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  1. OK.. I'll go there.. MOPP4 is when you have to be in full protective gear after an NBC attack. Tehy iz siriz bizniz!!!!
  2. Is there a process for installing XVM/XVM Stats and then other custom WoT mods? Should I install XVM first then other mods? The reason I ask is I'm having an issue with a Damage panel/Hit log mod. The XVM hitlog config file seems to always take precedence over the other mod files. I know the XVM hitlog is configurable, I just like this mod and was curious how others do their installations.
  3. OK.. how do you get WoT statistics to display WN7 instead of efficiency? Please help. Thank you in advance.
  4. Already getting -Servers are experiencing heavy load try again later- messages > Skyrim Legendary was flash sale for like 35$ I voted for Dishonoured to be next community sale.. only like 11$!!!!!
  5. Thank you for this. HUGE EDM fan here. A few that get me going:
  6. I admit to being unversed in medium TCs. Doing some reading I see 1s, hellcat and VK3601s are some of the perferred equipment at that lvl. leaning towards bad idea.. but will fantasize about rolling over them anyway
  7. The T49 is getting a lot of love here. I am contributing to that love and it brings big smiles to my face! So.. would it be a good idea or bad idea (and could it be done) to make a wotlabs tank company made entirely of T49s? Pros.. Cons.. discuss
  8. I need to do this better. My competitive side gets the best of me sometimes. Carrying so hard and then the fail can = RAGE for me sometimes... My incompetent play though the last couple days made me realize I needed a break. Pretty much every stupid thing a tanker shouldn't do.. I've been doing. Time to re-assess for a couple days
  9. **Currently on self imposed break due to 2 days of S#!T play and severe rage quit yesterday** I would like to say thank to those teams that carried me because I did nothing and you all saved my WR rate. Thank you to whomever you may be... Just look at the 1 day.... (goes and sits in the corner)
  10. Now you tell me!! I have an inkling of these tanks roles but I KNOW I need help on how to put them to good use.
  11. Much appreciated you two! I'm going to install TS3 tonight. Need to get new mic, but I'm happy to listen.
  12. In tiers 5/6 I do well enough (I think) playing tanks like the T49, Hellcat, VK3601 and 1S. However when moving to T7 my play goes to absolute horse excrement. I currently have the T29 and Tiger and I think they both are about ~49% WR. Both have less then 100 battles (I believe) due to my shyte play. Both are running 100% crews almost completely thru first skill. I would like to request help in the form of a training room where I can see things like hull down and side scraping be demonstrated. I have read about them and tried them but would love to get instruction on them and actually
  13. While I did not play at those higher tiers, stayed in the 5/6 range my derp meter was off the charts within 6 games... It was a very short night last night. 779 WN7 (actually lost a point off my overall WN7) (make that 2 points) I should be in the name and shame thread..... or sent off for re-education...
  14. When scrolling thru the various images of game results, do you look for your name hoping that you weren't included in the cannon fodder? I just caught myself doing this....
  15. Thx Servios! Going to watch the replay again with your notes. "After being hit by the T34, you run away, rather than firing a retaliatory shot." - I absolutely should have done that.. karnfarnit... (facepalm) Do you have a recommended load out for rds on the hellcat? With only 30 shots I'm still trying to figure it out.
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