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  1. Unless you're playing at 3am I have noticed no issues with queue times. Even with platoons I am matched within 30 seconds.
  2. Welcome to the Lowe master race. You will now grind credits at a level plebs could never imagine.
  3. JT 88 I can totally understand, but the Lowe is god tier right now.
  4. Nah, currently saving money for an MP40 right now. Lahti is on the list though.
  5. Finnish Lahti L-39 master race reporting in.
  6. Well, I got the Sheridan. It's decent, but there is almost zero advantage to playing it over playing a medium. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Grister


      If you use the 152 on the Sheridan, you're doing something seriously wrong. The 105mm is far better.  

    3. Tman450


      Why play the Sheridan with 105? It just makes it a shitty medium. At least the 152 makes it a meme machine.

    4. Grister


      I could see the 152 being a good option only if they gave it a decent heat round. If you want to use the derp, just stick with the T49. At least then you'll see tier 7 tanks. 

  7. An M53/M55 just hit me on the move in my T49 for 1153 damage. Fuck arty, Fuck everyone who plays it, and most of all, Fuck Wargaming. 

  8. A CGC just direct hit me in my batchat 12t for only 423 damage. Welcome to the new age!

  9. This is it boys. The final hours of cancerous Object 261 AP pens, CGC's 1 shotting E100's, and Batshit arties clipping you into oblivion. A new dawn of slightly less bullshit arty awaits. 

    1. RC_Tank


      oh shit this is happening sooner than i thought

      just got hit for 1900 by a T92 in the E100, get the fuck out of here with that shit:kreygasm::kreygasm:

    2. Assassin7


      I was gonna play tonight, but the servers went down before I got home from work :(

      though on the other hand maybe that means I missed the 5 arty aside games that I've been seeing screenshots of lately

    3. leggasiini


      you lucky fuckers, on EU we have to suffer week longer :feelsbad: 

  10. The frontline mode is one of the best things to come to WoT in a long time. Definitely excited to see where development takes it.

    1. UnusualMedic


      it's so fucking awesome to play. I want it to make it to Live.

    2. Grister


      Yep, I feel like it allows for most classes to really come alive as they have room to breathe. TD's can really use their camo and accuracy, and Mediums actually have room to flank and maneuver. 

  11. Is the Lorraine worth $50? A premium autoloader sounds pretty fun. 

  12. Those reputation bonuses make a big difference... http://i.imgur.com/fcrY7ld.jpg
  13. It's a good tank. No better than the T62 or Object 155 though. The name for it in the garage is "Type 59 Legend* haha. It also has some pretty sweet camo.
  14. Garbad, you already playing AW? They wiped friends lists
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