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  1. Nobody: 

    Me:  If map rotation checker worked for update 1.5


  2. What's the best TD For TD-15/w honors for  260 with the current meta etc? Also do grand battles still exist? at what time do you get them more frequently if so?

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    2. Fulcrous


      Probably the V4. Grand battles.. everyone hates it so most have it turned off.

    3. Strigonx


      you can probably bushfap hard enough with the Strv in prok you might be able to do it.

    4. Ham_


      FV4005 HESH and some luck

  3. Man I love me some wotlabs got guys going F this F that Marks aren't working then you got people like stop crying cause you can't mark your tank and look cool! I'm sitting here thinking how someone could play this game at "high levels" without wanting to mark tanks? Oh, wait maybe they play this game for fun........... it cant be cause they jealous and cant mark tanks themselves............ Has to be the first one :jebaited: 

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    2. Fulcrous


      without marks, my credit losses have no meaning :feelsbad:

    3. hazzgar


      What is fun? We all here play for stats. Didn't you read the pub forums. 

    4. Epic


      NA can have my working marks! Just give me tankrewards.eu in return! :MingLee:

  4. The new PR has made pubbies weird towards me they say things like "It's an honor to play with you" and " Glad you were on my team thanks for the carry" and some dude defend me like " fuck that hater he's mad because you're so skilled"  I'm just sitting here just stunned as shit right now.


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    2. IanSanJR


      stats is abusing. i dont care about stats anymore. what does make you fabulous with it?

    3. hazzgar


      Do they see that shit in game?

    4. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      :gachi:Truly an honor sempai, ♂Thank♂You♂Sir♂

  5. Hey, I was wondering if anyone would let me play on there account (EU) and stream.  Marks are frozen on NA which makes the game unplayable for me atm

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    2. Enroh


      PM me and we can talk 

    3. Assassin7


      >some numbers that go up or down aren't going up or down


    4. Strigonx


      what bothers me is knowing WG they'll either ignore the issue entirely or, do something halfassed and the marks work out again, but you get one half decent game and it goes all the way up to 97%

  6. 4K Overall One of my last goals finished #FeelsGoodMan #byebyeWOT


    1. Raj


      Time to quit?

    2. Zepherex


      Go for top 10

    3. DirtyACE7


      What will you be moving on to after WoT?

  7. Once again World of tanks doing what no other game can do! Patch a game with 90% of the patch locked for 5 days without first warning people of this and now also informing those that we will only have a 3 hour window to play said ranked Battles 8-11pm EST most of the west coast will obviously still be working or getting off work at this time. What A great start to ranked battles this isn't going to blow up in their face right because they're giving everyone an equal opportunity to earn the new points and I swear if someone goes its "beta" remember clan wars was beta for two years don't give me that ****.  Alright I'm done going back to bed wanted to farm Ranked Battles all i got was an other Invisible notice about me not being able to play ranked battles for another 10+ hours. 

    Edited by SmyleeRage
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    2. DirtyACE7


      Just another knotch on WG's bedpost of fuck ups. What else can one expect from a company who's history is consistently riddled with mishaps, screw ups, fuck ups and just an all around bush-league approach to many things that should really be done correctly in this day and age.

    3. DHP


      Don't you HAVE TO play on NA-east also to play ranked ? Good time for those on the west coast with all the ping :)

    4. DirtyACE7


      Yep, it's only on NA East. If you're on the West and have bad ping with East, well too bad for you.

  8. 907 3 marks


    1. RC_Tank


      thats damn impressive


      that E50m :kreygasm:

    2. SmyleeRage


      @RC_Tank Yeah E50M is My favorite tank in the game, If you haven't tried it after this new patch please do it's amazing even tho they added a copula its lower plate got buffed and the bounces you get are So fucking funny

    3. CompeAnansi


      @SmyleeRage Post a replay pack here from your ranked E50M games, yo!

