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  1. Ok, first things first. I apologize for not continuing on this thread. Second, yes, it is dead and I will not be maintaining it. I just have too many projects that I am juggling and have to have some priorities. I do keep up with my social media pretty well though and I do try to get to every question there. So if you want to get answers, tweet them at me or catch me during the Twitch stream! Thanks! I have not really noticed the ammo rack being a problem on the E5 (any more so than any other tank). Sometimes you just get a run of bad luck. At least now there are reusable consumables! My favorite premium 8 at that time was the AMX CDC (for normal MM) and the FCM 50t (for preferred MM). The IS-6 is still pretty good, but it has been crept a bit so it is not quite as beasty as it was in yesteryears. Always be moving laterally, never be driving directly towards/away from there. Do not close the gap any more than you have to in order to be at a range where you can reliably shoot them with your own gun. This is an excellent point that I did not think of (obviously). Thanks for this tip! I like using tank cards because they are color coded and have some information regarding the tanks. You can see a breakdown of that information here:
  2. I spent four years to get a BS in biology and another four years to get a PhD in pharmacology. It depends on how many skills you have. I am one of those people who believe in repairs over camo for most mediums. For the gunner, I get snap shot, but that tends to be after repairs for the Russian mediums (because their dispersion is pretty manageable). For the driver, I like the mobility skills (Clutch Braking and Off-Road Driving). For the loader, absolutely make sure you get Safe Stowage. If you have three skills across your crew, you should respec to Brothers in Arms. Typically, it is better to be slightly more aggressive in the early game to challenge for strategically important areas on the map and then slightly more conservative when holding those areas. If you find yourself becoming unfocused, I always recommend taking a short break. Go, stretch your legs, get a drink, see what is on television. Then come back and play again. I can not recommend any drug therapies to enhance your video game experience...
  3. I had already answered this question to you in PM, but for posterity's sake... Yes, this is something we are interested in. I was thinking more of a strongholds 8's format for a myriad of reasons. I would be willing to set up some prizes myself for both teams. I do need a bit of time though and I was thinking sometime next month-ish (February), schedule willing. Yes, I think my style of play would be fine on the SEA server. Remember, it is not blind aggression that we emphasize as much as "take what the enemy gives you". I am a neuropharmacologist. Woo!
  4. It is pretty dependent on the situation. Getting early intel (especially for free) is always good, imo. You should then look and see what your team behind you is doing. If they are in position to assist you, you can hold the position. If they are not in position (or are sorely outnumbered/overpowered by what you spot), you are better off falling back into a more defensive position or relocating elsewhere entirely (depending on the speed of your tank). The FCM is not a very good front line tank, but it is a relatively quick tank. Once you start to feel the noose tighten around your neck, make sure you can get out or can be saved by your teammates.
  5. I think it is a good idea. However, I do not personally have the free time to oversee such an endeavor. Just keeping up with all of my stream commitments takes a lot of time! Sure, I do not think that it even needs to be "competitive". Having scrimmages makes training callers easier and makes everyone sharper. Nah, I am not really the gambling type. I am more the seafood buffet type... Yeah, we have a lot of content on that topic, I think. Basically, my theory is that you push towards areas of strategic importance, but keep an eye on what your team is doing and react accordingly. If you do not have much support, take a less aggressive position. If you have a lot of support, take a more aggressive position. The relative compositions on the team will also dictate your disposition. There is no easy answer for what to do with a bad dispersion. It really depends on the tank you are in, the map and the team compositions. A lot of the time you just have to do your best with what you have. It is like you are MacGyver and you have to get past the guards and disarm the bomb... with a paperclip and some Jello.
  6. http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000022736/ So, I have decided to set up the framework for a stream/training clan. For the time being, this will just be a social clan. Once I get a bit more free time, I would like to begin running training sessions and getting everyone up to speed on stronghold play, tournament play and team play in general. Until then, I want this to be a clan where you can hang out and play with other people that also want to improve. We have a TeamSpeak server (zeven.tsservers.com) for us to work with, although I still need to set up the permissions structure for the clan. I am hoping to get that done for everyone this week. There will never be any WN8 or win rate requirements for this clan and it is highly unlikely we will ever engage in clan wars. We might do some clan tournaments down the line and will likely do some strongholds and things like that. The only requirement is to not be a douche. You are free to come and go as you please. If we need to make room on the roster, it will be based upon activity. If you would like to join us, contact me in game, in the forums or in the stream and I will talk to you first. Let us work on improving our gameplay together!
