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  1. I love arty:


    happened during this session while streaming:


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    2. AkulaV


      Sure, expect me to be super triggered though https://www.twitch.tv/videos/126475094

    3. Rspctd


      Your tilt sperg is trash tier compared to mine. :MingLee:

    4. AkulaV


      I'm just going to start streaming without a mic. Since the video is only available for 14 days, I made a highlight of the 9 games in that session with 5650 dpg average https://www.twitch.tv/videos/126719108

  2. I had fun carrying COLD1 to victory last night. Being able to join random SH is great. Still don't understand why there is a time limit on SH though and why the legionnaire limit is 3 at T8. Also the new SH interface is buggy/slow.
  3. Yea you're right, but let's see what it means in real world tests. I'm sure AMD didn't gimp their CPU with proper Crossfire support from the start.
  4. http://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-7-1800x-1700x-official-launch/
  5. "AMD has mentioned two full x16 (Gen3) lanes for GPUs. AIBs can add additional lanes through a PLX chip but that would add to the cost. X370 features full overclocking support with a very sophisticated GUI that will allow the best overclock tools and experiences."
  6. Keep spreading bullshit. Multiple boards with two 16x and three 16x slots. https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/5v4hqt/overview_ryzen_cpu_am4_mainboard_lineup_updated/
  7. So Hasewell-E/Broadwell-E 8/10 core chips can OC to 5.2Ghz at 1.3V? Fanboyism? My main gaming PC still has a 2500K. You're the one talking shit about Ryzen friend.
  8. Ah my bad, where can I buy these 10 core Kaby Lake CPUs? Also edit what? I quoted your whole post.
  9. Firstly, you are comparing a quad-core to an octa-core CPU. Secondly, Ryzen has per core voltage regulators. So the voltage you see at the VRM reported by the mobo for the whole CPU is not the actual voltage at the core level. And lastly, a few of the best KL chips released up to date that can do 5.2 Ghz at 1.3V, compared to a small batch of Ryzen 1800X chips that are yet to even have a retail release, does not make a great comparison.
  10. When you get clicked by 2/3 arty, you still lose 30-50% of your hp, and get stunned for some ridiculous amount of time allowing the enemy tanks to just drive up and kill you. In most cases it feels better in SB than how it is being artied currently, but I'm not sure it'll be much fun playing vs 2-3 enemy arty since they will always splash you now.
  11. Here's a replay of the Pz. VII and my thoughts after playing it for several hours on test. Gun: great gun handling and accuracy. Rarely misses shots even at range. Penetration: standard pen of 258mm is meh, but 330mm APCR pen is very good. DPM: while not as good as the buffed Maus, it's still good with 560 alpha and ~13 second reload. Didn't feel like DPM was ever an issue. Speed: acceleration, speed and traverse are great for a super heavy, hits top speed of 30-35kph fairly quickly. Making it more fun to play than Maus/Type 5/E100. Armor: on test server with everyone shooting prem, the armor does not really hold up that well. Several easy to hit weak points: turret ring, lower plate and even the turret front itself. On live server with standard rounds and people that don't know where to shoot the VK/Pz. VII, it should fare better. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/120024383
  12. Anyone know why low tiers like <6 were even included in WN8?

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    2. Daezara


      so people can pad in the t67 obviously :kappa:

    3. AkulaV


      Is there actual reasoning behind it though?