  9. I know what your thinking..... Hmm which tier 10 LT did he play? But, then you looked at the damage dealt and now you're like Wait.... What! Well, The............................Leaves room


    1. SchnitzelTruck


      something something sample sizes

    2. CheekiBreeki_
    3. Fulcrous


      9 0 7 t o p k e k

  10. Don't mind me just came back to pad some tier 10 light tanks :kappaross:shot_024.jpg

    1. SaintLaurentius


      5k DPG, 64% WR, 1,9 spots... Are you adztownstikes bigger brother or what?:kappa:



      oh, and almost forgot, your a gold spammer too....

  11. Never Again 3rd Marked.jpg

    Ugh never again lol

  12. When someone asks you to three mark the leopard 1 and your like :serb::serb: and then they're like Here is some $$$ do it now? and your like

    Leopard 1 Three marked.jpg

  13. LT-15 T-55A Mission got to love just going in circles in the middle of highway lighting everything lol it was actually fun thanks average pubbie TD's for making these missions easy.

    LT-15 T-55A.jpg

  14. shot_058.jpg

    First Game pools medal......Sweet

  15. "Cygenic" Teamkill when possible

    1. Archaic_One


      . . . waiting for back story . . . 



    Having a bad day? need to laugh? watch this

  17. I scare myself sometimes lol

    1. Gandaran


      Shoulda hugged the wall harder.

    2. Luna


      9.16 needs to come sooner

    3. zapyoug


      I only cut myself a few times during this video

      pretty gud/10

  18. Now, Once Again I have every tier 8 light tank third marked :awyeah:




    1. LudwigvonMises


      -72k. Good work but you're losing money

    2. Shifty_101st


      3rd marking light tanks quickly and efficiently requires a ton of credits @LudwigvonMises

    3. LudwigvonMises


      @Shifty_101st Sorry, i had not noticed the mark

  19. "this tank is Dirty" I Like!

    TVP OP.png

    1. JimmytehHand


      It's such a fantastic and enjoyable tank to play. The reload and interclip are amazing.

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Fuck the TVP, its so broken....


      I want one.

    3. Migizikody


      russia knows whats up

  20. 56eed69e5662f_1WhoCares....PNG.ce5400979

    I Remember Back in the day a group of us would fight over this #1 spot and it was fun/hard competition, Now I earn it without even trying :cri: 

    1. IndependentWomyn


      I got you beat in damage per battle though :^)

    2. MagentaPanda


      Once you stop getting near 3 kpb you will drop : ^)


      That being said it is kind of depressingly easy to be in top 3.

  21. I was Grinding Credits...... Yeah that's what I was doing! "Super Pershing was first game....."


    1. Vetro


      HD IS-6 is Kreygasm until you meet impenetrable T9's. Played a few games the other day and had similar results. 

    2. CarbonWard
  22. Solo on Patch Day..... I'm so fucking lucky lol! "everyone I know is having a horrible day"





    (It was taking forever like 1 point= 25 games then I play 25 games today and get 4 points...... lol okay?

    1. juhaas


      Nice :) Long ass way to go for moi.

  24. I was having dinner with my family and my uncle got mad cause I ate most of the first batch of cornbread so My mom started making a second batch everyone got up and went outside or to the rec-room I stayed waited for the second batch to cool and then ate it all....... 30-60 mins later my uncle and a couple others comes back and start screaming about who ate all the fucking cornbread





    1. Haswell


      Savages, first come first serve motherfucker.

    2. waga100


      mate you're an animal 

    3. Monkey


      Serves them right for leaving you with all that corn bread

  25. Does anyone have an EU account I can play, the stats don't matter to me as long as it has some good tier 10's 9's 8's. I would compensate you for your generosity like third marking a tank of your choosing etc. I haven't played on EU in a very long time so I'm interested to see the play style of EU again and what I can do stat wise on that server as well. Please pm me if you're interested in my offer 

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    2. kolni
    3. hall0


      just for now and than or forever?

    4. SmyleeRage


      @hall0 lol just a here and there thing I won't play like all day maybe 1-2 hours here and there at most. 

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