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  1. For pubs, I load either 25/5 or 30/0. I've seen X3N4 (and maybe Straik as well) do his 20/10 loadout, but keep in mind he tends to be more heat/gold heavy, so he's much more accustomed to dealing with issues of using heat. Personally, I always found the APCR to be all that I needed. The only times I've loaded 10 or 15 heat is for CW specific setups. Ammo is very scarce on this tank and you need to make every shot count. If you can't get reliable pens from one direction - move, relocate, find another angle of approach. In this tank, you are always able to dictate the terms of engagement because you're the fastest thing out there. And this doesn't change, even if you're on a brawl-centric map.
  2. In corridor/close quarters maps, you can do extremely well by being a flanker or secondary liner. Because the big heavies tend to have 11-18 second reloads, you oftentimes wait for them to blow shots on your heavies and look for spots to swoop in and get a burst of dmg into them. You need to be creating a secondary angle of fire to assist/relieve the pressure off of your allied heavies. In my Live Oaks replay, you can see how I'm close quarters fighting alongside my team's heavies/meds, but I'm coming from a side angle. And when we have trouble pushing forward, I just loop around and come from another flank. Remember - you are incredibly fast and oftentimes invisible. Show up in places where the enemy isn't looking (they're looking at your team's heavies most of the time) On all four of those maps, there are plenty of places where there are long stretches of fire 400-500 meters. Ensk has a field side, as well as its middle train car section. Himmels has shots to and from hill (you can shoot at hill even from the 2 and 3 lines). Abbey has middle area. Stalingrad is pretty damn big, so you are responsible for resetting, reinforcing weak areas for your team. There are many fantastic NA/EU streamers that play batchat/med games. Study the minimaps and lineups and ask yourself (or the streamers) how/why they determined the positions that they went to. @Kolni Again, everything that Kolni did in his writeup is really good, relevant material and needs to become fundamental knowledge for you if you expect to succeed in the bat. But I think for you (OP), you need to gain an understanding of vision/camo in order to fully 'get' what meds are capable of. Finally, I will state that it may take hundreds, if not thousands, of games to get to that place where you're comfortable. I learned much of how to scout maps via trial-and-error. I would push limits and go to risky places. Early on I died. A LOT. But each time, I took note of where I spawned, the lineups of the enemy team and how fast their tanks were, and would try over and over to make adjustments. I really think playing a good amount of tier 8 lights will help you improve your t10 med play. You need to get over that 'fear' hump. Don't worry about screwing up - you will screw up, undoubtedly. But take the time to reexamine who spotted you, who shot you from where, etc. Could you have driven somewhere else? (The answer is almost always yes.) Be persistent. I guarantee, you'll improve no matter what - if you let go of your fears of failure.
  3. I watched the replay. While Kolni's points are all valid in general, for this specific player, I give a different diagnosis: I believe the OP even identified his own issues with why he isn't able to play the tank - he doesn't understand basics on how to play a light tank well (in the real sense, not just WN8 bullshit farming styles). It's clear from his behavior in the replay that he doesn't know relative distances, areas, and how to control vision on the map. Keep in mind, this is Malinovka, which is an absolute skate park for a tank like this, yet here he is drawing out a match against a donkey-blind Waffle IV. Kolni brings up guidelines that you should adhere to for dealing out damage, but here we should also be addressing the specific flaws in why this player isn't playing it well. The tank is truly a hybrid at its tier - it does have the abilities of both a true light (unmatched speed and camo) and a medium (damage, but in this case with no armor). I think people here ad naseum obsess over how to dish out more dmg because it inevitably leads to a prettier looking WN8, which as a byproduct, is also why many players are shit clueless on how to scout. I would advise you to do two things: 1. Bring a buddy/toonmate into the training room and simply use your batchat to drive around and learn where the bushes and bumps are. Everywhere on the map. Then start testing these bushes and ranges against his tank, and also mixing it up with various types