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  1. For some reason I'm updating WoT

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina
    2. Wanderjar


      got to patch those security holes :D

    3. echo9835


      Play AW instead. Make Haswell happy.

  2. Well, I just started playing this game again after about two semesters worth of school. Between grad school and getting engaged, there just isn't any time during the school year. But now that my qualifier exam is over with, I have finally started playing some tanks again! For some reason when I came back I really wanted to buy back the amx 30 1er. I have no idea why, but it sounded like fun and so I did and 3 marked it fairly quickly. I actually enjoyed the tank and so I though that it would be worth looking into the Leopard PTA since they play similarly enough. I'm glad I did, this thing is a
  3. For just starting to play again this isn't too bad. Just need to win some more (see picture) :Dshot_147.jpg

    1. neziho


      pta is such a great farmer. You should be able to three mark it within 60 games if you keep that up.

    2. X3N4


      0.67 spots per battle, THAT'S MY BOY :trump:

      If it didn't happen on stream it didn't happen at all tho

  4. No one should be surprised. If a company and a third party that the company had a relationship with creates content not just criticizing a product, but openly insults the very company they have a relationship with, of course the company will strike back. To punish the third party and to set an example. They didn't do anything not within the realm of what they could do. WarGaming, just like any other business, is there to make money. Not saying I as a consumer particularly agree with everything they do, just like many other companies out there, but their actions are pretty typical. W
  5. Pretty nice analysis. It would be interesting to continue on it, possibly adding a prior distribution on the player performance rating.
  6. The secret is to not check your %, just play until you get it. Like xena said, if you believe that you can and you have the ability to do so, you will get it eventually. Be patient. That was the best thing that helped me, but in the end everyone is different
  7. I haven't made a post in a long time, but i should repost this
  8. I'm on an e5 kick right now, you should play that tank. It's fun when you get don't hit by arty.
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