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  1. Is it normal that "latest articles" only shows articles from last year ? Have just reconnected after 2 years break.

    1. Assassin7


      yup, because those are the latest ones. no one has written anything since

    2. Wanderjar


      when they changed the process, everyone basically quit. theres a few in perma development but thats it.

  2. Hi ! I'm in the process of returning to the game after a more or less 2 years break, and would like to have a bunch of advices before jumping in. I used to be an OK player, and was pretty serious about improving. My tier 10 tanks were : T110E5, E100, Leo1, Obj140, E50M, IS-7, Foch (garbage), FV215B (garbage²), and Bat Chat 25T. And other favorites of mine were : E75, E50, ELC-AMX, T32 and T54. I know that probably a lot of things have moved during my break, so really I'd be happy to get any advice on either what I should know or how should one play when trying to get back to h
  3. It's not the best tank stats-wise, but it still works very well. Just having a bit of game sense and good crew skills lets you eat most threats at this tier, and limited MM is really a big deal. Must be top tier in like 65% of my mathes, and there the camo+view ranged and good DPM makes you a monster.
  4. Would you sell tier 10 French and brithish TDs ? Was keeping them after the nerfs long ago in hope of an hypothetical buff, but i'm starting to think that it will never come ^^

    1. HabNab


      Foch 155 got mantlet buff in HD. What more you want? :serb:

  5. Ok thanks to everyone who posted here, It will help me getting back into it =)
  6. The game has seriously periclited or just the classic "game has become bad" that all players of old online games end up with at some point ?
  7. Hi everyone, Last year I was quite active in the game, playing a coupe of games everyday and even coming here on a daily baisis to keep track of what the "good ones" think. I've come to a stop for approximately 10/12 monthes, and am now looking to come back. I intend to start again playing my easiest tanks around tier 4 to 8, going bakc to the core mechanics and giving me time to think with the big heavies I love, like T29, KV1 and maybe some E75, E100 when I'll feel ready. But having been away for some time, and knowing that the game used to change relatively fast, I was wondering
  8. Thanks for helping =) I live half the time in France, half the time in Monaco. I'm in Monaco at the moment, for the next two month before going back to France.
  9. I'm sort of a team speak noob, but I cant connect to the TS server. Worked for the old one, but now I get this Any Idea ?
  10. Ok thanks ! Il should be online tomorow night, have some things to be taken off before I leave my place for the hollydays.
  11. Hi ! I'd like to become a lobster (after having waited the 48 hours), I barely match the requirements but hope it will be ok =) I can send a PM to Water/your recruiter with detailed informations if needed ! (I've never played stronghold/CW but I'm experienced in following orders in video games so I hope it will be ok)
  12. Obvious reason : in order to stack a bit of free exp ? E25 is awesome, until you get on Himmelsdorf Great match.
  13. Well, I don't think that 42% is common amongst the non botters. Anyway it's probably very much intricated with the tier you are playing at, penetrating one shot per game might give you 48% at tier 1 and 30% at tier 10. Because most people have a lurning curve when climbing up the tiers.
  14. Completely glorious. Fast, fun, and doesn't even loose credits when spamming full gold.
  15. T110E5 is a must have. Seriously, it's a mighty, classy and wise god of war.
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