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  1. Rammer - Vents - Binocs Optics are simply not enough to spot for yourself when you only have 360m base view range. With binocs at least you have the option to get all the view range you need when you need it. I started out using optics but positions like the middle on Lakeville simply did not work with the limited view range.
  2. I try to avoid peeking or trading shots whenever possible. The kind of peeking you do with other mediums does not really work since the aim circle goes crazy whenever you move the hull. For the first half of the match I usually spot and snipe (binocs) and later I use my mobility to flank and shoot people in their side or ass while they are not looking in my direction. This thing is really really fast so it's easy to switch flanks and positions when needed.
  3. Definitely the best tier 6 premium tank. Just got my second ever Kolobanov's medal: http://wotreplays.com/site/1862284#self A Cromwell that makes credits and does not require a dedicated crew. What more is there to say?
  4. You better stop the grind now since the 704 is considered better these days than the 268 and I have my doubt you will have fun with the tier X. It's basically the same thing only with even less gun depression, less gun traverse to the sides, and much slower shell velocity. And yes, even the SU-122-54 is probably superior in the current meta.
  5. While gold spamming is an issue in my opinion. Denying, or at least limiting the ability of certain tanks to use premium ammo would lead to huge balancing issues. People would migrate to tanks with lot's of armor and/or very high penetration with standard rounds. And some tanks would become stupidly overpowered when top tier facing mostly lower tiers.
  6. Only had it 2 times so far but the first impression so far is very good. Which is quiet surprising since all the other recent maps WG has been come up with were utter trash. Overlord does a lot of things right: No huge unusable areas Something to do and places to go for every tank class Interesting and varied terrain It looks nice as well Can't really say much more until I played it more often yet so far so good. Might even become one of my favorite maps.
  7. Well, apparently I'm more than 20% better in my Ke-Ho than the best Russian guy^^. I also beat the best Russian guy in my T-54 ltw even thought I'm not even doing that well in it. Seems like this rating still needs some work^^ Ke-Ho Ultra Unicum confirmed. Get to my level you scrubs^^
  8. Nope, stat padding will stay as always. Just pick a tank not many people play and most unicums would not touch at all and it should be rather easy to get a very high rating. Also there is the possibility that it will encourage seal clubbing since lower tier tanks are usually not played much by unicums. To be honest, I do not see much difference to how the expected WN8 values work. Basically both ratings have an expected value which your own performance gets measured against.
  9. I'm really interested in how you came to the conclusion that Erlenberg is a corridor map without flanking opportunities?
  10. Ups, you are actually right. Thought those had 30mm of armor but apparently it's only 20mm which the 85mm can indeed overmatch. But the turret roof of the IS-4/260 as well as most of the Russian tier X mediums the 85mm definitely can't overmatch since those areas are 30mm thick. Same with the turret roof of the IS-6.
  11. 100mm all the way for a couple of reasons: better penetration (189mm pen are enough to pen tanks like IS-3 or Type 59 frontally) Vastly superior premium ammo Higher caliber comes with the ability to overmatch more areas (turret roof of the IS-3 for example as well as the RU armor from pretty much any side and angle)
  12. Yeah, and all the games shown are tier 8 matches^^ Yet even in tier 8 he already used far too much APCR to make any credits with it.
  13. My Hidden Village favorite spot. Being both arty safe and hull-down, it's the perfect spot for a Russian medium.
  14. I believe the only thing everyone seems to agree on, is that the 430 is behind the other three thanks to the noticeable worse gun handling. The safest thing to do would probably be to use the expected values of the 3 other Russian mediums and calculate the average from that. It's likely also the easiest thing to get everyone to agree on. 140 - 1838.23 T-62A - 1704.46 430 - 1793.24 = 907 - 1778.64 Edit: And Gryphon will probably like it as well since in a way it's a mathematical solution to the problem^^ Edit2: Thinking about it a little more. Calculation the average fr
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