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  1. Looks like it just started on NA. Still, as noted the inability to trade down is disappointing.
  2. Given our recent discussion of the CDC, Foch's updated review seems relevant:
  3. Platooned with a friend in my Lorraine, and he in his CDC the other day. CDC's mobility is so marginally better than the Lorraine's as to be unnoticeable. CDC's 10 degrees of gun depression is nice, but other than that I see no reason to take the CDC over the Lorraine.
  4. I am loving the Lorraine. It definitely isn't as OP as some of the other tanks, but I have far more fun playing it than I do with my Defender. The combination of autoloader and mobility is more fun for sure.
  5. It is definitely sluggish without the engine. Similar to the difference in the VK without the engine. While 50k xp is a big difference, I found playing it without the engine painful.
  6. Feels pretty similar to the vk100 to me. It gets better. The worst thing for me is getting penned in the cupola all the time, it is hard to wiggle enough in the Mauschen
  7. Ran into them, it made my team le sad.
  8. Tier 7 is really where they start becoming decent. At that point the firepower increases enough to make the squishiness almost worthwhile.
  9. The AP is pretty potent when you catch broadsides especially at close range. I've gotten more than a few citadels with it.
  10. I think she's a great ship. Versatile for sure. Between Radar, Hydro, smoke AND HE you have more options than the rest of the RN cruiser lines. The only thing you lack is torps, but I think it is worth it. Tier 7 is definitely the sweet spot in MM right now. I've played the RN CL line up to the Minotaur however, so there may be a learning curve with the playstyle for people who are new to the RN CLs.
  11. Fun fact: The citadels on the Neptune and Minotaur (Tier 9 and 10) are much larger than the Edinburgh!
  12. Available again for the next 2 weeks on NA. Missed out the last time it was on sale, didn't make the same mistake this time!
  13. All "ridge" maps are inferior to Dragon Ridge!
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