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  1. https://i.imgur.com/ILsfDJD.png

    For those who can't/don't want to open. WG thinks 268v4 is balanced, buffs are completely possible.


    That's right.



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    2. Assassin7


      whoever did this Q&A has no idea what hes talking about. clearly.

      WG has literally stated officially that artillery caused camping. it was a big part of the rework. 

    3. EndlessAgony


      Somebody's been doing drugs again...

    4. simba90


      6 hours ago, EndlessAgony said:

      Somebody's been doing drugs again...

      implying that they stopped at some stage.

  2. Turned in an assignment at 11:59 (due at midnight, of course). 

    Now feel like saying hi to all the masochists here.



    Hello. o/

  3. tfw two IS's platooned can't outbrawl a single Caernarvon...



    1. sohojacques


      Caravan probably has the same dpm as 2 IS’s. My reload in it is 5.37 second without food. But yeah, your point still stands.

    2. DirtyACE7


      The two IS's probably didn't have one whole normally functioning brain between them.

  4. I've got a mindbogglingly simple yet lucrative suggestion (2 actually) to WG:


    Make spall liner negate half of splash damage (HE and arty)


    Create new equipment that will increase accuracy by 25%.


    Lock both behind gold. Watch the money roll in because who would've fucking thought that people dislike 25% RNG and arty.

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    2. Haswell


      Increasing accuracy by 25% won't do anything, RNG will still be present.

      Make it so it flat out reduces RNG instead.

    3. orzel286


      What? People dislike arta? B-but it's fair and balanced! It always was! :serb:

    4. Hellsfog


      Haven't they sort of done this with bonds and improved equipment, although not by 25%.

  5. I know asking the average WoT pubbie to think is asking borderline too much, but just once, ONCE, could they think and come to the conclusion that if they don't play artillery, that the game becomes better FOR THEM?

    Like, you are literally making the game more painful for yourself by playing artillery. I don't give a shit if they get lucky, if they go to retarded positions, or if they afk. JUST DON'T FUCKING PLAY ARTY.

  6. Why is Sand River with arty still a thing...

    1. sohojacques


      3 arty and your a HT on the assaulting side...RIP. One of my favourite maps in any other configuration though.

    2. FavreFan4ever


      Why is arty still a thing?

    3. Errants


      Because gun barrels need salty tears for lube.

  7. My fucking god the Cent 7/1 is so painful...


    That atrocious DPM....

    1. skyf24


      power creep yay! 

    2. Haswell


      Shoot prem HESH, because fuck everything about it.

  8. Best snapple flavour?

  9. Remove all tier 10 TDs and I can fucking guarantee you high tier games will be 20x more fun and equally less cancerous. (Removing arty is a given at this point)

    It's the goddamn truth that people don't fucking want to acknowledge. 

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    2. Tarski


      Would you be satisfied if they removed all the really high alpha tier 10 TDs but left the 263 and and Strv? 

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      Really, the game just needs more shit than can kill you in a single hit. Preferably across the map.

    4. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You



      idk what you're talking about... breaking this hell camp of GER TD KEMP BUSH (with another skorp g and a waffle 4 still unlight right next to the rhm and skorp g) was so fun and quick to do! :cri:

  10. Tfw mailand does more damage in a tier 7 light than 99% of people will ever do in any tier in this game...


    TL DR; 2,475 base exp

  11. So Anfield just got one-shotted in his 50B by some Mahou shitlord playing arty.

    I don't get blatant hypocrisy like this. I guarantee you that idiot bitches about arty and xvm/name/clan focus. Yet here we are..

    If you hate arty, don't fucking play it. If you don't like being focused because of who you are, what color your epeen is, or what clan you're in, then don't fucking focus someone else because of the above. If you do, you have no right to complain about it. Is that rocket science?

