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    ieatcookies reacted to woe2you in I'm Spotted, You're blocking my line of fire mods   
    WG devs have massive amounts of data on the game and how it works. What you have is the statistically irrelevant opinion of the 3k WN8 player.
    You should probably pay a lot more attention to the 1k WN8 player, because there are thousands of him for every one of you.
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    Twink would suffice
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    If you're worried about vr, drop camo on your commander, train 100% situational and start training recon. Dropping vents for optics on the stb I think is really bad. Other tier 10 meds I would say up to you, not much difference. But the stb gains so much I think from vents. I 3 marked mine with your set-up and a 460m vr 
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    ieatcookies reacted to jackquerudo in It's Time To Change Things Up- Workout Edition   
    Supplements are shit. All you need is protein, BCAA, and creatine. Just don't be a vegan or anything
    Don't be a bitch and lift heavy, anything you can do over 12 reps is too light
    Don't be a curl bro, that shit's so 2000's
    Form > ego-weights
    Eat clean, no pop, no candy
    Eat your greens
    For more information look here: http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html
    the one time /fit/ is actually useful
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    Download Pokemon GO.
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    ieatcookies reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in The Kanonenjagdpanzer - E-25's disabled big brother   
    Guys, it's still the lowest tier 8 WR on vbaddict by a margin at 45.8%. A little shell game with its stats isn't going to bring it up to viable, it needs significant buffs and/or the maps to stop hating long range. Even the Panther 8,8 won't eat at the same table with it in the tank cafeteria.
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    ieatcookies got a reaction from Tarski in Name and Shame Part II Probably Sponsored by Universal Studios and Chrysler   
    This doofus in his IS-4 sat there and let me pump 5 APCR rounds right through his driver's hatch on Tank Alley in Himmelsdorf, and he couldn't hit me because by the time he would get around to shooting at me, I'd have already hit him then ducked back into cover with time to spare. Then he demands a 1v1 after I literally took all of his hp without reply? 
    What's up with Latino players--especially the ones from Argentina--and their eMachismo? I should have triggered him by mentioning the Falklands.
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    ieatcookies reacted to CarbonWard in Skoda T50 goldspam "challenge"   
    Also, your crew skills is literally triggering me.
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    ieatcookies reacted to StormCrowReaperManyHats in Sandbox   
    Fuck the sandbox. I've fixed the balance issues with the game in two minutes single handedly.

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    ieatcookies reacted to Rexxie in Sandbox   
    You have to, and that's the current status quo. Arty is intentionally terrible and TDs are intentionally bad. Heavies are intentionally better. If all classes were perfectly balanced, you'd have a humongous amount of players in SPG and TDs. "Sniper" classes tend to be the most popular class, most games subvert this problem by making them intentionally worse for the vast majority of players, usually by requiring the most skill. WoT does the exact opposite and makes them the easiest classes, but still makes them intentionally horrible.
    If you're already fidgeting class balance away from perfectly equal, it only makes sense to go the extra mile and guide players into the class that creates the "best" meta. Having a medium, td, arty, or light meta would be horrendous for the game. Its in WG's best interests to avoid it. "No class should be better than another." is short-sighted optimism.
    The question is really "Where do you draw the line?". Heavies are already by far the most powerful class in every tier below 8 (and are still better above 8, just not by as much), the maps already favor them, and they are the most popular tank class by quite a wide margin. I really don't know where WG plans to take the game if they think that the game doesn't favor heavies enough already.
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    ieatcookies reacted to Alex5978 in Support Tank Guides   
    If you don't like playing the TVP so much, skip it.  It's a game, it should be fun.
    If you want to learn and get better, take the advice.
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    ieatcookies reacted to zapyoug in So at what point does 'random' stop being random?   
    Pubbie, you are on the wrong forums
    go be retarded where you belong
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    ieatcookies got a reaction from StormCrowReaperManyHats in Elimination: Maps   
    Westfield - 32
    Pearl River - 31
    Karelia - 31
    Komarin - 21-3=18 When you rework a map FOUR times and it's still terrible, it should go into the wood chipper permanently and not inflict it on lower tiers. 
