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  1. So, I made some random comment in chat when a guy was raging during a battle. He proceeded to message me after the battle and below is how this went. * The first few lines cut off. He barged in asking me what he did to me. I said that I was stirring the pot, and asked if he wanted juice. He did not reply and kept calling me asshole and douche. Now the below happened. Maledictus (8:21:27 PM) Tea perhaps? GojiraTX (8:21:43 PM) why are you an asshole. that's all i want to know Maledictus (8:21:47 PM) I may have some coffee around here somewhere I
  2. Naming and Shaming YoungMoneyCashMoney from Bulba. I come up on the NW hill northwest to support the 2 lights there in my T62A. I shoot a WZ who is threatening to kill him and as the WZ retreats he turns and begins shooting me damaging my ammo rack and tracks, and then I get artied. Normally I would write this off as him clearing his clip but he could have chosen a better direction. He started circling me until his clip went empty so it seemed intentional. Maybe he was having a bad day.
  3. This awesomeness. How we won with over half the team doing 0 damage I will never know. Then there is this. I am fairly certain you actually have to work to be that bad.
  4. N/S myself for last night. 45% WR, 1058 WN8, played only T62A, 140, and RHM. Bad player is bad
  5. Personally I prefer the 62A to the 140. If you are up against a pubbie with no knowledge of the tank he will aim at your turret and bounce most of the shots. I have found the weak points on the turret to be rather glaring at times. For example T30's snapshotting my gun and getting pens. But those are truly rare. I abuse the hell out of the bouncy turret though, I get hull down and only arty dislodges me. The 62A is an amazing machine. IMO, get the 140 first, learn to play with the weaknesses then get in the 62A and wreck face.
  6. As the title says I am quite average. That being said I would like to find a clam where I can improve to the point where I am no longer a retard but a reasonably decent player. I have only 2 T10 tanks: T110E4 and the OBJ 140. I am working on a T62A and should have it (provided I am not playing poorly for the rest of the weekend) by Monday ish. I am on daily for several hours. I live in the Mountain Time Zone. I can be found lurking in the WOTlabs TS. I bring all sorts of comic relief to the clan as watching my replays should give plenty of laughs at a minimum. I hav
  7. So here I am minding my business trying to not be completely bad@tonks when yours and my favorite shitter revan999 decides it would be cool to ram the low hp T54. So I call him the idiot he is. I am low on HP and playing cautiously with an autoloader in front of me. I carefully peek around and help kill the autoloader. I move on to get this: Then This: His response? "It slipped" Please note he turned BLUE indicating it wasn't his first time. #Mousecontrolstoostronk
  8. What is your opinion on the FV 4202? Currently grinding through the 7/1 and wondering if it will be worth the time. What are the best tanks for CW's in each class (Heavy,Med,and TD)
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