a Warspite, it fills nearly the exa
  6. @BiggieD61 I would have thought the same but the skill level this season with T6 ship is just mind bogglingly bad. I'd like to hit R1 at some point too and this season I manage to start early enough that I think can make it. We'll, see but so far this is the most frustrating season I've played since I feel that T6 have so much less carrying potential. I missed my Belfast, Scharnhorst and Genisenau , I should have ranked out last season. Warspite and Mutsu are my 2 primary ships this season. I think if you have a Warspite then you don't really need to bother with it. The thing that Mut
  7. Last season's "premium upgrade modules" was worst cuz all but 1 or 2 of them are virtually useless since they take up the spot of regular useful upgrade modules. So far I've found cruisers to be very weak this season and overmatching BBs like Warspite and Mutsu the star of the show outside the dominance good DDs as typical for rank mode.
  8. Sooooo much this; the sooner people realizes this, the sooner they'll become better.
  9. You're welcome . Shooting Techniques There's a few things on shooting technique I didn't get a chance to get into last night. I notice that you have a habit of zooming in to aim and fire and then have a tendency to stay in the binocular view until the shell hits. I think you can improve on your situational awareness a bit if you can teach yourself to zoom out while the shells are flying towards your target. The only critical time for being in binocs view is when you are aiming to fire, and when the shell lands so you can adjust your aim. You can improve your situational awareness if
  10. I've only had time to review your Iowa replay. I chose it cuz it worked and I also had an Iowa on the same map that you can watch for reference. Before I start I'm going to preface your game w/ the fact that it was mostly BB & DD which is not the ideal kind of match up, and you had a useless FDG and Iowa doing nothing over by J-9 area of the map for 1/2 the game. It was probably an uphill battle from the start but there were a few things that could have been done better. Positioning and Map Strategy: Below was roughly your route w/ some annotations. You spend a lot of time
  11. All BBs are essentially area denial ships based on their presence; given their armor and hp pool and their alpha strike. If you get close enough to contest a cap with an ally DD (doesn't mean you are in it, it means getting close enough to shoot into and around it effectively) then by your mere presence you push away cruisers that are out to get your DD contesting the cap. If they are dumb enough to stick around, you can make them regret it. The difference between the scharnhorst/Gneisenau and all other BBs is they are equipped to engage much closer than other BBs and have the resilience, spee
  12. Agree, the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst are the two most influential BB at tier 7 given their speed, torpedoes and armor profile which favors mid-close range engagement. It's a ship that you can use to bully other ships contesting caps whereas the nagato prefers a mid-long range artillery duel and the Colorado struggles to get into position. I also rank the Scharnhorst over the Gneisenau because the gun caliber fits its mission profile better than the 15" guns on the Gneisenau, but both can be played very aggressively and get results.
  13. I encourage you to go wide rather than deep in the tech tree (~3 lines of diff class). Those Tier 10 may look great but you're just hurting yourself and your team if you just hop into a T10 w/out knowing the meta and the capabilities of other ships are. I didn't get my first T10 until >1 year into the game and there isn't much of an end game for T10s right now anyways. While divisioning does help with improving WR, it is not a solution to fix inexperience and poor play (unicum players can do 60-65+% WR solo). I encourage you to read up on LWM's guide to controlling your WR and some of
  14. I'd get AR first, then AFT since AR is always useful. AFT is not a bad first choice either since +20% AA range is no joke. I'd save BoS for last since DoT effects can be mitigated by skillful timing/use of DCP and heals. My build for NC captain. T1: PT T2: EM + AR T3: BFT + SI T4: AFT + CE http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100010000011000000100119 I find PT at tier 1 to be invaluable for assisting in timing your turns and judging how aggressive you should be. As a side note, skillful use of PT is why the "high citadel" on Iowa never bothered me and
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