  7. Not quite yet. I still do not yet have the extra free time that I was anticipating. If/when we do the training clan thing, it will take up a lot of my time/effort to set up things the way I want (correctly) to have a good framework for those involved. I am hoping to have more information on this by the end of the November. My opinion has always been that if you are not having fun playing a specific video game with your recreational time, you should really find a different video game that you will have fun playing! There is a difference between getting through tedious portions of a game to get to the fun portions (all progression games are grindy to some extent) and playing a game that is just boring throughout. Only you can figure out what the game means to you. I have this thing about free damages. I am not someone who wants people to farm their own team's health to get their damage, but I always want people to recognize when they can get free damage. Free damage is damage that is going to be available regardless (usually when enemies are forced to drive across open areas) and comes with little to no cost to you (they usually do not have the time or positioning to stop). Tasty free damages...
  8. So, at that point, the enemy team had two TD's and one light tank left. Your team had three mediums (including two top tier) and one TD. Their play is going to be to camp with the TD's and have the light tank someplace where he can spot your approach. Flanking is good, but the field approach that you took is the most easily defended side given their composition (as you ended up seeing, the light tank had your position frozen out and you could not approach any further). Your team was still too far back to assist you anyways (the Object 430v2 and T28 prototype were effectively out of the game) and you were running out of time. It is not your "fault", any one of the tanks left on your team could have gone through D6 to light their team and win the game. In my opinion, D6 was absolutely required for your field position to be worthwhile (unless all of their tanks were in camping in A2).
  9. I have had fun so far. The game seems purposefully quicker than WoT in many regards. Faceoffs can be slow (no premium rounds makes armor relevant), but flanking can be devastating, which puts positioning and gap control at a premium. I like how the commander/crew system works and various other quality of life upgrades outside the game itself. Overall, it is definitely still a beta project and many aspects still feel pretty shallow (PvE, crew skills, end game, etc.), but it is a fun change of pace. I am currently enjoying figuring out the playstyle of the different types of tanks. I have played MBT's to tier 6 and am working on a tier 5 AFV right now. I do not follow battalions much, but my impression is that every clan is a social clan. I do not think there are any "hardcore" AW battalion's out there, so find one with some people you know or make one with your friends! You can always join a serious battalion when the end game becomes more serious. I will still be playing WoT and WoWS, but for now I am working on figuring out new AW classes. I enjoy learning new things, so I am having fun playing AW, so AW will be played...
  10. It is still in the works and I should have an answer/proposal within the next couple weeks. I have been very busy in real life lately, so I have not been able to spend as much time as I would like balancing all the administrative work of the stream (YouTube, forums, Twitter, etc.). I have also been trying to crush my learning curve in Armored Warfare (but that is the fun bit)...
  11. I do not think you can really worry too much about how well your teammates are performing in any single match. If you look at just your positioning (and I do not think your team did that well), this was still a winnable game. Going south is fine given the compositions and lack of artillery. I think you traded pretty well there. You need to watch your team the entire time. Your team lost the middle and did not attempt to win the north, so it was all on the south team to trade well and quickly. Going back through the middle from the west is fine, but when the WZ and the PTA were one shot, you inexplicably move about 30m east. This results in two negative things. You do not really gain any meaningful firing solutions (and lose the best one on the two one shot tanks below you). You also expose yourself to additional lanes of fire (especially if any enemy came back through E4). If you remained in that initial position, you could have finished off those two tanks below without significantly increasing your risk (by keeping the entire enemy team in front of you). You can then assess that they were not going to try to put cap pressure on you and deal with the rest. Moving forward put you in a bad position (the same bad position the WZ and PTA were in) by allowing incoming flanking fire, forcing you to move into the ditch and, ultimately, sealing your fate (you will notice their team continued to flank). Great game though! You can respec to Safe Stowage after you get the second full skill (it does nothing for you while it is training up). Having that extra health on your ammo rack is always a good thing on every tank. Pretty much every tank that I have has Safe Stowage on it...
