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    Avendyl reacted to zyl in Returning after 2 years break   
    The 215b is not all that bad these days from what I see. I suppose if rear mounted turrets give you a hard time, it's bad, but the DPM and accuracy are high and the armor is useful. 
    The 113 is MUCH better now.
    Czech tanks are more bat chat than anything else.
    Swedish tanks have much armor, but only at the right angles. 
    Maps are all corridor, and arty supposedly got worse, but it's remarkably easy to shoot giant bombs down a corridor and make it work.
    E5 tumor is bouncy now (but only for a little bit longer).
    Scouts are no longer fun due to aforementioned corridors.
    Shoot japanese heavies in the side over the rear. 
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    Avendyl reacted to HairlesMonkyBoy in Anyone else miss this or is it just me?   
    Damn I miss these little race cars. 
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    Avendyl reacted to crapcannon in What's better, situational awareness or recon?   
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    Avendyl reacted to no_name_cro in Coming back, what should I know ?   
    Brawling meta is still in place, E5 and Czech tier 9/10 are brutal now, arty is still broken. Patton got buffed, Centurion action X is decent. 9.14 brings physics and sounds. 
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    Avendyl reacted to Rexxie in Avoiding OP Tank Guilt   
    I have a weird aversion towards playing OP tanks. Farming too hard in the E-50? Better stop. Pulling past 4k dpg in the 111 14? It's the tank doing it, I cant pull that legitimately. Sold. Eating T9s with a Spersh? Well, thats not fair, lets leave it in the garage and play our Type 4. You get the idea.
    Most people dont seem to have this issue; while some might roll their eyes at the idea of playing a 62a for an entire weekend, basically no one thinks its a good idea to avoid good tanks like the plague. Yet, I do. Sure, Ill still play them, but there's always that guilt that crops up before I hit battle. "Im taking the easy way out".
    I think this has become a nasty habit. Its not only making my results worse, but my desire to cripple my performance has made a real impact on my actual skill. How do you justify playing op tanks? I feel like some apathy would do me wonders.
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    Avendyl got a reaction from kolni in [LAVA] Lobsters are ready to rumble   
    I'm sort of a team speak noob, but I cant connect to the TS server. Worked for the old one, but now I get this

    Any Idea ?
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    Avendyl reacted to Nope in [LAVA] Lobsters are ready to rumble   
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    Avendyl got a reaction from Nope in [LAVA] Lobsters are ready to rumble   
    Hi ! I'd like to become a lobster (after having waited the 48 hours), I barely match the requirements but hope it will be ok =)
    I can send a PM to Water/your recruiter with detailed informations if needed !
    (I've never played stronghold/CW but I'm experienced in following orders in video games so I hope it will be ok)
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    Avendyl reacted to Scout_in_da_house in Okay slowing winning but how to get wn8 up more?   
    WN is something you shouldn't bother about. If you really want to pad it, I think the level it gets serious is around 4k. In your case, I'd focus on winning, the WN will follow.
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    Avendyl reacted to Britzz in Post your Pens (pencils and crayons are welcome too don't be shy)   
    I thought it was porn for a second, but then I realized
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    Avendyl reacted to TriggrHPY in Thank you wotlabs! <3   
    Greetings wotlabs members, moderation team, patreons, metric padders purple posters, Never-sensei, and the all powerful lord and protector Solono-senpai (may he be praised). Although many of you many recognize me I realized that I have never posted an introduction thread... hence the existence of this thread. Instead of introducing myself I figured I would just say thank you to everyone who has made me come to love this community so much! I hope to see this community grow and thrive for a long time to come :^).
    Thank you anime thread for being so friendly and welcoming!

    Thank you relic community for the hax and all the pubbie trolling shenanigans!

    Although I was not here for this glorious moment I feel more still need to see it.

    Thank you to anyone who has platooned with me and put up with my salt!
    You know who you are . As we can see by the following graph the concentration of sodium in my blood is exponentially proportional to the amount of times one-shot by arty :^)

    *Note that the number of times one shot by arty can also be substituted by number of "bullshit penetrations" or even number of times "yolo'd by scrubs".
    Thank you to anyone who thinks I'm not a re-roll!

    Thank you especially to Never for making this community possible!

    Lastly, thank you AWFUL community!
    Love you Knobby (aka bby), Clicker, Dirtdog, Mort and the rest of you magnificent fgts :').

    So what do you love about this community?!?
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    Avendyl got a reaction from Orlunu in Stats analysis request   
    My humble advice would be to play more battles before trying to analyse anything.
    For a start some people don't consider 500 battles to be representative for one single tank, let alone an entire account.
    Of more, not having grinded tanks past tier 5, you have yet to grab the "meaning" of a line, which often becomes noticeable at tier 7/8.
    So for now, just play whaterver you like, when you'll have more games under your belt will be a good time to have a bit of thinking about it (around 1.5K/2K). =)
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    Avendyl reacted to OneSlopoke in Lowest WR if player does nothing to assist team.   
    No, I tried to say that I'm interested in this as a stat, and I'm not interested in doing anything active to affect the team in a negative way, just, if you're not there, what effect would that have? But, I appreciate the data monj. I never would have thought of that.
    I'm the second player that wanted to know what the WR of a useless player would be? Then, how about answering the question? I'm looking for data. That's why I'm in the math section. But you can continue to say things about quitting. I really get a tremendous kick out of that. Your 55.76 is not impressive to me at all. Especially around here with all the 75% WRs on this forum.
    Hmmm. An AFK player gets 42 and I'm at 42.9? That's some food for thought...
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    Avendyl reacted to SirKnumskull in Lowest WR if player does nothing to assist team.   
    Are you trying to break a record with your recent WR or why would you ask that?
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    Avendyl reacted to Okeano in Looking for gold farming clan with good callers   
    How do you live with yourself?
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    Avendyl reacted to Bobi_Kreeg in [LAVA] Lobsters are ready to rumble   
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    Avendyl reacted to WaterWar in Rudy/Tier X Russian Meds worth getting with the pen nerf?   
    There are already other threads discussing these supertest penetration nerfs. We don't need another one, even if it is more specific this time. Use the other thread to discuss please
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    Avendyl reacted to sela in [] sela's mods - v9.17.1.2 released 26/03/2017   
    Hai everyone, I'm back from waifucation aka spend sela's monies. It does look like AAExtended is causing the CTD issue, I tested before I left. Will release updated version with an updated Melty's when I get home
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    Avendyl reacted to PantsOfGlory in Spring sale aboard the good ship The Flying Humble. Arrrr.   
    Keep an eye on this, there's a $1 deal on a game each day, and they may yet give something away as well.  You know what they're like.  Today its Just Cause, which is really clunky compared to its successor, but hey,  $1.
    Not too exciting yet, but there's Chivalry for not much, Legend of Grimrock for even less, and System Shock 2 for fuck all, which you really should get.
    Also, Ultima 8 is free on Origin at the moment.
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    Avendyl got a reaction from TPT924 in Cromwell B   
    Completely glorious. Fast, fun, and doesn't even loose credits when spamming full gold. 
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    Avendyl reacted to Garbad in Garbad Ranks the tier 9 Tonks   
    Stannis is the one true king of Westeros.
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    Avendyl got a reaction from Chiefofops in Help me stop procrastinating   
    T110E5 is a must have. Seriously, it's a mighty, classy and wise god of war.
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    Avendyl reacted to Kramburglar in Help me stop procrastinating   
    meh, I'll do it later
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    Avendyl reacted to waga100 in Official Notice to Xensation   
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    Avendyl reacted to kolni in Official Notice to Xensation   
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