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  1. #JustDownSyndromePubbieThings http://i.imgur.com/f4SZtLN.jpg

    1. Shade421


      M103 with 38 damage done...and no kill. #PRO

    2. General_Fault


      Did he even shoot anything or did he just get rammed?

  2. #JustDownSyndromePubbieThings version 2 http://i.imgur.com/ix03mfi.jpg

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    2. Grister


      I can't wait for AW to come out :/

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Lol, of ataraxis wasn't such a shitter I bet you would've won :P (don't tell him I said he was a shitter)

    4. Grister


      It's okay, I already told him.

  3. #JustWeekendTeamThings http://i.imgur.com/z06tTCV.jpg

    1. Luna


      oh pls, not even 5k? weakkkkk

    2. Adder1


      *looks at your damage, then looks at his own top damage, proceeds to feel inadequate*

    3. Grister


      If I had recognized that the game was a total loss earlier I could have farmed at least 2k more, but instead I tried to win :/

  4. Wargaming is scum. They literally try to squeeze as much money out of players as possible. Now they've moved on from blatant money grabs to breaking the law.


  5. Anyone need another person for skirmish 7?

  6. Anyone want a AW early access key? I have two.

  7. AW in 10 days! HYPE

    1. KaiKai


      and Witcher 3 till then \o/

    2. shwedor


      The hype is real, fuck Warfailing.

    3. westybig


      lord of war or your a peasant hype

  8. AW severs are down. Went to play WoT and made it 3 matches before realizing that WoT is dogshit and uninstalled.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I cant even fuck play cause this patch broke my game. Every match is 500+ ping.

    2. Grister


      Eh don't bother with WoT anyways. This patch added litterally nothing apart from some minor buffs and nerfs. There has been basically no new content for 2 years.

    3. Death_Rattle_Shakes
  9. best Ranzar yet.

    1. Constie


      Heartbreaking... not

    2. KnobbyHobbGoblin
    3. Evelyn


      ooookay that was a little creepy

  10. Forgot how much of a bully tank KV5 is http://i.imgur.com/AF4maX6.jpg

    1. NoobestNoob


      To be honest a well driven KV5 is way scarier than any other tier 8 tank when facing it on lower tiers, the speed/armor mix its has makes me cry i dont have one ;_;

    2. Hudstr22
  11. Fuck Wargaming and their shitty ghost shells. It would be nice if they were capable of fixing simple bugs.

    1. #NightWolf5628


      ghost shells... grrr..

  12. I did not expect to like WoWS :/

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    2. hallo1994


      You're overreacting about Torpedoes. Clearly youre not playing enough

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      DDs are like TDs: occasionally annoying if you really fuck up, but generally not too big of a threat. CV torp bombers on the other hand...

    4. Grister


      TD's can rarely yolo you and kill you from full HP. Destroyers are basically light tanks with the FV215b 183's gun in wot terms.

  13. I hate down syndrome pubbies :(http://i.imgur.com/j0FnQic.jpg

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    2. Grister


      Pubbies gonna be pubbies :'(

    3. Shifty_101st



    4. Grister


      There's a reason why I don't play this game much anymore :P

  14. I have acquired an EU account so I can finally play with my euro friends :D

  15. I just can't get into this game anymore. In the last 2 years WG has added basically nothing game changing. Glad AW enters CBT on the 27th

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      12 days brah, we're all gonna make it!

  16. I just got hit for 2,000 damage in my E100 by a T92. It was literally 1 minute into the game and I was moving...

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    2. Mami_Momoe


      Stop camping in heavy tanks, wow!!!

    3. EchelonIII


      learn to fucking dodge so he will miss and only do 1.1k

    4. KenadianCSJ


      Stop mobile camping scrub.

  17. I picked up the WZ111, and it's delightful! The mobility is better than the IS6, and the armor is very sturdy. Some people have complained about module damage, but I haven't had any issues with it yet. Also 250mm heat is a big plus when dealing with tier 9 heavies.

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    2. IputTheFunInFuneral


      Basically is6 trades turret armor and hull durability for a stronk lower-plate. The WZ has a better turret and upper plate but a paper lower plate.

    3. IputTheFunInFuneral


      @Ollie you are slightly right, i'd imagine pubs do slightly better in the is6, but I'm not sure if unicums will do slightly better in the WZ. It really depends on the viability of having a trash lower plate and stronk upper half.

    4. Grister


      The difference is the fact that you're actually able to hide the lower plate, when you cannot hide the turret.

  18. I was able to get one of the fallout 4 collectors editions! I thought they had sold out :D

  19. I'll sell my soul for an IS2 D:

    1. hiipanda


      buy chinese is2, switch files, save money.

    2. CarbonWard


      219 APCR is so much better than 250 HEAT though.

    3. Grister


      I want an IS that makes credits

  20. I'm looking for a team for the Carnival Parade events. PM me if you need another player.

  21. I'm so sick of the broken MM. One team should not have 6 heavies while the other team has 1.

    1. Grister


      It does when the other team has nothing with armor or HP.

  22. I'm trying to get my Match-up melee team ready, but organizing pubbies is just as easy as it sounds.

    1. Masterpupil2


      Welcome to the life of making teams. It's frustrating at first, but it all pays off in the ends.

    2. Grister


      I just had a guy say the only high tier tank he had was a T40. It's a tier 5 tourney...

    3. Grister



  23. I've been playing Warthunder, and I think the warthunder baddies are worse than the wot ones

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