    4. PityFool
  13. These tanks get bullied so fucking hard by lower tiers: https://clips.twitch.tv/akulav_na/DifficultPigOptimizePrime
  14. It was something like 45/50 games as bottom tier. I have to play on NA West if I want decent ping, which has a very low server population. I ended up grinding it in SH also, because it was so cancer to pub. Matches like this are so much fun (look at tanks damaged). At least you get a ton of XP...
  15. You post a replay as proof after saying how you are very aggressive. But alright, let's continue anyway. Maybe if you would stop sniping and snapping half your shots on the move in a BATCHAT. Yes, the BC has terrible accuracy, but if you don't play it right, then don't blame RNG for you missing every shot. I guess it takes you 5 minutes to figure out which flank your team is going. If I also remember correctly, you had more friendlies going field than the enemy. You are right, I guess I have no situation awareness. But you use this FV183 excuse a lot. I don't think I've ever been shot by a 183 while playing field on highway. I've seen that replay. Two things. First x1ts is a much better player than you and probably actually looked at the minimap, he also spotted tanks going into city and shot them. Second and more important, he lost that match. So maybe you should try to win and not farm 10k damage losses. Ok, so what maps are actually good for BC? Never mind, don't respond because I'm not going to continue this discussion. Let me give you a tip about mines though: when you're the fastest medium and have a chance of taking hill, you should fucking take hill. Ok, so map good, but team bad this time? Were there any scary 183s? If I remember right, your team won that match while you pointlessly drove mid then back to base. Was that also the match where you shot and missed at an enemy BC with 3 shots while you were running from him? If you would grow a pair of balls, you could stopped running, shot him 2 times and killed him. At this point I'm not even sure you understand what aggressive play is. Paris you sat back and then minutes later drove to the mid courtyard to snipe tanks that had moved up. Ruin you spotted tanks mid (delta village) then sat there all game until your whole team died. Damn, we went full circle back to the RNG excuse. Well that just wraps things up for me. Don't even need to add anything to this. 10/10 aggressive gameplay mate! I was born in Russia. English is my second language. I don't think there is a single person in this world (except maybe your mums) that would agree with you on that. I'm done replying to you by the way. Maybe others can learn from your mistakes and improve their play. I know you aren't capable of actually listening.
  16. You pissed me off enough that I actually came home from work and watched every single one of the matches in that twitch replay. My conclusion is the same as what I saw in the first match. Don't know why you posted a over an hour of you playing mostly BC and 2 games in an E5, but whatever. I'll give you a few tips, but before that, I need to get this off my chest: that was some of the most boring gameplay I've ever watched. You spent the first 5 minutes in every single game doing nothing but driving around pointlessly, looking for easy tanks to shoot at (and most of the time miss 3/5 of your clip on). As soon as you would spot a tank that could potentially shoot at you, you would run away in the opposite direction. You did not help win a single flank in those matches. This was the same for mines, ruin, steppes, highway, etc. Here is a perfect example of the last match you played: You drove up and down the 7/8 line within 3 grid squares of you base for 5 fucking minutes. Sniping at tanks your team was fighting in the field. You're not helping field, your not helping city, you're not spotting. I'm not sure if you just don't know how to play the BC, or you're too scared to actually fight tanks that aren't AFK or distracted by teammates. But either way, here are my tips: Learn how to properly scout in the BC in early game before you're loaded. Learn how to get a FULL clip of damage out early to help your team start winning one of the flanks right away. Relocate after the first clip and figure out where you can be useful next. Stop running away (driving back to base) when you spot 1 or 2 tanks going in your direction. Help your teammates win flanks instead of sitting back and getting a few useless shots in. Learn what positions are important on different maps and use your speed to take them early (instead of driving in circles around your damn cap). Stop taking stupid damage for most of your health trying to get some useless shot of damage. I'm sure I can add more, but this was way more effort than you deserve.
  17. I had nothing but bottom tier games in the Emil I, so that grind was pretty frustrating in pubs because of that. Emil II is obviously better than the Emil I, but is super frustrating to play because of the terrible reload, interclip, pen and accuracy. I'd probably go with the Emil I being better tier-for-tier.
  18. Wow, ok. And I was actually going to watch more of your matches when I had free time to try and help you. I was the only one in this entire thread who didn't just tell you that you're a shitlord who thinks he's the best player EU, while in reality being a shit teal padder. I was trying to help, but now I know you are clearly a little kid who thinks he knows everything. Before you open your mouth next time, maybe you should actually find out who you're talking shit about first. I have practiced and played against your top WGLEU teams (Ding, Kazna, GoHard, etc.). I have also played a lot of pubs on the EU server with 250 ping. You continuing to think that EU pubs are somehow harder than NA makes you look like a dumbass. Go find an account with an Obj 140 and play that for 100 games on NA East during primetime and come back to us with your amazing results. Until then STFU. Here is some top kek EU gameplay when the NA server was down a few weeks ago: https://www.twitch.tv/akulav_na/v/110141704
  19. Sample size not valid. You must of not run into any T95's that you had to 1v1 in those 2 matches. Please play 10,000 battles and come back with a valid sample size (and stats on the number of T95's you've killed). Also, please write a "Guide To Outplaying a T95 1v1".
  20. I feel like WG has learned nothing from the first Sandbox test. Also, while I understand they want to make the alpha similar between 120mm and 122mm guns, why does it not apply to other calibers, or even same caliber but different tanks? Quickly threw this in excel based on the damage values I remember: mm dmg change (mm) % change (mm) change (dmg) % change (dmg) 88 240 0 0.00% 0 0.00% 90 240 2 2.27% 0 0.00% 100 250 10 11.11% 10 4.17% 100 300 0 0.00% 50 20.00% 100 320 0 0.00% 20 6.67% 105 390 5 5.00% 70 21.88% 120 440 15 14.29% 50 12.82% 122 440 2 1.67% 0 0.00% 130 490 8 6.56% 50 11.36% 130 550 0 0.00% 60 12.24% 150 750 20 15.38% 200 36.36% 170 1050 20 13.33% 300 40.00%
  21. No amount of guides will ever help make your play better, my friend. Wait, that could be mistaken for a compliment... No amount of guides will ever help your play to not be shit, my friend.
  22. Mission accomplished! My original post literally just had a screenshot. I wanted to be a meme-master. But someone complained and I had to type some words. Then all the haters showed up, so I had to fight them IRL. At long last my goal has been accomplished. Thanks Vetro
  23. No wonder this forum is basically dead. Not even worth the energy to reply to some of you that continue to state the same shit over and over. Go find another thread if you don't like mine. Last time I checked I'm not breaking any rules, so don't tell me what I can or can't post. @Machiav nice average damage blocked so far. From what I've seen on EU, a lot less people shoot HEAT, so the Maus armor probably works even better there. @PityFool would be fun to see, though not sure how many games I could handle playing the Maus with 3 arty every match.
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