    Live Oaks - 30
    Siegfried Line 27
    Lakeville - 30
    Malinovka - 33 
    Mittengard - 24
    Abbey - 18
    Murovanka - 30
    Mountain Pass - 27
    Port - 30
    Province - 30
    Prokhorovka - 24
    Redshire - 32
    Mines - 27
    Ruinberg - 27
    Fisherman's Bay - 25
    Northwest - 30
    Hidden Village - 30
    Steppes - 30+1 Favourite map. It plays out in broadly the same manner every match, but I like how mid-late game you can pass across the wide open middle to provide support without getting shot because everyone is focused on their little battle going on. Decrease hard cover at the caps, provide a little relief across the middle, and raise up the two valleys and you'd have an amazing vision map.
    Serene Coast - 27
    Swamp - 27
    Tundra - 27 
    Widepark - 30
    Cliff - 30
    Fjords - 27
    Highway - 30
    Himmelsdorf - 31 
    Dragon Ridge - 31-3=28 When the map first appeared, literally 80% of the map could not be traversed and the heat map showed everyone played on approximately 10% of the total surface of the map. After the rework you could not traverse over a far more acceptable 70% of the map.
    Ensk -  30 
    South Coast - 31
    Overlord - 30
    Stalingrad - 15
    Windstorm - 21-3=18 A map that manages to simultaneously botch both the vision meta and corridor meta and creates a terrible mess that plays out the exact same way every match. It's neither a city map nor an open map. It's just bad.
    Arctic Region - 30
    Sacred Valley - 30
    Severogorsk - 21
    Kharkov - 30
    Erlenberg - 31
    Airfield - 24 - 
    Sand River - 31
    El Halluf - 28
    Pilsen - 30
    Something I know everyone around here notices is how absolutely terrible Wargaming is at maximizing terrain usefulness. Almost all of the original Dragon Ridge was impassable, The lake and mountains of Lakeville make over half of it impassable, and the same goes for Mountain Pass and Fjords. God forbid players are allowed room to maneuver on a map using vehicles designed for maneuver warfare... 
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    ieatcookies reacted to GehakteMolen in Sandbox   
    To quote myself from half a year ago:
    Incase WG dev reading, you can thank me later by putting my name in the EULA: Changes powered by GM
    (same text as in link)
    The following points are key:
    Many players are terrible, joe avg sucks, especially in a casual game like wot, many daddys and young kids WG wants many players, especially casual`s and daddy`s This means the game needs to be designed in suchs way that joe avg can have fun, BUT
    There are also good players A game needs good players to which joe avg can look up to, so he has a reason to improve (like some1 said above, those lol pro`s, all 1337 wannabees want to be like them So what WG needs to do is offer a game in which joe avg can do reasonable well (``pwn``) while it should also have depth (check) and complexity (check) to reward good players.
    THE most important thing is thus that all the bads are channeled in a certain direction, in wot that means they either all play arty, TDs or heavys.
    Go guess whats the best for both bads and unicums?
    If all bads play:
    Arty they can pwn once in a while due to RNG, but its incredible retarded for the rest (no explanation needed) TD`s, we saw that in 8.6-9.6, tier 9/10 TDs everywhere, almost as retarded as arty-party`s, except now the bads also cry, due to gold ammo and ``OP mediums`` (camo (ab)used etc) Heavys, we saw that in beta and now (a bit) If all idiots truck along in heavys, they can not:
    Suicide rush Herp Derp yolo better players (or atleast, not how an T62 can fuck a purple KT, because ``purple must die``) Bomb people on the other side of the map (like arty can) Camping wont be reward, since no camo / relative poor gun (compared to TDs) It does reward going forward and doing something, since standing in the base means crap game after crap game, if they all herp-derp to some random places they can do something.
    It also alows them to ``pwn`` something once in a while.
