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  1. Title says it all. I've taken a bit of a break from the game to play AW and other titles and have recently returned. I'm struggling to catch my groove again. I was a 60% w/r & 1800 wn8 player when I stopped playing and I can't get near those stats. My last 500 battles have been pretty bad. Looking for someone to platoon for a bit, help with my overall game play, positioning and tips for the current meta. I Play on the NA server 4 to 5 days a week between 8pm to 11pm Eastern Time.
  2. So is that "best" before or after Trump gets elected?
  3. After spending an entire day of 14 games at rank 12, I decided to switch from the Nagato and focus on DDs. I've been switching between the Blyskawica and Mahan. I've have been gaining ranks ever since (now at rank 10)! Much easier to get top XP on the losing side with DDs.
  4. At tier 6 I was using the Fuso as I find it better than the NM in terms of speed/firepower. NM has better armor, but it's generally speed and ability to flex in my opinion that wins matches. Tier 7 I'm having good results in my Nagato. The Colorado is a good BB, but again it's too slow to really influence matches. You need to be able to keep up with DD/CAs especially when you spawn furthest from where the team wants to go initially cap. The only issue with playing BBs so far (I'm rank 13) is that it's difficult to get top XP on the losing side. I've gotten multiple high caliber medal
  5. I haven't played this game in over 3 months and I can't see myself going back...
  6. Nope..the population has really plummeted the last couple of months. Most of the NA server plays PVE. The only decent queue time is during the happy hour event. Every other time in the evening is 5-10 minute queues. Hardly anyone in my clan plays AW at the moment. I've gone back to WoWS and have been enjoying that
  7. I haven't played AW in about a week because of the low population on NA and terrible queue times. I've been playing a lot of WoWS lately and enjoying it again. I think OE/My.Com are delusional if they think tier 10 will bring a substantial amount of the player base back to the game.
  8. I agree. I just got back into the game a couple of weeks ago and have been using this site to track my progress. I find it better than warshipstats.com. I would love to have a stat signature from this website!
  9. Lots of good info in this thread! Does anyone have any rules of thumb for how high up on the ship side to aim to score more citadels? I'm just curious how people aim as I generaly do this against a broadside target: Over 15km range: Aim at deck level 15-10km range: Aim at mid height <10km range: Aim at water level
  10. So is anyone still playing WoWS? Just downloaded the patch and getting back into it. Haven't played since ~November.
  11. Had a 62% w/r session last night so I'm back on track! The MM seems to pass over platoons of 2-3 people frequently so it's making the queue times pretty painful.
  12. I've had two days of sub 40% win rate sessions due to absolutely crap teams. In order to win at tier 6 all of my platoon mates would have to do 3k dmg each to even have a slight chance at winning. All of my stats (DPG, K/D, Survived) are going up, but W/R lately is falling like a rock. Everyone in my clan seems to experience the same to some degree. To top it all off Silentstalker gave me a 1 week ban on the forums after we called him out for being a dick lol Edit: updated WoWS last night so going to give that a go for a bit to see if it's improved in the last few months.
  13. The low population really makes things awful at times
  14. Had anywhere from 3-6 minute queues last night in tier 6 (in 2 man and 3 man platoons). At one point there were 22 tier 5's, 32 tier 6's and 20 tier 7's in queue at the same time, but a match wouldn't drop for whatever reason. They seem to really have fucked up MM this time. The changes made it far worse and wait times have drastically increased solo and platooned. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to stand the queue times during peak time on the NA server. How is MM 2.0 on EU?
  15. Last night I played 7 games from 8:00EST to 9:30EST in my XM1. Not ONE match was a full 15 vs 15 game. They were all 8 vs 8 which ended up with one of two or our tanks yoloing to their death in the first few minutes of the match. Yes..you guessed it..all 7 games were loses (RIP w/r). Later in the evening I dropped down to tier 5 and there was no issues getting full matches. To top it off SS keeps locking all the threads about the NA server population with statements like "don't worry, we know it's a problem", "we can't release our marketing information", "we are working on a solution
  16. I guess that's enough to attract/retain the competitive players who would eventually participate in clan wars. I don't really see it as end game content other than just giving the players another competitive outlet. Even if AW implemented a clan skirmish type battle system (similar to WoT) next month would it even make a difference in population? They can even use the same format as your personal base, just expand it to clan wide and maybe start off with tier 6 only skirmishes since the game is still relatively balanced at that tier.
  17. This week has been the worst for me in the PVP queue. Last night we weren't even getting full matches at tier 6 (non-premium). The low population just exacerbates the problem with MM. Most matches the teams were unbalanced and it's just RNG to see what side of it you are on. At tier 6, when it puts two tier 7 MBTs (Leo 2 and Chally 1) on the enemy team and gives you a Wiesel and a cent 120 as your tier 7s there is only so much you can do. The low population is driving the nail into the coffin, but I doubt OE are going to do anything about it. WoWs has seemed to do OK so far withou
  18. So should I abandon the NA server and get on the EU train? I live on the east coast so the ping hopefully won't be too horrible
  19. I can't believe I'm saying this, but they really need to find a way to make CVs viable so that people play them. The fact that a Yamato can sit still/angled in a high tier match and shell the crap out of everything in range screams broken to me. Lately, I've taken a bit of a break from playing because the end game meta (tier 8+) was just too frustrating to enjoy at times. Just to throw some ideas around: 1) Remove all fighter planes from carrier load outs and make them only dive/torp bombers. This would eliminate the disparity between the CVs as the American fighters usually shit all
  20. My name is the same and I'll play PVE and PVP. Currently grinding tiers 4 & 5.
  21. I've had good and bad games lately, but nothing really stands out. I'm finding the mid tiers to be more enjoyable game play right now. Most nights I only play my tier 8s once or twice for the x1.5. The only issue I have with high tiers (8-10) is the match maker. I realize it can't be perfect all the time and the low server population really screws with it, but there is nothing more frustrating then queuing for a match with my Amagi and getting 3 Yamatos on the other team. When I'm not getting thrown into a high tier it's a zone battle which isn't a fun game mode IMO.
  22. What would you guys recommend for the tier 4 captain skill for Russian DDs? Right now I'm leaning towards Last Stand, but Demolition Expert looks really tempting. I'm currently grinding out the Izyaslav so it'll be a while until I get the tier 4 skill.
  23. Well after reading this thread I'm happy to see that I'm not going crazy. Definitely noticed less citadels and damage in my BBs since the last patch. It'll just give me an excuse to grind the Russian DD line while they look into fixing it!
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