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  1. For pubs, I load either 25/5 or 30/0. I've seen X3N4 (and maybe Straik as well) do his 20/10 loadout, but keep in mind he tends to be more heat/gold heavy, so he's much more accustomed to dealing with issues of using heat. Personally, I always found the APCR to be all that I needed. The only times I've loaded 10 or 15 heat is for CW specific setups. Ammo is very scarce on this tank and you need to make every shot count. If you can't get reliable pens from one direction - move, relocate, find another angle of approach. In this tank, you are always able to dictate the terms of e
  2. In corridor/close quarters maps, you can do extremely well by being a flanker or secondary liner. Because the big heavies tend to have 11-18 second reloads, you oftentimes wait for them to blow shots on your heavies and look for spots to swoop in and get a burst of dmg into them. You need to be creating a secondary angle of fire to assist/relieve the pressure off of your allied heavies. In my Live Oaks replay, you can see how I'm close quarters fighting alongside my team's heavies/meds, but I'm coming from a side angle. And when we have trouble pushing forward, I just loop around and come
  3. I watched the replay. While Kolni's points are all valid in general, for this specific player, I give a different diagnosis: I believe the OP even identified his own issues with why he isn't able to play the tank - he doesn't understand basics on how to play a light tank well (in the real sense, not just WN8 bullshit farming styles). It's clear from his behavior in the replay that he doesn't know relative distances, areas, and how to control vision on the map. Keep in mind, this is Malinovka, which is an absolute skate park for a tank like this, yet here he is drawing out a matc
  4. I tailor made all my suggestions and points for you, according to your skill level. For instance I didn't even mention your potato shooting when you engaged the E-75, waffle, and other tanks at the end. You couldn't even remember what type of ammo was in your chamber, and your engagement was sloppy. BUT, I don't mention that, because I understand you're a green player and I have to reasonably consider what you are capable of doing. I'm not going to dissect and discuss every one of your flaws. Instead I provide you information on major points that I know you can address (or should be able
  5. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger man. And look, I'm not pretending that saying anything to with him will guarantee that he will listen, but I would've made that attempt, because he is your team's strongest heavy and you are, in a premeditated decision, not going where he (reasonably) expects you to be. At the most minimum, a single ping to where you're heading. That isn't asking for much. Also, you oftentimes have to overlook/filter out your teammate's saltiness - many of them are simply immature, lacking in social etiquette. In my mind, even if they behave that way, so what?
  6. I watched the replay. It was completely reasonable for your IS-7 to expect you to be part of the 0-line fight. In a conventional team dispersion, that is where you will be expected to fight in most heavy tanks. The E5 is able to go to any position, however, so you aren't confined to any 1 area of the map. 13:40-13:25 At this point in the game, all 3 of their major TD's are unaccounted for. I was a bit surprised that at 13:35 you drove past the castle walls of E1. This might've worked in this one game, but I thought you were quite lucky to not be shredded to pieces on
  7. This thread is sad - has WoTlabs been hijacked by the regular WoT forums or something? Here's a message to the OP, so that you have some perspective: 1. Wotlabs has long been a place where many of the best players come to have discussions, whether they be serious or just for fun. Many of these individuals are intelligent, articulate, bright, and oftentimes young. Also, people who are successful at a competitive area, tend to have strong opinions. Many of them will have egos. 2. The question you asked can be easily answered at the WoT wiki page. Crew Skills in th
  8. One problem with that weekend is that it's Super Bowl Sunday. Also the next day is Chinese New Year's. Regardless, I'm all up for getting Rampage mode going more often.
  9. No, just no. Keep in mind this guy only has ~1500 games played ever. The focus on stats is just flat out wrong. Wn8 has never been an accurate measure of what encompasses good light tank play - which is why 99+% of the server never knows how to scout a single map. Just cause you do 1.5k dmg in a t8 light tank and get that purple wn8 rating is entirely misleading if you're not making the right decisions, plays that can outright swing outcomes of an entire match. First off, let me point out there is nothing wrong with starting in light tanks. Everyone - for the most
  10. I have three leftover codes to give away - they give you 500k credits, 3 days of premium and the Marblehead ship. Just leave a reply, and know that these codes expire on 1/1/16 so use them quickly. I'll send a PM with the codes to the first 3 replies Update: Sent out codes to AirG, Spaz, & Touchfluffy. Let me know in this thread that the code was used/worked
  11. Judging by your track repair times, it looks as if you have 0% on repairs, which will get you killed a ton more in the future. What are your crew skills on your T-62a? And whoever suggested 2 repair kits - sorry, but no.
  12. A big difference between us, is the EU server still has a sizable server population. For us here in North America, USWest has all but dried up - it has what? 4-6,000 ppl on for the majority of the day?. Really all that's left is USEast. Our combined server population is in the low 20k's during peak hours (I know your EU2 server to have over double that amount, and that's your 'smaller' server). Numerous long-standing top echelon clans have disbanded or fallen into inactivity these past few months. The player turnover/retention rate here is horrific - and a good chunk that has quit the gam
  13. Bump, to see if this is still happening
  14. While ppl shitting on this game may sound like a broken record at this point, it's actually indicative of one of the largest problems that has directly led to the (continual) downfall of this game - Wargaming has consistently and stubbornly refused to listen to the opinions of the educated and skilled players of the game, and instead has catered to the pandering and whining of players of the opposite end of the spectrum. In following this mantra of 'ignore the skilled' and only 'listen to the unskilled', that's precisely why the core of this game has become stagnant, as per Rexxie'
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