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  1. All I see when I look at what you posted is someone that is fairly upset over something most of us laughed at. I find it Hilarious that he changed the values for the those tanks like that and I've played both quite a bit myself but then again I'm not just good in two tanks so I guess I'm a little different then you.... I wish we were all red and winrate was the only Stat people went for then we wouldn't have perma blue cry baby's like you hoping one day after 40k battles of padding that you would finally be unicum in a metric that very few people even acknowledge. Goodbye no one will miss
  2. MAKE TANKS GREAT AGAIN MAKE EVERYONE RED END XVM INEQUALITY END THE HATE! IF WE ALL ARE THE SAME NO ONE CAN COMPLAIN For those that have pasted away "quit" becuase of xvm focusing or lack luster of improving and becoming stagnant in stats we miss you guys R.I.P. #MakeTanksGreatAgain
  3. shot_058.jpg

    First Game pools medal......Sweet

  4. "Cygenic" Teamkill when possible

    1. Archaic_One


      . . . waiting for back story . . . 


  5. I started looking into headphones/Headsets and the Pros/Cons Ugh I hate when I do this to myself I'm one of those people that reads to deep into things and then gets stuck I currently have a standalone microphone & a pair of JVC RX700 which I recently figured out I could get 7.1 surround sound out of by linking them with my old Ear Force X41 wireless transmitter at first I was like It's probably gonna sound like shit.....But It actually doesn't sound bad at all actually a lot better when I play most of my games especially BF1. That being said I know some people believe 7.1 is horse sh
  6. @SaintLaurentius @Tedster59 I'd do it for cheaper and I don't even 3rd mark other people's tanks........... Or do I?
  7. SmyleeRage's University Of Tanking! What is SmyleeRage's University of tanking? This is a course I've decided to remake that I did in the past when I first started coaching over two years ago, I as a coach have improved Immensely when it comes to my teaching methods & explanations so I felt now was the time to do this again. I will also have Guest Teachers (Unicums) to help me with these classes and also to add another point of view. What you need to know! These classes will be 2 hours long and held on weekends every 2-4 weeks (depending on how many sign up) Each
  8. IDK someone solid red might get quite a boost from 5 games like that one guy with 5 wn8 you could double his overall in 5 games it would be worth it for him
  9. lol this site is kinda funny have you seen the prices like 5 games 4k+ wn8 like $5+ Hell I wish
  10. @Errants You must of been pretty fucking bored lol @Shifty_101st I don't know about vetro but Heli and purple have real jobs plus knowing them they'd quit half way thru boosting an account lawl
  11. Sorry for all those on EU wanting coaching I can no longer play EU because of my change in schedule and when EU players most likely want a lesson I will be busy.

    Having a bad day? need to laugh? watch this

  14. Not really both of those are way easier to pen then something like an is-4 on the side I don't shoot at is-4's unless completely behind them.
  15. One of the best intro's I think for an old game definitely the best for star wars without jedi! They really need to make republic commando's 2 Too many games this is all I could remember! But, yeah good times... good times.....
  16. @CraBeatOff Here you go! If you need any replays let me know.
  17. I scare myself sometimes lol

    1. Gandaran


      Shoulda hugged the wall harder.

    2. Luna


      9.16 needs to come sooner

    3. zapyoug


      I only cut myself a few times during this video

      pretty gud/10

  18. Now, Once Again I have every tier 8 light tank third marked :awyeah:




    1. LudwigvonMises


      -72k. Good work but you're losing money

    2. Shifty_101st


      3rd marking light tanks quickly and efficiently requires a ton of credits @LudwigvonMises

    3. LudwigvonMises


      @Shifty_101st Sorry, i had not noticed the mark

  19. "this tank is Dirty" I Like!

    TVP OP.png

    1. JimmytehHand


      It's such a fantastic and enjoyable tank to play. The reload and interclip are amazing.

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Fuck the TVP, its so broken....


      I want one.

    3. Migizikody


      russia knows whats up

  20. http://worldoftankscoaching.setmore.com/ Use this website to schedule a lesson with me, If you have anymore questions or concerns feel free to PM me I'll reply ASAP.
  21. When I smashed my Glass table Lets be honest I was aiming for my keyboard tray....yeah but I missed then it all went downhill from there cut both my hands, then caught both of my monitors while they were falling realizing I fucked up! "Watching my poor little mouse fall to its death(nah he's fine)" I should've sold the glass table afterwords.... Probably would've made a killing selling those fragments that came outta my hands and feet! Unicum tip of the day: If you have anger problems don't buy a glass table your just asking for trouble....
  22. 56eed69e5662f_1WhoCares....PNG.ce5400979

    I Remember Back in the day a group of us would fight over this #1 spot and it was fun/hard competition, Now I earn it without even trying :cri: 

    1. IndependentWomyn


      I got you beat in damage per battle though :^)

    2. MagentaPanda


      Once you stop getting near 3 kpb you will drop : ^)


      That being said it is kind of depressingly easy to be in top 3.

  23. I was Grinding Credits...... Yeah that's what I was doing! "Super Pershing was first game....."


    1. Vetro


      HD IS-6 is Kreygasm until you meet impenetrable T9's. Played a few games the other day and had similar results. 

    2. CarbonWard
  24. Can you make WN Rank also have A recent ranking?(last 1000 battles) Can we get an option for a wn rank list with different battle requirements like a 10k battles rank list and 15k battle? (take out them rerolls). So we keep the original requirement which is 5k battles? but can look and see where our true rank is at for long term non reroll bad asses.
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