of tanks. Pay attention to the distances, which you can see in any client, even vanilla. Look at your minimap and count the number of squares between you and the tank that is lighting you. 2. Try to do similar, but in your actual matches with your meds and light tanks. I can see from your game breakdown that you've mostly played heavies, and not so much at tier 10. Also, spend some time in t8 lights. Because you will be seeing much of the same tiers due to scout mm, that will be good practice, so that when you switch into a better tank, i.e. the batchat, you will have (hopefully) improved in areas that you were lacking before. Specifically addressing the replay: For the first five minutes of the game, you literally spend it on one tiny little 20 meter bit of the map, while getting lit 4 different times during that span. That is literally blood red levels of play. Do not ever expect to be successful or survive against (even slightly) better players doing that. You are in (one of) the fastest damn tank(s) in the game - RELOCATE, REPOSITION. Kolni is right in saying that you should have clipped, and visited the hill. That you only took one shot of dmg from a waffle that was staring at your obviously blown position, literally 4 minutes of parking on your ass, was lucky as all hell in my book. Even despite being a stationary cannon (your tank is about to grow roots from being planted there for so long) for those first 5 minutes, your team is ahead 4 tanks. The score is 7-3 and your team controls the powerful NE hilltop on malinovka. What do you do with that advantage? Nothing. This should literally have been a walkthrough into an easy 15-3 win, but you're never up front providing any vision, never threatening any positions. You simply hang back, and wait for disaster to come. If you had driven up to D6, C6 (this takes knowing how to play a light tank, or vision control in general - think here who wants to push against an autolader when they're down 4 tanks?), the game probably would have been an easy win. Instead you do some fiddling around, drive back to base inexplicably, and in 90 seconds, the entire lead has been squandered. And your toonmates do your enemies the favor of giving up hill. Great job. At the 8:00 mark, during your reload, why aren't you providing vision for your teammates? There are literally tons of ways to keep that clueless AMX 50 120 and waffle permalit, yet you hide so far back, unnecessarily, because again, you're not sure what bushes work and how to see down into your own base. 8-6:00 Is lots of cringeworthy play (or perhaps I could say the entire 15 minutes was). Yes, you kill these tanks because they're likely red/orange/yellow players, but you drive into positions that just lock up your tank and cede so much territory of the map. Then at 6:00, for a full minute you guys loaf around on this narrow, uncovered strip, next to the water. I have no clue why at the 5:00 mark you drive up to their cap circle, shouting out to the enemy HEY I'M HERE. You can drive around the entire map invisible, yet you want to announce to your opponents your exact position? WTF. AND YET, the waffle still can't even see you! From 277 meters away! Do you notice this at all?! You could have easily used the house at D2, or gone up from B2 (without giving away your position) and just wiped his ass clean. Instead, you hastily drive back to your own cap circle (again), blow 3 killshots on an E50M - you have him fully reset, why are you rushing? And then you park in the wide open for the full 40 seconds to reload. I mean this is mind boggingly bad decision, after decision. And even with all that, you still have a chance to win ffs! After killing the E50M on the cap circle, why do you clip, when you have 4 rounds in your chamber and the timer says 2:30? Why the heck are you doing this when all it takes is 3 shots to kill a blind, unarmored tank? And then you drive within 250 meters of the waffle, and AGAIN, he CAN'T SEE YOU! For whatever reason, yet again you drive yourself into a stuck close quarters position. Just go 380-400 meters away and clip him out. Instead, you sit frightened in between a building, letting the time tick away. And when it's already too late, time to drive out for that draw! In regards to your equipment - I've seen both type of setups for the batchat - Vert stab, vents, and toss-up between optics or gld, depending on playstyle or sometimes how good your crew is. Finally, if you want, I can PM you links to my two most recent batchat games, which were both ace tanker games, and demonstrate how you should be approaching matches via a light/medium hybrid mentality. If you would like to view them, just ask. I use optics on my tank in case you're wondering. Good luck.