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    2. cpraf104


      No. But am I going to assume he's one of the few in Mahou who don't hate arty? No, because that's probably unlikely, especially considering the range of people who hate arty - which includes quite a few people who play arty pretty frequently. And considering just how large of a majority this group (arty-haters) is amongst unicums/super unicums, I would think it's logical to assume this sort of majority for Mahou and therefore the odds of this guy being an arty-hater. But please, I'm not in Mahou and you are, so if "Nerong__O_OII" doesn't hate arty and xvm focusing, by all means, I'm wrong and I'll have unfairly called him a hypocrite.

      And no, I wouldn't post about an 800 wn8 tomato. Because an 800 wn8 player is ignorant and unaware of just how bad player focus and arty are as a problem. They don't know better.

      A good player who plays arty and are xvm focusing, considering the quite favorable odds that he/she is not in favor of either, are doing so despite knowing that what they're doing is wrong. If that's not hypocrisy, I don't know what is. Us quibbling over whether your Mahou clanmate is actually an arty-hater or not does not change this broad fact.

    3. MonoPanda


      You could assume he knows who Anfield is and thus knows he is a danger to his team. For a fact arty is broken. If you use this mechanic to ruin the game for the better players you deserve the insults thrown at you. XVM and clantags make this possible ... being famous is however another problem.

      I entered the realm of xvm focus and I hate it. So many pubbies throw their tank away just to shoot me once.

    4. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      Arty is shit 

      Lt meta is ded

      Fuck arty

      Fuck especially my 53/55 that can't hit anything 

      Fuck everyone else's arty that I play which hits everything 

      Fuck arty

      Fuck pubs

      Fight cancer with cancer

      *loads up alt accounts with t10 arty to balance pubby shitters and trigger them *

      Aka hate the game not the player

      Fuck wg

      Although... arty players are... a particular breed

      (For those who point to my name, you're 3 years later to a joke)


  12. Full health me in M48 Patton against 330 health E100, he gets first shot off. 

    I bounce lower plate flat on.

    I hit for 300 with second shot.

    I take hit, finish him off, left with 100 health.

    Yeah, RNG isn't cancerous at all.

    1. skyf24


      Good feature of game, Da.

    2. garryallen


      Heh should have spent gold on premium ammunition. Pay and wargaming delivers, oh wait, they are making us pay for the kanonenjagdpanzer... Pay, and wargaming may give something that sometimes works.

  13. The amount I complain about pubbies being retarded would decrease tenfold if just the pubbies playing heavies would actually grow a pair of balls and be aggressive.

    The number of E100s or T110E5s I see that park behind a house against a tier 9 or god forbid a tier 8 (not even a heavy, but something like a TD or even a fucking medium) and proceed to sidescrape... QUIT PLAYING WITH YOUR FOOD AND JUST EAT IT

    1. skyf24


      had a maus hide behind my wz 111 1-4. i wasnt happy. if wg could make half decent tutorials, or even feature circon/foch here and there i bet the average pubby would do so much better

  14. Is the track repair delay a bug or a feature, anyone know?

    It's really fucking irritating when your track gets repaired and then that delay gives them just enough time to retrack you. The timing is especially perfect for Russian mediums.

    1. saru_richard


      I think its a bug

    2. zapyoug


      Its a feature, just like ghost shells 

    3. Gr1nch_1


      Wot doesnt have bugs lolwut. Its a feature. Same as the timer fuck up feature, platoon created feature and all that jazz. Kappa

  15. I swear the fucking Fatton viewrange is a fucking joke.

    The fuck is the point of having a giant cupola if I can't see shit.


    Getting outspotted by IS-7s, not being able to spot 50Bs at 350~ meters (with no concealment), it's getting really fucking irritating.

  16. Tier 8s and 9s are ruined by Skorpions.

    Tier 10s are ruined by usual pubtards and the crayon-eaters who're dusting off their tier 10s to shit on Skorpions.

    Played 10 games, lost all but 1 or 2. Yep, I'm staying off tanks for at least this weekend.

    1. skyf24


      play a T49 or blackhund, HE pens for days

    2. Flaksmith


      What's up with these new swedish tanks I'm hearing about?