    Having all joe avg in heavys is for unicums also better since:
    You wont be yoloed by bat chats No 5 arty every game to fk u No 6 TDs defending base Your team might actually do something (since all a heavy can do is crawl forward and stomp the other team head on) So if WG wants to make wot succesfull: Heavys need to be the best class by some margin for average players!!
    How? Thats something WG needs to figure out, the map changes of last year atleast made heavys good, but it made mediums frustrating, not less powerfull as class, same for TDs, give back old maps and everything is back to the old again. I think jey changes are the following:
    Remove HE penetrations, completely, and remove AP / HEAT for arty (less one-shots, good for everyone) Reduce HEAT / APCR dmg with 20% Rebalance tanks effected by the above, E100 more AP pen and less hitpoints, give some tanks new ammo (either to buff or to nerf them) Remove certain OP gold ammo alltogether, like T54 HEAT, give it 275 APCR like M46 has and its fine Undo the camo changes, so it stacks again, so a Jp-E100 in a bush has 0 camo, since 0 base camo x 25% bush camo = 0 camo With the above changes, the game will be way better, an even bigger change could be by adding tier 11 heavy tanks, and give tier 10 TDs and tier 10 arty -1/+1 mm, so they can only figh tier 9-11 and not tier 8, tier 11 heavys might be very hard to find though + it opens crying tier 11 mediums and TDs (which we dont need...)
    Heavy tanks should be dominant, so joe avg can drive around with those, if heavys are tanks are more powerfull the game is better, and anyone thinking that World of heavy tanks is worse as World of Arty of World of camping tier 10 TDs is an idiot, and NO idiots can not play mediums, so you can choose, arty, TDs, or heavys..., i know what i choose....
    ps: there will always be a class ``dominant`` in terms of sheer numbers and general meta, always, and since that is a given, its for me a no-brainer which class that should be...
    It seems like these changes will do all the above, no more arty pens, heavy becoming noob proof, mediums too hard 4 noobs, no more OP gold ammo and camping wont be rewarded anymore.
    If the changes work out as i hope they will, the game will improve vastly, if wg fuck it up (like 30% pen drop on AP and a accuracy nerf???) it will just greatly change the game, and not reall improve it.
    But overall having heavys as ``the best`` is good, since for my sanity, and for unicums (unicums, not gold spamming red line campers who farm purple numbers in E50): morons in heavys > morons in mediums > morons in TDs > morons in arty, we had them first in arty, after 8.6 in TDs, now in mediums and autoloaders, and hopefull in 9.16 in heavys.....
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    ieatcookies reacted to Unavailebow in Elimination: Maps   
    Nol worry comrades, we ill make d maps 1200x1200 based on Everest 
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    ieatcookies reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in Elimination: Tier 8   
    I'm from the future, the cruiser IV wins
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    ieatcookies reacted to Fulcrous in Interesting Premium Tank Mechanic Idea   
    > Implying WG knows anything.
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    ieatcookies reacted to Fulcrous in Interesting Premium Tank Mechanic Idea   
    Just have pref mm on regular prems. Fucking simple really.
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    ieatcookies got a reaction from Monkey in Elimination: Tier 8   
    He's the only superunicum who plays it, so he alone is responsible for it being there.
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    ieatcookies got a reaction from BoilerBandsman in Elimination: Tier 8   
    He's the only superunicum who plays it, so he alone is responsible for it being there.
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    ieatcookies got a reaction from HapcDave in Elimination: Tier 8   
    He's the only superunicum who plays it, so he alone is responsible for it being there.
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    ieatcookies got a reaction from NoobestNoob in Elimination: Tier 8   
    He's the only superunicum who plays it, so he alone is responsible for it being there.
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    ieatcookies got a reaction from Tarski in Elimination: Tier 8   
    He's the only superunicum who plays it, so he alone is responsible for it being there.
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    ieatcookies got a reaction from DHP in Elimination: Tier 8   
    He's the only superunicum who plays it, so he alone is responsible for it being there.
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