  4. I tailor made all my suggestions and points for you, according to your skill level. For instance I didn't even mention your potato shooting when you engaged the E-75, waffle, and other tanks at the end. You couldn't even remember what type of ammo was in your chamber, and your engagement was sloppy. BUT, I don't mention that, because I understand you're a green player and I have to reasonably consider what you are capable of doing. I'm not going to dissect and discuss every one of your flaws. Instead I provide you information on major points that I know you can address (or should be able to), even at your skill level. You might want to ask yourself, how come in the most overpowered ridiculous tier 10 heavy, you can't even get past a 50% winrate? Why do you do less damage than the hp of every one of your tier 9/10 heavies? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that you don't want to brawl or be at front lines, in the most heavily armored, mobile and powerful tank. Instead you leave your teammates to get screwed over by forcing them in tanks with shittier armor to take that responsibility. You run into the perfect scenario and stumble upon 4k damage (which isn't anything out of the ordinary for an E5) and then post a replay here thinking you've reinvented the wheel. Learn to do what your tank is supposed to do. How do your 'advanced tactics' work when you face actual good players? I don't care that you beat a bunch of bad players and did 4k damage. Just cause that one time valley worked on Lakeville, doesn't change the fact that it's still shit. If you think you know better, then keep on doing what you're doing. You must know better than the players here apparently.
  5. Sometimes you just have to be the bigger man. And look, I'm not pretending that saying anything to with him will guarantee that he will listen, but I would've made that attempt, because he is your team's strongest heavy and you are, in a premeditated decision, not going where he (reasonably) expects you to be. At the most minimum, a single ping to where you're heading. That isn't asking for much. Also, you oftentimes have to overlook/filter out your teammate's saltiness - many of them are simply immature, lacking in social etiquette. In my mind, even if they behave that way, so what? - I'm still going to try to win any way that I can. If I stopped communicating due to allegedly 'rude bullshit' thrown at me, I would lose far more matches (and perhaps be a green player). So one random person snapped at you. Big fucking deal. What top purples deal with on your server: random bans for unsportsmanlike conduct, constant accusations of hacking (simply because they're better, more talented at this game than the rest), and nonstop arty focus fire. I doubt a player of your color has dealt with these issues - perhaps you may have (in some minor scale). Watching how your platoon drove your tanks, I can tell you guys don't understand when and how badly exposed you are and also how far away you are from being relevant to fights in which you should be engaged in. I do want to give you credit for trying to think outside of the box. I know you are trying to contribute. However, here's the primary point I want to get across: Your tank (E5) is flat out OP, and you are top tier. You have to be at front lines directly engaging, controlling fronts, especially early to mid game. You basically were irrelevant for 4-5 minutes of the game. You're on the periphery (A-line cleaning up 1-shot tier 8's?), and taking yourself to positions that can easily be trapped. There are far better uses for a tank like yours, and I will leave it there for you to find ways to improve upon that.
