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  1. Uh, I can't really recommend this person to a competitive clan. Before he got e50, he was 2000 recent at most. He has trouble listening to basic calls and throws a lot. He's kinda active but he definitely has a lot to work on when it comes to competitive play.
  2. More like our main callers quit the game and we're all bored of tanks but yeah playing other games now lol
  3. is this still updated or nah rip if not If yea, update shojo is recruiting 2650~ rwn8, 60% rwr, 5 tier 10, 3 days Tyty
  4. Very true lol @O_P_Hacker, message inchon or some other notable clan leader for an invitation to the citadel slack. It's full of CO/XOs of top 20~ clans that are willing to do absolutes when you post. Other things are also discussed there.
  5. It's funny because our dep coms only enforce the ban on you because literally everyone in mahou hates you. Like when you eval'd for us, a lot of mahou told us not to accept because youre the equivalent of plsgo trash even when we were already gonna say no. And if youre not banned from our ts, then it's because youre evading ban, not because youre not supposed to be banned. o/ I recommend shojo if youre highly active and stuff, we'll be doing campaign 4 and champions league soon
  6. t_t we're getting too much attention for stupid reasons rip clan commander life
  7. hello, this thread is dead compared to our main forum thread, sorry!! t_t we earned 12 free is-5s in the mini campaign
  8. hi flametz o/ We're looking for experienced cw players and 2300+~ recents
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