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  1. https://i.imgur.com/ILsfDJD.png

    For those who can't/don't want to open. WG thinks 268v4 is balanced, buffs are completely possible.


    That's right.



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    2. Assassin7


      whoever did this Q&A has no idea what hes talking about. clearly.

      WG has literally stated officially that artillery caused camping. it was a big part of the rework. 

    3. EndlessAgony


      Somebody's been doing drugs again...

    4. simba90


      6 hours ago, EndlessAgony said:

      Somebody's been doing drugs again...

      implying that they stopped at some stage.

  2. Turned in an assignment at 11:59 (due at midnight, of course). 

    Now feel like saying hi to all the masochists here.



    Hello. o/

  3. tfw two IS's platooned can't outbrawl a single Caernarvon...



    1. sohojacques


      Caravan probably has the same dpm as 2 IS’s. My reload in it is 5.37 second without food. But yeah, your point still stands.

    2. DirtyACE7


      The two IS's probably didn't have one whole normally functioning brain between them.

  4. I've got a mindbogglingly simple yet lucrative suggestion (2 actually) to WG:


    Make spall liner negate half of splash damage (HE and arty)


    Create new equipment that will increase accuracy by 25%.


    Lock both behind gold. Watch the money roll in because who would've fucking thought that people dislike 25% RNG and arty.

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    2. Haswell


      Increasing accuracy by 25% won't do anything, RNG will still be present.

      Make it so it flat out reduces RNG instead.

    3. orzel286


      What? People dislike arta? B-but it's fair and balanced! It always was! :serb:

    4. Hellsfog


      Haven't they sort of done this with bonds and improved equipment, although not by 25%.

  5. I know asking the average WoT pubbie to think is asking borderline too much, but just once, ONCE, could they think and come to the conclusion that if they don't play artillery, that the game becomes better FOR THEM?

    Like, you are literally making the game more painful for yourself by playing artillery. I don't give a shit if they get lucky, if they go to retarded positions, or if they afk. JUST DON'T FUCKING PLAY ARTY.

  6. Why is Sand River with arty still a thing...

    1. sohojacques


      3 arty and your a HT on the assaulting side...RIP. One of my favourite maps in any other configuration though.

    2. FavreFan4ever


      Why is arty still a thing?

    3. Errants


      Because gun barrels need salty tears for lube.

  7. My fucking god the Cent 7/1 is so painful...


    That atrocious DPM....

    1. skyf24


      power creep yay! 

    2. Haswell


      Shoot prem HESH, because fuck everything about it.

  8. Guys, this is all just one big ruse to revive the low/mid tiers by going full Bane to the Batman that is tier 9 and 10. Seriously.
  9. Yeah, I've also started playing again after not playing since last March. I don't hate playing low tiers like I used to, and a lot of it I find is because of how badly they've fucked up tier 8+, especially tier 10. It'll only get worse with the 9.22 Russian tank additions
  10. Yeah, I was just about to come here and say the same thing. I guess I'll never return to playing my tier 10s and 9s if shit like this is getting pushed to live...
  11. overwatch comp is almost as aids as tanks pub matches. Doesn't help that plat is where people play with their hearts and not their minds. Basically every match telling my teammates to stop tilting/calm the fuck down.
  12. This guy is a runescape streamer and has a bunch of headbanging cats on his overlay, figured all you kitty lovers would be at least somewhat amused. twitch.tv/zulu
  13. cpraf104


    I actually dared to continue playing competitive, and I felt like playing Rein, so dammit I played Rein for 7~ games. Won all but 1. Went from 2503 to 2700~. FeelsGoodMan. Back to runescape
  14. Why would you platoon up with other purples when you're hunting marks... And really just stop playing when you start to get frustrated, applies to any game, really. Especially to tanks, considering the potential for getting fucked in the ass.
  15. cpraf104


    Holy balls it took a while (including all of last season where I got within 1 game 3 times but then dropped like a sack of shit) but I'm finally plat. And there goes all my motivation to bother playing Overwatch
  16. Didn't they say that the next patch would be purely optimization? At least that's what I heard. And holy cow Twitch is just a flood of battlegrounds streams. Doesn't matter if they main CS, Overwatch, or even fucking Runescape, just about everybody is playing. Summit was hitting 50k viewers at one point streaming battlegrounds, jesus fuck.
  17. Isn't like half of Wotlabs on "hiatus" from WoT?
  18. Foch 155: 17 - 3 = 14. Self-explanatory, literally nothing going for it. The fact that it's so forgotten and buried that people forgot to rate this down before things like the IS-4 and FV215b 183 shows how bad it is. STB-1: 20 + 1 = 21. Absolutely insane when you do everything right. Combination of profile, usable armor in the right places, and DPM. Obviously the gun handling leaves something to be desired, but I don't think it's as bad as a lot of people make it out to be.
  19. Best snapple flavour?

  20. Remove all tier 10 TDs and I can fucking guarantee you high tier games will be 20x more fun and equally less cancerous. (Removing arty is a given at this point)

    It's the goddamn truth that people don't fucking want to acknowledge. 

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    2. Tarski


      Would you be satisfied if they removed all the really high alpha tier 10 TDs but left the 263 and and Strv? 

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      Really, the game just needs more shit than can kill you in a single hit. Preferably across the map.

    4. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You



      idk what you're talking about... breaking this hell camp of GER TD KEMP BUSH (with another skorp g and a waffle 4 still unlight right next to the rhm and skorp g) was so fun and quick to do! :cri:

  21. cpraf104

    Object 252U

    Circon's playing on a 252 test account right now and honestly it does not seem that impressive. Like nobody shoots the retarded pike anyways and your lower plate is pretty big and relatively weak. And the gun is hella derpy, despite what the stats might indicate. He keeps saying why this when the Patriot is in the game. But hey, it has that one trick where its upper pike is basically unpenetrable, so it must be good, da? In all seriousness, it doesn't seem to fill the IS-3's role any better than the IS-3. Same bullying capability made even more retardproof because of armor, less bullshit side armor, and ebola gun. Remind me why this tank is causing such a shitstorm? I mean I guess this thing's better than all the other russian tier 8 heavies if you want armor that can somewhat stand up to tier 10s, but at that point why are you playing tier 8, then? Just play a tier 9 or 10.
  22. I've learned to not really rely on the frontal armor for anything with more than 200~ pen. I know for a fact that the lower plate is a reliable pen for IS-3s, and the upper isn't that much stronger, either. The turret cheeks are also very weak and relatively easy to hit, and then you also have the cupolas. Honestly it seems like the tank's armor actually works better when you're angling against multiple tanks, because first of all you inadvertently and chaotically wiggle the shit out of your tank + turret, making weakspots harder to hit. Plus now they're tempted to try sniping your sides, but you can sort of bait out those auto-bounces, etc. That being said, I'm no expert on the Super P. I guess it all just comes down to knowing what tanks you can bully and what tanks you have to be careful against. And praying for good RNG so the tomato IS-6 doesn't hit all his AP snapshots on your cupola
  23. cpraf104


    "I don't know how to play Rein (so I'll continue being a mediocre Zarya/Winston/Roadhog/D.va even though the team's getting wiped because the enemy Rein gets free earthshatters)" "I can play any healer except Ana, I can't aim for shit (Hitting roadhog sized hitboxes is hard at 5 meters. What's mouse sensitivity?)" "It's fine, I can solo heal. Picks lucio ("Lucio is the only one that can solo heal you fucking retard")" Low ranks in a nutshell. I've gotten to 2460~ 3 times now and then gotten dumpstered back to 2300~.
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