  6. I watched the replay. It was completely reasonable for your IS-7 to expect you to be part of the 0-line fight. In a conventional team dispersion, that is where you will be expected to fight in most heavy tanks. The E5 is able to go to any position, however, so you aren't confined to any 1 area of the map. 13:40-13:25 At this point in the game, all 3 of their major TD's are unaccounted for. I was a bit surprised that at 13:35 you drove past the castle walls of E1. This might've worked in this one game, but I thought you were quite lucky to not be shredded to pieces on that approach to the C1-D1 house. You could easily have been hit by the JPE or FV4005, if not clipped out by the waffle. The fact that you were able to get this position unpunished to me, was more about the enemy team's incompetence at spotting the 1-line, as opposed to you actually doing something right. 11:45-10:55 Essentially you drove through a wide open field (at your own choice) and again got lucky that you weren't shot by any of their TD's. If the JPE100 were even semi-competent, you'd be at around 50% hp (or far less assuming you had been properly punished at the 13:30 mark). In your statement, when you say that you 'drive through the cap circle to draw some heat off the 0 line' - they're already long dead. You should have cut across from C1 to D4 - then you could have actually supported/affected what was going on in the 9-0 line. Moreover, your alleged cap circle pressure (if that is what you meant in your statement) wasn't anything that most pubbies would notice - it was single tank capping that got no higher than 9% (cap timer). Also, at 9:10 or at 8:30, the enemy FV4005 should have killed you when you were isolated. Instead he kills a useless centurion, because as we say so often "he (the FV4005) is just a blue shitter." That was a blunderous mistake from him using his shell on a tier 8 versus killing you. Again, you were the beneficiary of this. In this instance, I have to side with the IS-7. Do note that I could see your E5 playing other areas of the map, but you would need to be much more active and physically closer to the center area (approx D3-D4). This would both protect you from an ambush, which should have happened, while allowing you to impact 9-0. Instead, you drove too far north (though you weren't punished for it) - that's something to let your T-62a teammate do as he was already in the vicinity. I think you mistake the results here for you doing something right, versus the enemy simply being incompetent (which is what I see here. For instance, look at where their Type 5 heavy is, wtf is he doing?). There were two big stretches where you could have been (and will likely be) punished by better opponents. Moreover, by the time you drove up near their cap area, the game was a 50/50, but the enemies seriously misplayed the mid-late and late game. You did win the game this time, but I think you often overstate what you're accomplishing, and need to note places where you should have been punished. Like Gandaran said in the post before this, both of you can be right, it just depends. While the IS-7 is also guilty of committing too hard to the 0-line, he is sensible (and expected) to show up to said area. You may not be a fan of the "brawl, it's win or die" scenario but that is the direction that WG has pushed this game into for the past few years. My final point would be that, the IS-7 teammate is enough of an asset to at least make an attempt to keep alive - even something as simple as telling/asking him to back off the 0-line to preserve his life. It's quite simple: keeping your stronger teammates alive gives you a better chance at winning every match. On a sidenote, I have no idea what your platoonmate FV4005 was doing, face-brawling in his paper tank. He would have been far better served going into one of the middle hills, which would have had a higher vantage point, more angles, and kept himself much safer. In fact, when the enemy CGC splashed both of you, that was an indication of how horrific your toonmate was positioned. Moreover, their CGC should have hit your E5 during your cap circle crossing (you came to a complete stop, to aim at the JPE100, which made me cringe), and he should have focused you during that last fight vs the E75, waffle etc.
  7. This thread is sad - has WoTlabs been hijacked by the regular WoT forums or something? Here's a message to the OP, so that you have some perspective: 1. Wotlabs has long been a place where many of the best players come to have discussions, whether they be serious or just for fun. Many of these individuals are intelligent, articulate, bright, and oftentimes young. Also, people who are successful at a competitive area, tend to have strong opinions. Many of them will have egos. 2. The question you asked can be easily answered at the WoT wiki page. Crew Skills in the Wiki As previously pointed out, this is not a metagame question. This is basics. And after answering your question, community members noticed another (huge) flaw in what you've been doing and handed you the simple solution. 3. If you bring up a question that has depth or is thought provoking, you will oftentimes get deep answers and great replies here. However, here this was not the case. 4. These answers are given freely, voluntarily from said members with zero compensation (whether it's money or any sort other sort of benefit). In fact, by responding to a question, they (including myself) are investing their own time. Some other ways that members invest into this community: streaming, putting up replays, or writing essays and how-to guides. All of this takes time and a willingness to open up and/or offer their opinions - which they are not required to do. 5. It is no one's responsibility here to make you to make you a better player nor to force you to have common sense. That is your responsibility. 6. You have the option of accepting this advice or rejecting it. Instead, you've engaged in a sissy fit over the internet that no one really cares about. From my view, your behavior is quite common and indicative of a stubborn, unimproving player, at a skill level that people here don't have much regard for. No one is required to walk you through every little point, whether it's common sense or a debatable aspect of this game. You figure it out. All the information is right there, laid out for you, for free. If your feelings/ego matter the most in this situation, I would suggest going to the regular World of Tanks forums, where they cater to that mentality, hence why people like Quickybaby are worshipped - because he validates their feelings in priority over the truth. Over here in Wotlabs, people value reality, the truth. Verifiable, empirical, debatable, relative. The truth matters, or people will call you out on it. I like that, so that is why I've been using this free resource for years. Oh, here's my opinion: 6th sense is the #1 most important skill. Why? Because knowing what my opponent knows is perhaps the single, most powerful aspect of any competitive game. If you can't reach an understanding of that, then that is the end of our discussion.
