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  1. Yeah, have done that multiple times, doesn't change, Cheers, but yeah, obviously I'm happier because it worked in my favor, but overall I agree it is a less accurate way of distinguishing a players skill.
  2. Anyone know why the shiny new (my teal) stats on here aren't what's showing in game?
  3. For those that aren't aware, the 360 day prem time pack is currently 50% off on WoWS, all you need to do is wait a couple of hours and it'll transfer to tanks.
  4. Funny thing is, there is absolutely 0 sarcasm in the second image. That's just a PYRO in his natural habitat. Been getting bored with only 1 battle a night and no SH attack/defences. Was there some gang-war thread like the old VPA one's that I missed somewhere?
  5. gefroce, on 20 November 2016 - 10:23 AM, said: I had this problem but I fixed it,when u start your game after some mod installation or something and u join a battle.u realise u see notting,only your aiming circle and that's all no map no leaderboard.even if u pressed escape your mouse will freese there and not move,untill war gaming decides to fix this well don't worry I just did .Its not a scam I'm serious I did all u do is at the bottom of the post.im just trying to be helpful and if anyone says press V press z or what,its not the solution.Even the z key dosent show anythi
  6. What was it from? Doesn't list it anywhere on the game... Vehicle mission or normal mission? Or sexual favours for Tanitha?
  7. Also plus 12 large consumables and 150k for the TD-7(3) mission So grand total with resale value of 518,303 credits profit from a 5min 33second game
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