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  1. It does seem that there is a fair bit of work still to do on the B2.0 reworking, the devs seem to still be hoping for a February release. Personally I don't really have a feel for what its all going to mean. I just hope it will be the beginning of a population recovery so i can get some PvP battles again. One thing I'd like to highlight again is the compensation plan for B2.0 implementation. There will be complete refunds on anything that is being changed. in particular if you have a vehicle that is being tier shifted then any camo, decals or battle hardening for that vehicle will be refunded IN FULL regardless of whether you bought the item for full price or on sale. At the moment all winter camo schemes are on sale for 50% off. I'm not suggesting anyone goes out and spends money to buy camo but if already have an account and you have some gold sitting doing nothing then maybe think about loging in and buying some half price camo on those vehicles that are being shifted and double your gold once B2.0 is live. Dan
  2. Well as I said, if you think you might want to play after the 0.19 changes then it might pay to have a look now because there are a lot of opportunities to benefit from the rebalancing and associated compensation. If you have previously purchased gold and its not doing anything consider buying a Centauro 120, Terminator or WZ1224 as they will all be uptiered and you will in the case of the WZ its currently on special for half price (750G for what will be a T6 premium, normal T6 premium price is over 3k). And hey if you haven't tried it yet check out the new GLOPS mode, its not really my cup of tea but a lot of folks have been enthusiastic about it. There is a boot camp event for GLOP at the moment which give bonus credits which might help if you want to buy some of the soon to be uptiered regular vehicles. Dan
  3. Hello folks, not sure how familiar you all are with the changes afoot in Armoured Warfare at the moment. Balance 2.0 Big ticket items 1) Indirect fire arty as a playable class is gone!!! They are going to test keeping the class as a high calibre assault gun but it might disappear completely in a future update. 2) major rebalancing of damage and HP. Damage from same calibre guns will be normalized across the tiers as will HP. It means that lower tiers will be much better able to fight higher tiers. 3) overhaul of the retrofits system so it will no longer be necessary to grind multiple lines to unlock the retros. 4) and many other changes big and small, please check the link above. Additionally the devs have finally released the compensation plan for existing players who will be impacted by the rebalancing changes. Basically if you have a vehicle that is being tier shifted you will get the vehicle at its new tier plus the vehicle being introduced to replace it. If you have played one game in the vehicle before the changes then your replacement vehicles will be fully researched and equipped. That is a potential huge saving in rep and credits. For example the existing T4 Swingfire will be pushed to T6 so if you have the T4 and have played one battle in it you will get its T4 replacement fully kitted out an ready to play AND you will get the new T6 Swingfire fully equipped too! Also they will be rebalancing premium tanks too. The current Centauro 120 T7 TD is going to move to T9 so the reskinned Wolf premium version will also move to T9. It will be the "first and only" T9 premium and is currently available for sale for 5500G. Anyone who previously bought gold and has it languishing on their account might want to think about grabbing an effected premium vehicle just in case. Other premiums to be changed include the T5 Chinese WZ-1224 MBT. It will move to T6 and it is currently on sale for half price (750G). The Terminator HIFV will be moved from T6 to T8. If you bought a founders pack then you are getting a T8 premium after the changes. If you didn't get one then the reaper version is currently available for sale. Basically if you have an existing AW account or you think you might want to play some modern tanks in the future then i might be a good time to log in, check out the full range of changes and maybe grind a few lines to set yourself up for free stuff. if that boost the population and I get to play during Australian prime time then that would be awesome. Dan
  4. Bugger the sharks and jellyfish have started hunting on land now? Dan
  5. If the Panzerschiffe end up in the cruiser you might see the torps but not necessarily. A lot of BB's had torps tubes as well IRL. I suspect they would leave them off the Panzerschiffe regardless of the line it ends up in. Dan
  6. I've purchased a number of Chinese tablets over the last few years for myself, my wife and oldest son. Models from Onda and Cube. They all use the Allwinner chips and offer some nice specs at very decent prices. There is a nice utility available for allwinner devices that allows you to boot from an SD card, it's really handy for flashing with new/custom ROM's (best way to get rid of all the Chinese bloatware) and it makes these devices virtually unbrickable since you can easliy reflash back to an official ROM if you have problems. However the build quality can be a bit hit and miss. My Onda V972 has stopped charging and my wife's Cube 9x has an ongoing problem with the volume button. We sent hers back to the manufacturer for repairs but it came back unchanged. Given the cost of sending the device was half the original purchase cost and dealing with the language barriers and different consumer laws meant any further follow up with OEM was not worth the hassle. My V972 is with a local repairer atm and if they can get it working I'll have them look at the Cube. Just a word of caution but then I live in a relatively remote area of NW Australia and my repeairer options for such things are very limited. Dan