  8. One problem with that weekend is that it's Super Bowl Sunday. Also the next day is Chinese New Year's. Regardless, I'm all up for getting Rampage mode going more often.
  9. No, just no. Keep in mind this guy only has ~1500 games played ever. The focus on stats is just flat out wrong. Wn8 has never been an accurate measure of what encompasses good light tank play - which is why 99+% of the server never knows how to scout a single map. Just cause you do 1.5k dmg in a t8 light tank and get that purple wn8 rating is entirely misleading if you're not making the right decisions, plays that can outright swing outcomes of an entire match. First off, let me point out there is nothing wrong with starting in light tanks. Everyone - for the most part - starts out in this class. OP made a statement about light tanks - "I see my job as a scout to have three major roles... Light up the enemy flank, Distract the enemy flank, Survive" - and he is right about that. I could tailor/tweak that quote, but for now: Stick with it. Ignore the numbers, just keep improving, do what you're supposed to do (which will change as your understanding of the game gets better) and the numbers will come with it. Right now, I would focus on 2 very broad areas: 1. learn the maps - this knowledge will carry over as you move up in tiers and try out other classes. Try to notice from where or what angles you are being shot at and conversely, where you can have shots on the enemy, as well as spot/see them from a good distance. 2. learn the tanks you are seeing at each tier - How long is their reload? Where are their weak spots? How fast is their top speed and/or their acceleration? Does the tank have a fixed turret or is it limited in terms of how much it can turn? There are dozens of things to learn beyond these few sample points. With each advancing tier, you are introduced to another 50-100+ different types of tanks you may have never even seen or played against before - learning what tanks you are seeing, will also help you play those tanks in the future when you do decide to branch out into other tank types/classes. Learning these 2 large scale points will take time and effort, and I'm not even going to pretend that it won't take potentially thousands of games to really learn them. Even to this day, I'm still learning about spots on maps I may have never noticed and/or routes, nooks that I didn't know could be used in certain ways. Of course, all this is entirely optional, but that is how I enjoy this game, by improving and learning more. How might you learn these things? I would recommend watching some live streamers: Zeven initally, and then later on Overlord_prime. Those guys elaborate on their thought processes as they play - you can watch games being played from their eyes. Also, I used the old World of Tanks Wiki page, countless times. There maybe newer, better pages, but it's still a good resource. And finally my last point: 3. Have fun. Play the tanks you are interested in. Perhaps experiment with the next class of tanks (whether it be heavies, TD's, meds, whatever) when you feel ready for it. Ask questions about stuff you aren't sure about or about anything really - that's what this forum is for. If you really want to improve: be your own worst critic, tune out people that call you a 'noob' by either having a thick skin or proving them wrong - or both, and discover for yourself the elements that lead to victory. Wn8 means only as much as you want to make it - and I say this even as those here will tout (via their actions or attitudes) it to be some end-all gold standard. There are many instances that you will encounter (if you survive long enough) where what needs to be done to solve a late game scenario that can never be accurately measured or portrayed via wn8. Having a pretty looking number means very little if all of one's focus is to 'game the system' and try to have the highest possible score via that single metric. This is a team game - for me, I try to win, as a team. And have fun in the process.
