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  1. Do everyone a favor and if you xvm-snipe, go fuck yourself with a cactus.

    Shit gets old real fucking quick.

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    2. Android25


      Stop being good and I'll stop seeing you as a threat to be dealt with ^^

    3. MonoPanda


      How can you tell you are getting sniped? Better players are mostly in the front engagements while not being arty safe at all. People shoot what they see first and are able to do Dmg to. I can only tell when an autoloader rushes me to empty his clip with him dead and me on low health and arty players still aiming at me even when I am unspotted for more than 20 seconds.

    4. cpraf104


      Multiple people spotted and I'm always the one getting artied, even when there's people who're more vulnerable. The most sure-fire way to tell is if you relocate and the arty shells keep coming once you're spotted.

      I'm fairly certain that xvm-sniping happens unconsciously as well. You might not know that you're doing it, but the moment you decide to target a player because he's the best player on their team is when you become an xvm sniper.

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