  17. Tanking Verac - he hits a couple single digits on me, an occasional teen, but mostly misses.

    Praying against Verac - suddenly becomes jesus and hits consecutive teens.


  18. I just love how the most retarded and useless players on your team are generally the TD players. Not the arty, but the TDs. 

    At least you're not losing valuable, proper tanks when people play arty. But shitters in TDs? Bar the 1/10 game where the enemy team is retarded enough to yolo into the base campers, they all just sit, wait for your team to die, and then get one, maybe a couple shots, off before they die. Most of them not even that because they have no clue how to play any way but camp. (Not that they even camp right).

    I challenge you, the team with more TDs will usually lose. 

    1. Assassin7


      The team with more TDs will usually lose if its a significant number more, but not because they all camp. Its because TDs in general dont have the ability to flex, or push, or flank. They only have holding power, but some dont even have that. (roomba)


      Which is why turreted TDs or fast TDs like the Grille or hellcat can(/could) be extremely powerful - because you give them the ability to flex, or push, and be aggressive, rather than just hold. 

    2. cpraf104


      I agree, but I think a more significant factor is that the majority of TD players also have no clue how to play and therefore only exacerbate the fact that you pointed out. They don't know how to use what little carry potential TDs have.

    3. Assassin7
  19. vnKkoSU.jpg

    Siegfried Line. IS-4 and one of the E5s went field. 15-1 slaughter. One of the easiest, most heavy-friendly maps in the game, and pubbies insist on being retarded.

    :facepalm:      I think I know why they buffed the E5 that long time ago.

    1. saru_richard


      eh in my opinion i think Westfeild is more E5 friendly but god damn how bad you have to be to go field in a heavy on Seigreid line especially if your tank has crap gun depression 

  20. Here's your daily dose of "Fuck Malinovka".

    Probably the worst map in the game in terms of pubbies playing it correctly. 

    You can tell whether your team will win or lose based on team deployment 30 seconds into the game, because pubbies are too retarded to understand that the south push is hit/miss, and hill is without a doubt the most important part of the map, and 9/10 games your entire team just withdraws to their respective quarter of the map and just line up for slaughter.

    So yeah. Fuck Malinovka, and honestly, fuck you if you like that map, it doesn't deserve a place in this game.

  21. Play heavy tank, get Prok with CGC and 155 58, lose half of health to arty, other half to balanced TDs.


    Yep, it's totally gold ammo that kills heavies. Not retarded maps or retarded game mechanics or broken classes. All gold ammo.

  22. Bought back the 140 (ragesold it ages ago because getting set on fire and ammoracked every other match got old quick).

    Prepare for the warpeck fires and ammoracks bois

  23. Fire up tanks, play about 10 ish games, lose all but 1 or 2, all losses the team is down half a dozen tanks within a few minutes because surviving is hard.

    Back to payday 2 and runescape it is.

  24. Every single time some undeserving pubtard survives or doesn't take damage because of the retarded amount of RNG in this game I want to go full Gordon Ramsay on the WG Minsk devs. Drop a couple of impassioned F-bombs, call them delusional and stupid.

    1. kreigermann


      See, I READ Gordon Ramsay, but comprehended Ramsay Bolton....  Would be more fitting for the +/-25%RNG is "fine" group.


  25. Why the fuck is Malinovka in the game?

    Every single game I've played on that garbage map today has been over 10 minutes, usually 12. Every single time it's a TD-infested shitshow where nobody can move because chaisniping TDs who barely move from base can jerk off with one hand while clicking you for chunks of your hand with the other.

    "oh but it's the one map where you can play vision games"

    You can kiss my damn ass if you think vision games mean 15 minute campfests where everyone hides until some poor sod yolos in, spots everything, dies, and then everything goes back to camping within 2 minutes. 

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    2. Private_Miros


      It's an utter crap map.


      It's also one of the best in the game currently.

    3. Vindi


      malinovka is the shittiest whore map in the game tbh

    4. zapyoug


      as far as legitimately badly designed maps, I would say airfield is the single worst designed map in the whole game 

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