  10. I have three leftover codes to give away - they give you 500k credits, 3 days of premium and the Marblehead ship. Just leave a reply, and know that these codes expire on 1/1/16 so use them quickly. I'll send a PM with the codes to the first 3 replies Update: Sent out codes to AirG, Spaz, & Touchfluffy. Let me know in this thread that the code was used/worked
  11. Judging by your track repair times, it looks as if you have 0% on repairs, which will get you killed a ton more in the future. What are your crew skills on your T-62a? And whoever suggested 2 repair kits - sorry, but no.
  12. A big difference between us, is the EU server still has a sizable server population. For us here in North America, USWest has all but dried up - it has what? 4-6,000 ppl on for the majority of the day?. Really all that's left is USEast. Our combined server population is in the low 20k's during peak hours (I know your EU2 server to have over double that amount, and that's your 'smaller' server). Numerous long-standing top echelon clans have disbanded or fallen into inactivity these past few months. The player turnover/retention rate here is horrific - and a good chunk that has quit the game are between the green to purple skill ranges. Most of the times when you load into a random match, it's a bunch of oranges and reds, and the few remaining purples who have stuck it out. So yeah, just to clarify, the state of the game here in NA is not nearly as rosy as EU's. To your points Gehakte, maybe I should clarify that I started this game at 8.6 in mid 2013. I didn't experience much of higher tier play that far back, with the exception of being able to see tier 10's in my old Chaffee, so our perspectives are different in those aspects. When I talk about vision/camo mechanics, I'm not just talking about that ability of huge TD's and Heavies to double bush, but also the ability/opportunity for light tanks and other scouting-capable tanks to be able to do something about it, akin to Dualmaster's point about not being able to largely impact games via scouting anymore, which was what I also used to do. I still remember being able to light up the 'magical forest' on old Murovanka - things like that - being able to approach areas, because there was enough shrubbery around the map. The changes I listed cumulatively have led to this situation - it's no single change alone. Even when you're talking about the invisi-TD period, that's also possible cause you can shoot from 600-700+ meters, which has now also changed - everything is being pushed in closer. And yes, all those changes that I listed have led to the disappearance of the 'vision' game - that's why many are switching out optics for vents, cause you simply don't have many areas of the maps where you're playing that scouting chess match . Instead WG has made changes to virtually ensure that lower skilled players can always see who is shooting them. My question is why don't they teach or encourage people how to learn how to scout or control/manage vision on a map in the first place? Or why don't they make it so that optics can only be put on light tanks and/or perhaps certain mediums? Why don't they fix faulty, glitchy bushes that don't work, and moreover why don't they look at changing the sizing of the bushes themselves so that only perhaps light tanks and small meds can fit in them? My point is that there a multitude of ways to solve these problems, yet WG's choices in how they've been making changes are by ingratiating and appeasing this portion of the player base that refuses to learn any such mechanics - and these mechanics don't include vision alone. And because of this, this is why such a large portion of the player base fails their way all the way to tier 10, without consequence. And that drags down the meta-game development and is largely why the game is so stagnant. Look at how Dota, LoL, CS regulates detrimental team behavior - we have none of that in WoT. Again, I could go on and on, but that would be for another thread.