  12. A bigger part of your decision is probably what crew you want to train with the premium tank. That choice often trumps a lot of the other issues. If you are just looking to have fun, any of those four can do. If you are looking to grind credits (because you can use the base AP shells with either), FCM 50t is best (preferred matchmaking) with the AMX CDC coming in second. If you are just looking for a strong carry tank and are ok with firing premium ammunition as needed, the Super Pershing is currently the best of those four with the IS-6 a close second. There is no real difference in the gameplay of the FCM 50t and the AMX CDC (depends if you want to consider matchmaking part of gameplay). They use the exact same gun. The CDC is a little faster (which makes it a better flanker), but can be penetrated by HE pretty easily (arty vulnerable).
  13. I am considering it. There are a lot of logistics to think through. I will update you guys when I know more.
  14. With either gun, that entire line (AMX 50 100, AMX 50 120, AMX 50B) works best as an assaulting support tank. You want to try to work with your strong side as aggressively as possible. For example, when they push a corner, push with them, get your clip out and then fall back behind your team (AMX 50 100 example here). Especially with the 100mm gun (while it has more potential damage, it takes longer to clip out), be aware of where your teammates are. Once you get the 120mm gun, it is better though. Link still does not work for me. In general, pushing to contact takes some time to master and there is always risk involved (as there is always some level of risk with doing anything aggressively). The more intel that you have, the more informed of a decision you can make. You usually do not have that level of intel in random matches, so you go off of what you know about the pubbie meta. Do teams normally deploy tanks to the area you are about to scout? Can you "peek" there without overextending? In my WZ-111 1-4 Erlenberg game, I go through a progression of steps where I always think to myself, "If I turn this corner and I run into 2+ tanks... what is my plan?". Try to have a plan for each step as you push to contact and you will tend to overextend less. It is a little map dependent though because some maps have large gaps between areas you can spot through. So you have to use your better judgement and try to learn from your misreads.
  15. Intelligent and open-minded discussion is fun! I am not defensive with my replies. I personally think that thinking about how you think is important... zevSheep It is hard to say by just looking at stats, really. It does not seem that you are doing that badly in it. The E-50M is a pretty fun tank for random battles but, as Carbon noted the other night, unfortunately a lot of the "balance points" went into giving it armor that is only situationally useful. Maybe post a representative replay? You rushed your first couple clips way too much and should have been able to kill the IS-8 and T34 (or A45), respectively. The northwest was lost before you won the southeast. You absolutely had to go back, but probably should have gone back through the 0 line. You waited too long on the plateau for the AMX 13 90 to spot things that you were not going to be able to shoot anyways. You had an (AFK, functionally anyways) IS-6 in the middle ramp already to spot/occupy anyone else. Clipping out the PTA was fine because of your positioning (he would have been able to shoot you the whole way to reset). If you were on the 0 line, the PTA would have no effect on you. You probably did not really have time to judge whether killing the Patton was going to cost you the game. When in doubt though, get all the resets yourself if you are in a clip tank. You had no fire support there, no one on the plateau to reset. If you got all the resets and did not kill the Patton, they likely would have killed you and you still would have lost the game anyways. Personally, I would rather take that chance to draw them off the cap, but I can't really fault you for that. You can make an argument that the T37 cost you the game, but people generally fixate too much on the "last mistake" and ignore the previous 500 mistakes that the team made that led up to it. I would definitely research the 12.8cm gun first, having that punch really does make a difference. In the interim (assuming you are using the top 10.5cm from the KT), I would use the washers, rammer and vents. When you get the 12.8cm, I would use the washers, rammer and vertical stabilizer. When you get the tracks, I would then use vents, rammer and stabilizer. There is not much value in putting a gun laying drive on the E75. You will gain better performance using the vertical stabilizer.
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