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  1. btw if anyone ever wants to chill in my pretty quiet discord, just pm me
  2. I too am a terribly crap average player like you, maybe even worse in recent days, but I bought the t62a eventually [I had the 140 already] (after having it unlocked for ages and ages, mainly b/c most credits went into other new tier 10's like the 113) here's my baddy 140 stats (my second tier 10) here's my terrible 62a stats (with slightly less crew skills) As You can see, I'm terrible in both, but to be honest, I prefer my 140 over my 62a, in both pubs and clan wars... it might be because i have vastly more games in my 140, but I feel like i can abuse and utilize the 140's extra degree of gun depression (amongst other things) more than the 62a's turret (amongst other things), I also think the 62a is slightly slower? I feel that the object 140 has a bit more needed agility and workability overall than the t62 in majority of situations. I'd recommend using the gun leading to the 140 on the t54 (obviously... IIRC) and then get the 140, then the 62a if you honestly feel like having another ru med..... (if you do you are a filthy masochist ) I also abhor playing my t54 (fucking bored outa my mind playing that in tier 9 platoons), which might've factored into me not liking the 62a, as its basically the t54 with slight upgrades vs the 140 which has a semi different playstyle to fully utilize its pro's (took me a few hundred battles to realize this) TL:DR From 1 baddy to another, I like my object 140 more than my 62a b/c Extra gun depression is actually a lot of shots + slight agility I uh.. heard stuff about the differences in frontal armor but I dont really care/rely on that at all so.... ask the more better and informed players
  3. wait.... so i can bring the 13 57 into tier 6 SH? sounds like cancer fun
  4. _Silen-Last Thursday at 5:56 PM http://i.imgur.com/eI1sI8w.jpg goes from 4.54 to 7.81(edited) holy fuck _Clicker-Yesterday at 2:13 PM wat mal rating went from terrible to decent? whoa wierd http://puu.sh/vcAjp/590f933046.png oh apparently its full cgi anime
  5. It's a clan and it does things.... so already better than most of NA kek
  6. So someone enlighten me on how to play 57ht on west spawn sand river on south side :feelsbad:

  7. @Assassin7yesterday of 2 days ago silen watched it @LordSilen said slight spoilers but not really, but if you wanna go super blind just skip over the first thing he typed (1 points of 4)
  8. yup pretty dank and good for community nights, take it while its free gents
  9. Gorillaz HYPE, 4 Singles dropped at the same time, and new album releasing on April 28th!








  10. imo log horizon s2 was a slow burn, not a good one, but still better than most of sao i like log horizon tho, s1 was great, and s2 was decent
  11. this was a sad but fun defeat de3a0cbb7a.jpg

    if anyone really wants to see how a baddie plays, have the replay link http://wotreplays.com/site/3419598#live_oaks-gymleader_erika-t-62a

  12. subjugator manga is purty gud my dude i was reading it a few weeks ago
  13. When i do this when playing (aka communicating what i be doing and thinking to plat mates) I play better, because its quite different playstyle than me turning brain off and having fun (by doing stupid things) tl:dr saying out thought processes increases productivity in tanks over being stupid for fun if you want to watch someone akin to a pub whisperer, I'd recommend @zapyoug aka abandoned spirit on NA (usually plays on NA West) on the other hand there's also @Va1heru on SEA, who delightfully likes to chill w/ stream and farm pubbies and get wrecked by same pubbies w/ their pubbie logic a few games later
  14. AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 39 Löwe: 45 T26E5 (Patriot): 45 + 1 = 46 heaviums and meavies are my favorite tanks to play, I prefer this over lowe playstyle tbh, 112: 20-3 = 17 better than the wz 111, still not that good, and not better than the other 3 tanks left
  15. I wonder How the Mauschen is, I see a ton of Maus and VK 100.01P, but i guess no one wanted to buy/freexp to the mauschen yet

  16. I liked the maus b4 buff... and jagzilla for that matter.... tried my buddies and tried to see how much dmg i could soak up https://puu.sh/ugXrg/e2388df8b5.jpg
  17. TL:DR 23.7k+ Blocked
    Letting Baddies Shoot you to see how much you can Block in new buffed Maus is fun


    1. sohojacques


      That is fucking mental

  18. fucking GER TD kemp bush


    1. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You
    2. MacusFlash


      Hard kemp rekt without cancer?


    3. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      oh yea, there was also another skorp g, and a waffle 4 in j4 and j5 -_-

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