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  1. @Rodrigopine I would agree that the Gearing can feel somewhat awkward at times simply because it has an extremely unique play style. Most destroyers in the game have some form of gameplay that is relatively unique to its class: the Shima excels at being a torpedo boat; the Khab excels at being a quasi-cruiser gun boat; the Z52 excels at hunting other ships (mainly DDs) in smoke as well as being able to harass capital ships. While the Gearing does not surpass each of these in their own specialty, it has a foot in each of these doors. The Gearing is a fat ship with relatively poor maneuverab
  2. This game sucks. Why would anyone still play it. All anyone does is play arty or wn8 snipe at unicums. Not like somebody (hint hint) would know what that's like.
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