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  1. World of tanks is becoming fun to play again :)

  2. What he said and rouge that bounce yesterday off your m48 when I was in my obj 263 "Priceless"
  3. The Voices won't stop Make them stop!!!

    1. pauli


      That one went right through!

  4. I Stream Quite a lot But only have a little following I have been thinking of just Making a schedule of my livestreaming and just do it popular or not until I get a good finally just got back from a break so I will be playing a lot more just gonna starting turning on the stream every time I play http://www.twitch.tv/smylee_rage
  5. Closed For obvious reasons....
  6. Hello, It took me this long to realize that wotlabs had forums RIP ME.... My awareness is amongst the best can't you tell?
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