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  14. While ppl shitting on this game may sound like a broken record at this point, it's actually indicative of one of the largest problems that has directly led to the (continual) downfall of this game - Wargaming has consistently and stubbornly refused to listen to the opinions of the educated and skilled players of the game, and instead has catered to the pandering and whining of players of the opposite end of the spectrum. In following this mantra of 'ignore the skilled' and only 'listen to the unskilled', that's precisely why the core of this game has become stagnant, as per Rexxie's points. The problem with listening to the overwhelming majority of red casuals is that when you're not any good (or simply ignorant) at a game, why should anyone even value your opinion when you have no genuine knowledge of the subject you're talking about? - In fact the complaints of the red player base are non-unique and the same throughout every single game you will ever play: They don't understand basics of the game, yet feel entitled to winning and/or being rewarded for their bad habits. So what has happened is that instead of fixing problems and improving existing game mechanics, WG has continually tried to 'nerf' skill - bush mechanics were changed, snap shotting accuracy was completely changed (forcing you to sit still longer so that you could be hit by return fire and arty), maps were changed/removed, the vision/draw distances were changed - all in the name of appeasing the lowest common denominator - lazy, unskilled players that continually complain about basics and defiantly refuse to learn them. Every game is chock full of these individuals, and not only do they exist in this gaming community, but every other one as well (and they probably exist at the office/company/school that you work or study at). Take for example, vision mechanics/meta of the game. Red players complained that they were being killed by invisi-tanks and couldn't figure out how to deal with it (and still can't to this day). So, they removed bushes. WG changed maps, over the past year plus, to 2 or 3-lane corridors where it's close quarters, in-your-face brawling. However, they failed to put in enough (or any) pathways to assist/flank in a timely manner to said corridors (because you know, that would be an 'intelligent thing' to do and we wouldn't want that would we?) and hardly any bushes to do any real scouting (remember the term 'passive scouting' from years back?) Instead of finding ways to (1) encourage players to learn these mechanics and more importantly (2) improve upon said mechanics, WG simply threw up their arms and decided to dumb it all down, without understanding or worrying about the long term ramifications. Namely, light tanks, practically the entire class, have lost out the most in terms of balancing and a concrete place in the game - hardly anyone knows how to play them properly. Then there's been the always controversial arty, and not to mention a host of other problems that have led to a mass exodus, which is why this forum has become quieter and quieter with each passing week. In a simple analogy, it's like letting the worst prison inmates and criminals of a society set their own rules for how they should punished and/or governed. Anyone with a shred of intelligence knows how hilariously stupid this would be, yet this is the thought process that WG has laughably embraced. Why is it important to listen to the educated/skilled player base? Anyone with knowledge of what any sport, company, or video game company (that is hugely successful with a large online multiplayer base) does understands that metagame shifts and nuanced, subtle balance changes that need to be implemented are LARGELY based on the feedback and play of the competent users of said product, not the incompetent who don't know left from right. Oftentimes pro users (players in this case) - their feedback is considered the most valuable. WG's attitude? Something along the lines of 'long-time players become disgruntled malcontents'. Completely laughable. So unsurprisingly, WG has created nothing worthwhile in terms of end game content, no improvements or furtherances for long-standing, loyal players who also happened to be really, really skilled. WG's responsibility is to be a shepherd to this large community, but instead they have fostered an environment where unicums and serious players have been scapegoated and witch hunted as being the source of many of the problems, when it's quite the opposite. In fact, why do you think this website was created? Go look at the regular WoT forum - 98% of what is said there is unintelligible misinformed crap. How many of us go there for serious information on how to improve or learn anything of genuine substance? Does WG encourage or reward team play - simple good teamwork, as opposed to playing selfishly for outdated and easily manipulated metrics such as WN8? No, in fact if you don't give a shit, and just want to drown yourself match after match, or bring along 2 tier 1 platoon mates into your tier 10 match, they do nothing. That's right, they do nothing because 'we now have an automated (AKA placebo) ticket system to report players.' They don't know how to properly implement or gauge requirements for individual missions, because many of the employees themselves don't understand the game. I could go on and on. Frankly, WG is getting what it deserves for continually making stupid choices as far as the game's direction. If Valve or Blizzard were in charge of this title, I wouldn't be even surprised if the NA server pop reached 200k or even 500k+. WG had a monopoly in this portion of the gaming market and they've done the least with the most. And for people that point to the numbers of the Russian servers - I assure you the NA market/region has much higher disposable income and the average user has the means and willingness to spend far more on this game (or any game) than any other part of the world. The fact that they're failing to achieve numbers comparable to League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-strike, or ANY Blizzard title is what you should be comparing this company to, not "oh gee, $60 million is a lot of money" type of nonsense. But we keep playing this game. Yes, it is one of the few historical, military vehicle based games out there, and there are many great parts about this game - but that doesn't mean that the company running it isn't doing an extremely poor job of it.
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