  7. Oh I'm sure its not something thats coming to us this year for sure but as statement about shifting positions its reasonably clear. Maybe as Rexxie says its just about getting out of a corner that previous statments have painted them into but I don't know why you would bother if you weren't at least giving it some consideration. I knew about the T132 but was not aware the 59-100T was a smoothbore. Thanks for that. The argument that smoothbores would be somehow gamebreaking has always been one of the more ridiculous ones. Dan We are talking about an arcade game not a realistic simulation. Armour protection and projectile penetration values are just a number. AW has built an entire game around vehicles whose significant details are largely classified. Its not impossible. The greatest increase in armour protection has grown out composites and it aimed at defeating HEAT warheads used primarily by infantry weapons. Dan
  8. Its almost like Intel has found a new way to gimp its chips and limit OC returns while still allowing them to sell more expensive models of the same basic chip. Dan
  9. Of course the limted tank selection not what makes them fun. They are enjoyable in spite of it largely for the reasons you suggest. For some people though the fun is getting the tank. Like I said most players don't participate in the organised side of this game. All they want to do is drive tonks. Now obviously the population here is going to be heavily weighted the other way but there is probably no reason WG couldn't add an additional level to Strongholds for instance. Clearly for this audience this is an area where my own model is weak. Like I said its intended as a starting point for discussion. I would say that a pretty cursory reading of the AW forums will show that while the new arty model and the desire to get away from WG are big pull factors for AW so to are the new vehicles themselves. If WG can add something a little different to what AW does then is that bad thing. Lets not forget that we have been waiting for 4 years for WG focus on "fixing" the game rather than adding new content. Does anyone truly expect them to change? Dan
  10. And that was my point, there are already areas where players on have a very limited selcetion vehicles to use and those stil manage to be fun. wrt to fire on the move I was perhaps not clear enough, I was saying that your accuracy both at the halt and on the move should be somewhat better therefore you should have a better chance of hitting any weakpoints that WG includes frontally while the inherent mobility of MBT's should allow for agressive maneuvering to achieve flanking and rear shots. Dan
  11. Well a lot of the competitive modes tend use a very limited selection of the available tanks and they still manage to be fun. I am under no illusions that WG is going pick up proposal and run with it as "the" model for higher tiers. This is when my own musings on the subject have led me, formed by the things I like and am interested in. I want to use it as a tool to see some discussion on the prospect of additional tiers. Frankly I have had more success here in a couple of hours than across the Asia, NA and EU forums combined. Dan Oh I'm sure WG can come up with some weakpoints, you would likely have good accuracy and ability to fire on the move after all and who doesn't have 3+ skill crew available to go into these things? The usual advice would apply if you keep bouncing off someones frontal armour. Dan
  12. Actually I was refering to WotLabs as a whole being more active than the offical Asia forum, fingers crossed. So far its promising. Dan
  13. I would disagree. In fact I already have in the OP. To summarise though we already have a whole new game for modern tanks. The problem is that in order for other vehicles to have a role there MBT's have been gimped. Vehicles like the Bradley, the BMD, LAV's etc are all designed to fullfill roles (eg infantry support) and address concerns (eg need for strategic mobility) that are outside the scope of a game like WoT or AW. Therefore in order to give those vehicles a role role, AW has effectively turned MBT's into WoT's heavy tanks. What I am sugesting is something that would give MBT's some clean air, the ability to stretch their legs and actually be Main Battle Tanks. However while I am obviously invested in my own ideas what I would also like to see is some discussion of how it should be doen if you disagree with me. Tan's response in the OP indicates that while higher tiers are in now way a sure thing or perhaps even likely they are not out of the question and that is a change from what we have previously been led to believe was the official position. In that context we should be tryin to figure out what we do want to see from higher tiers, lest WG does fuck it all up as many posters here have suggested they wil. Dan I've been in ships since the Alpha and AW with the EA but so far neither has grabbed me in the same way as tanks. Thats just me of course. Maybe Karl is correct and they might just add in MBT's as a play4fun thing but you will see the quote specifically mentions they might be looking at new tiers. Dan
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