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  1. +1 But I missed the mentioning of snap shots :-/ @Hello If that's how you fuck arty... 261 here I come!!!
  2. As all stated before it depends much on what situation you are in (map, tanks, health, stock etc) but in general: Try always face just one enemy: You can do that through these options: 1. Bring sth between you and one enemy: Try to stay concealed from him while fighting the other enemy 2. Destroy one enemy fast: Choose which one you will kill faster (HP, Armor, ram? etc) and do so 3. If you got armor and one of your enemies got bad penetration, you can bounce his shots while killing the other one All of these depend on the situation, but will force a two 1vs1 instead of a 1vs2. T
  3. As a hollywood consumer, being used to nearly perfect videos i'm probably a very negative critic. But you asked for it, so you ll get some. Too much black: You always fadded into black, try other transitions (into white on bright maps, from desert map to desert map etc). Also you waited with black for the beat, thus you video contain way to much black. Would be better to show more ingame scenes, even if there are not that exciting (like looking at the wreck), they are still more exciting than a black screen. Too far away: Using the zoom out mod for playing is good, but in a video not
  4. Yea I know that such an MM is really hard to accomplish and has many downsides, but it would be a solution for the stagnation of interest in getting better.
  5. So basically what you are saying is that players that didnt learn some things after playing long (be it 5k or 20), wont learn it with MaxL's guide. And that all FTR readers are of that kind. Am i right? By the way even if there would be just one player who learns sth from the guide posted on FTR it is worth it. And we all know that there are many who will. Thx MaxL
  6. Wouldnt be a shotgun a good analogy to arty? Point is of course that WoT got no respawn and CS does. But yea, i think skill based MM would help to increase the interest of the player base to get better.
  7. What things should? What needs to be automatically? It's just unfair to judge those who dont learn as fast as others. Helping someone to learn is nothing bad, no matter how bad the learner is... Also people that are not willing to learn but willing to read FTR will now learn sth, even if its just by subconsciously remembering this pic.
  8. Thx for that comment Pocktio, i salute on that o7 Another thing i can quote from FTR Edit: Telling someone his opinion is bad is not bad, adding tomato at the end of the sentence is. Sure i can blame others... like most reds do in WoT. I rather try to influence where i can, i will probably influence the Labs community more than the FTR one. Nice people get nice reputations, you know.
  9. Yea i know. I think i was just provoked by your post (must be that profil pic) And yea there are dumbasses out there that just judge immidiatly before they inform themselfs. And maybe SS gathers them on FTR anyhow... Still i get butthurt in those comments. Not by the guys that write bullshit but by those who try to convince them... and fail completly. I wont quote anything here, but I saw so much of "arrogant good player" vs "ignorant ftr baddie". There is just too much of unneeded arrogant insults from good players to those ftr readers (even if they write bullshit). If i learned anythi
  10. Here ya go. PS: You didnt kill me last game, you just shot my engine while I rolled into the water. Dont get too excited over that
  11. Give me a break Paaranoja, look at the quotes and realise that the first 3 are either trolls or sarcasm... Shall i now get on FTR and quote the good ones?
  12. I like that point you made I love random(nes), but i never really thought about the RNG vs competitive thing (I remember my SSB Brawl competitive times where a random trip decides the game). Also thx for showing me Extra Credits!! Would give +1 but the tank therapy thread stole all my upvotes...
  13. After this thread I understand why all complain about having no +1 left (You get a +1, you get a +1, all of you get +1)
  14. Gun: The IS3 got more alpha, similar DPM and less bloom. The aimtime isnt rly needed due to snapshots with 132% gunner, vertstab etc. Higher calibre (against lights). Depression or evasion is irrelevant because we are talking about city tanks. Mobility: Less weight means it accelerates faster in all things (forward, back, turning etc.), also the hp/ton ratio is way better. Terrain resistence is the same due to city maps. Back speed is better, no pivot though. Vision: Better camo, worse view range... isnt needed anyway, city maps. Armor: Angles are better than thickness, espe
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