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  1. What this sequence of events has proven to me is that they do not have anyone meticulously observing actual shell behavior, or the tools to do it. With multiple layers of armor components like they have to deal with, you have to have a simulation that can provides "step-through" function to analyse behavior each step of the way. Full damage from every shell that skimmed the engine compartments should have been mighty clear if anyone was observing individual shells in the dev environment.
  2. I have no clue how an entire company of people spends as much time making a game as they have and doesn't think about this issue even once. There is only one choice that is honest to your players. Show all of the information available. Presenting that information poorly (heading: poorly; speed: not at all) just creates a gap between those who realize the information is there for the taking, and those who remain blind. Should there be a lead indicator as well? There is no choice. Why? Because it's possible and you can't avoid it. It is inherent to the parameters of the game. It should certainly be optional, as with all things, so people can get rid of it if they don't want to be distracted by it, but pretending there's something magical and mysterious about a computer extrapolating 5 seconds of static linear motion is silly ostrich behavior. Quadruply so if you're the game developers in question. Stealing people's videos to try to hide their shame just means more embarssment being heaped on top.
  3. What software are you using? OBS for example has several capture modes and depending on both the program and the display mode you're using, some will work and others won't work for shit. It may also be overzealousness with the video settings. Depending on what you're doing you may want high framerate and will want to dump the capture resolution down to just above readable so you can get the framerate up. If you can't capture 30fps or more with a readable resolution something's wrong, but can be fixed. WRT terrain troubles I think using the same path to test tanks with contrasting/isolating statistics is the low(er) hanging fruit so we can broaden our knowledge of the general characteristics (like you put forth with the resistance vs top speed). That said, do what interests you; it will take you farther.
  4. The most unfriendly thing about the game are the developers. Connected to that, the complete lack of information on the game, then after that, the lack of truth concerning the information that is given (see marks of excellence for recent example). After that is probably the vision system like everyone recognizes... I liked it from the start as I played Allegiance and it's literally the same system. What I didn't and don't like about it are the numbers assigned to the system ("scout" vision range, higher tiers unilaterally seeing farther, scout matchmaking... ccccccccombo!) After that comes the UI. Patch days make me realize there's not a single part of the ingame interface that is good enough. Every single piece of it is inferior to what I play with. Controls and responsiveness comes next. It's a game skill to deal with the delay on making shots under tight circumstances.
  5. This is one of the biggest problems with WoT, even if most people aren't cognizant of it. The game is laggy. Not just internet-delay laggy, but controls and responsiveness laggy. Close range combat exacerbates this. Responsiveness is one of those things most people are blind to (and will ignorantly deny, funny that), but the game is so deeply commited to failure in this that even the cursor in the garage frustrates me. When that kind of shit affects your gameplay, it's infuriating. Maps with constricted "brawling lanes" don't lend themselves to flexibility and fluidness. This takes weight away from decisionmaking and adaptablility, and pushes it towards team tank layout and stats. Yes, there's skill to be had in close range combat, but compared to what we're used to, more weight is on game stats. IMO this type of gameplay more rapidly becomes boring and stale. Preference for tanks/style aside, this is my biggest fear. There tends to be only one location that's the right place for brawling (because it has subroutes to fight over vs a linear lane: EG that shitty snow map with buildings/trench in the middle; or allows you to shoot other places on the map: Himmelsdorf; counter example: the new map that's a quarter circle with tall buildings seems pretty decent since there's freedom for adapting and it doesn't take 15 minutes to change route), and whoever wins that section wins the game. That gets old pretty quick.
  6. From stat_config.json, it's rDamage, rSpot, etc. The one by winrate is rWin as well. The font colors for each line are based on these rValues: "rDAMAGE": [ {"value": 0.34, "color": "#FE0E00"}, {"value": 0.57, "color": "#FE7903"}, {"value": 0.81, "color": "#F8F400"}, {"value": 1.03, "color": "#60FF00"}, {"value": 1.22, "color": "#02C9B3"}, {"value": 1.57, "color": "#D042F3"} As for what rAnything is, exactly, I dunno. Not defined there. Seems that it's expected to range from 0-2, but all the values are colored by the same set of expectations, so some sort of distribution value where 1 is in the middle. The (Place) value is medPlace. Med for median? That would explain the prevalence of 1.0 - you don't have to get first place every time, just would need that to be your most frequent result. By exp, not damage, most likely. EDIT: There's expected_tank_values.json for the expected values. rAnything is yourValue/expectedValue.
  7. So without knowing anything about these values WRT code anywhere else, some observations: rotationEnergy = type.engines[0]['power'] * (weight / defWeight) / (chassis['rotationSpeed'] * defResistance) Here we're using a specific engine (stock), a ratio of current weight to default weight (defined as stock modules) to increase power (!), some value of the chassis (which I'm assuming is the tracks, this may not be accurate), which is not coming from the same place as the others (type.hull, type.engines, etc), as a divisor (!), and resistance, which is correct as a divisor. However, we should be expecting three different values for resistance, which doesn't fit the scheme here. if not chassis['rotationIsAroundCenter']: rotationEnergy -= trackCenterOffset * weight * chassis['specificFriction'] / defResistance I don't even. Assuming this is for tanks without differential pivoting, what's going on here? Weight & friction? Terrain resistance in the denominator of something we're using as a subtractive penalty? Not even touching trackCenterOffset. I hope it's something equal for all tanks. For rotation energy, we're using defResistance = chassis['terrainResistance'][0], but for rotationSpeedLimit, we're dividing physics['terrainResistance'][0] into a term already involving rotation energy. Are chassis['terrainResistance'][0] and physics['terrainResistance'][0] different? I hope that these are just fallback values or that I'm missing something about what the indices reference. Multiplying (weight / defWeight) into rotational energy blows my mind. Maybe rotational energy isn't similar to engine power but is some sort of momentum factor. That default friction value has a gravity constant. Wat. Gonna need to start further back in the origins to debug resistance. Anything involving turning is convoluted.
  8. I don't trust them to implement this correctly. Poor implementation/logic will result in things like not being able to take sneaky shots on people passing bushes while you're sitting in the middle region between spotted while shooting and not spotted otherwise. Worse possibilities include general death of anything that drives around due to lack of permanent bushing. Special case mechanism which has the potential to violate all the other special cases which combine to form the whole system. If people are worried about their long guns sticking out of bushes, what happens to guns that shoot UP? I know nobody gives a shit about arty, but lol. Certain platforms may just not be able to have reasonable concealment anywhere. As for the changes in general: about time.
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